7 Essential Pimm’s Cocktails to Try

Pimm’s is an English gin that is sometimes considered a liqueur because of its distinct flavor. James Pimm created the alcohol in 1823. Pimm owned an oyster bar in London, where he first served a gin and tonic with his signature blend of herbs. 

Glass full famous british classic Pimm's cocktail with green mint leaves

Pimm’s has a reddish-brown hue, and it tastes spicy with a hint of citrus. It is a refreshing beverage during summer and is often served in a Pimm’s Cup cocktail.

Pimm’s is very popular in England and is one of the primary drinks at the Wimbledon tennis championship.

Ginger ale and mint are common additions to Pimm’s. Any cocktail made with the gin-esque liquor will be a hit with party guests. Learn what to mix with Pimm’s below to make delicious cocktails!

We have compiled a list of the seven best cocktails that at-home bartenders can create with Pimm’s, so buy a bottle, mix a cocktail, and pretend that you are visiting the English countryside! 

Pimm’s Cup 

A Pimm’s cup is the most popular use of this alcohol. Usually, a Pimm’s cup recipe will include lemonade and a carbonated soft drink like Sprite or 7-Up.

Additionally, you can add fruits to a pitcher of Pimm’s Cup, including apple, cucumber, or lemon. Instead of lemonade, some bartenders use Ginger ale or ginger beer. 

One Pimm’s Cup recipe I enjoy is a mixture of two cans of lemon San Pellegrino or your sparkling water of choice, one cup of Pimm’s, and a half cup of lemon juice.

Then, add one sliced cucumber, some cut strawberries, and mint leaves. It is a tasty and refreshing beverage. 

Pimm’s and Tonic

Since Pimm’s is reminiscent of gin, it makes sense that one of the most popular cocktails with Pimm’s would be to combine it with tonic water.

To make a Pimm’s and Tonic, mix four ounces of Pimm’s, two ounces of lemon juice, half an ounce of simple syrup, then top with tonic water. 

Tonic water is a carbonated drink that contains quinine, which makes the mixer a bit bitter—the bitterness in the tonic water pairs nicely with the sweet, citrus flavor of the Pimm’s.

Adding lemon juice or lime juice to the cocktail enhances the taste of both the Pimm’s and the tonic. 

The Pimmlet

The Pimmlet is a clever play on a Gimlet, a classic cocktail made with gin.

First, add a few pieces of cucumber, some mint leaves, and one teaspoon of sugar to the bottom of a cocktail shaker, then muddle those ingredients until the sugar is incorporated.

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Next, fill the shaker with ice and pour in one and a half ounces of gin, a half-ounce of Pimm’s, and a half-ounce of lime juice. 

Shake the ingredients together until mixed, strain the beverage into a martini or coupe glass, and enjoy!

At-home bartenders can play with the amount of cucumber and mint in The Pimmlet, depending on your preferences. 

Whiskey Rebellion

The Whiskey Rebellion cocktail gets its name from an event that occurred in the United States when Pennsylvania farmers and distillers fought against outrageous taxes on whiskey.

To make the cocktail, mix one ounce of Pimm’s, one ounce of rye whiskey, one ounce of simple syrup, and one ounce of lemon juice, and serve over ice. 

Using rye whiskey in this cocktail rather than bourbon is important because rye whiskey has distinctive spicy notes that work well with Pimm’s.

Some cocktail makers use a little less simple syrup and lemon juice or a little more whiskey, but that’s what’s fun about making your own drink–you decide! 

Pimm’s Spritz

If you are looking for a simple drink to impress your guests, try making a Pimm’s Spritz.

Add two ounces of Pimm’s and three ounces of Prosecco to a glass filled with ice, then top with your choice of sparkling water for a refreshing and beautiful cocktail. 

One way to play with your Pimm’s Spritz is to try various flavor additions via the sparkling water.

I like adding LaCroix Lemon, but other options might be San Pellegrino Orange or Bubly Lime.

You can also garnish the drink with a mint leaf, a basil leaf, or a sprig of celery leaf. 

Pimm’s Royale

A Pimm’s Royale is a popular brunch drink because the primary ingredients are Pimm’s and champagne or cava.

When measuring proportions, use twice as much champagne as Pimm’s. Many restaurants decorate the cocktail with sliced cucumber or oranges and a mint leaf.

Other times a Pimm’s Royale will have strawberries floating in the glass. 

This simple cocktail is an easy way to make any brunch party a classy affair. Like its cousin, the mimosa, the simple ingredient list, and the ease of the recipe are the foundational elements of a good time. 

Pimm’s Sundowner Spritz

In May 2021, Pimm’s released a new flavor–the Sundowner.

The flavor profile includes raspberries and red currant. Pimm’s advertises that this unique flavor is best experienced as a spritz–a mixture of prosecco and sparkling water.

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The Sundowner’s vibrant red color adds a lovely aesthetic to your cocktail. 

The flavor was first released in Sainsbury grocery stores in the United Kingdom but is now available in more locations globally.

Using this new flavor, you can try any other Pimm’s cocktail for a slightly different taste. I particularly enjoy using Pimm’s Sundowner in a Pimm’s cup!  

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