7 Great Produce Delivery Boxes for Fresh Fruits and Veggies

For those who hate grocery shopping, produce delivery services are a real game-changer. These services send you a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables straight to your door.

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Several different produce delivery services cater to different needs and preferences.

Some provide seasonal produce from local farms, while other options give you items that would get discarded if not for their service. The contents of those boxes can range from tropical fruits to unique fungi and vegetables. 

When you consider produce delivery services, know that each option has a different way of doing things.

In some cases, you may get a monthly box of whatever they choose. In other cases, the service may be much more flexible.

Best Produce Delivery Services

Read on to discover what I think are the best produce delivery services out there. 

Imperfect Foods

Imperfect Foods is a produce delivery service that provides customers with fruits, vegetables, and other items deemed too imperfect to sell in grocery stores.

Those items may be too big, too small, or shaped oddly. Sometimes there may be marks or dents that grocery stores don’t accept. 

Besides its appearance, this produce is perfectly good to eat, and I’ve cooked plenty of delicious meals using these ingredients, from fresh fall produce to summer fruits and veggies.

Founded in 2015, this company delivers produce and other items across different parts of the United States. The company works with over 200 farms, big and small. 

I love that joining the weekly subscription service doesn’t require any sign-up fees. You simply pay for whatever groceries are in your cart each week and a delivery fee.

To reduce carbon emissions, deliveries happen on a specific day each week in each area. 

Misfits Market

Misfit Market is a company that provides affordable food intending to reduce food waste.

It works with farmers to provide customers with fresh food that would otherwise be wasted.

By cutting out the grocery store middleman, this service can charge less for its products.

This company offers a few weekly grocery plans, which offer you a selection of various produce items.

Each week can cost around $35 to $40. There are not usually membership fees or other commitments. 

In addition to other eco-friendly efforts, Misfit Market also prioritizes eco-friendly packaging, which is one of my favorite things about this company. 

Tropical Fruit Box

Unlike other options on this list, Tropical Fruit Box doesn’t provide everyday groceries.

Instead, it offers tropical fruit. The company offers several different boxes at a range of prices. You can get:

  • A build-your-own exotic fruit box
  • A tropical root box
  • A tropical fruit box

You can also try some pre-made boxes that offer fruit, such as bananas, dragon fruit, mangos, and soursop.

I love getting the build-your-own exotic fruit box and adding mangosteen and pink pineapple to my order.

These boxes are a delicious option if you’re having a tropical party, a special event, or you just really love tropical fruit. 


CropSwap is an app that partners with local and independent farms across the United States of America.

The app delivers produce to local customers. This service isn’t available in every area. However, where it does operate, it works hard to elevate small farms.

Orders can include several items, including fruits, vegetables, and seeds.

Currently, this app provides service to people in California, Arizona, Colorado, Virginia, Texas, and Washington D.C.

There are several different ways to get the products you deliver, and prices will vary depending on the sellers you buy from. 

I opt for the contactless delivery over the pick-up option, and I also order this box on a monthly basis.

But there are also weekly and biweekly options. If you want to test the box before you commit, one-time orders are also available.

Melissa’s Produce

I love using Melissa’s Produce when I need specialty items. This service provides a box of organic fruits and vegetables nationwide across the United States.

The one drawback to this service is it can cost a lot to ship outside of the Southern California area. In some cases, shipping can be more than $40.

The Organic Family Box contains 17 pounds of organic seasonal produce. It’s an especially great option if you want unique fruits and vegetables.

If you don’t want all the products in the family box, Melissa’s also offers gift baskets – a great gift for food lovers!

Farmbox Direct

Farmbox Direct is a produce delivery company that strives to provide customers with fresh produce.

There are three main boxes from the company, ranging in price from $41 to $64. The company ships its products for free nationwide.

Some boxes may cost more if you opt for the all-organic options. I also love ordering the juicing box. 

The company provides recipe cards with ideas of what you can do with the fresh ingredients. You can customize each weekly box with up to five substitutions.

To be environmentally friendly, Farmbox Direct uses packaging that is biodegradable or easy to recycle.

The FruitGuys

The FruitGuys is a delivery service that provides snacks with clean ingredients around the United States.

The company also helps small farms, supports the community, and implements sustainable practices.

This service provides boxes to individuals, families, businesses, and hunger relief efforts.

The family-owned company started in 1998. Try out The FruitGuys if you want a gift box filled with fruit and snacks or a good dose of your weekly fruit and vegetable staples. 

Your exact options will depend on your area since the boxes draw from small local farms.

I love getting the medium snack box because it’s filled with delicious, healthy options, including olives, rice chips, chia bars, and cheesy snacks.

Best Produce Delivery Services

  1. Imperfect Foods
  2. Misfits Market
  3. Tropical Fruit Box
  4. CropSwap
  5. Melissa’s Produce
  6. Farmbox Direct
  7. The FruitGuys

Final Thoughts

No matter which delivery service you choose, you’re sure to find joy in the selection you receive.

While some of the best produce delivery services only offer produce, other options provide snacks and treats. Some even offer a bounty of tropical fruit.

Each box is an adventure and an opportunity to add healthy food to your diet. Not to mention, getting a produce delivery service saves you the time you would otherwise spend shopping.

On top of that, these services are ideal if you want to have a more positive environmental impact.

Get all of your groceries delivered by checking out the best meat delivery services or the best wine subscriptions!

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