9 Best Pears For Baking To Try 

Baking with fruits is a great way to add sweetness and flavor to a dish while keeping it healthier. Pears, in particular, have high fiber and other beneficial components.

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However, choosing the right pear for your next recipe can be challenging if you’re unfamiliar with pear varieties.

These are some of the best pears for baking, whether you’re cooking them on their own or incorporating them into the recipe.

Some are subtly sweet, while others taste more sugary. Fruits also vary in texture, with some varieties that are firm and crisp while others are much softer.

Pears For Baking

Check out the best pears to use in your baked goods to get the perfect taste and texture. Stock up on your baking essentials and grab some pears!

Anjou Pears

These egg-shaped pears come in two variations, green and red.

Both types of Anjou Pears are slightly firm and moderately sweet.

While these pears are interchangeable in recipes, I prefer to use red pears for their bright pop of color.

Anjou Pears are juicy, so they won’t dry out when baking.

Bartlett Pears

Bartlett Pears taper at the neck but are rounder at the bottom.

These fruits come in red and yellow varieties. While typically used in canning, these are just as good when baked because of their juices.

The texture of Bartlett Pears is quite smooth compared to other types and is also a very fragrant pear.

Bosc Pears

Firm flesh makes Bosc Pears an excellent baking option.

A pear with unique coloration, Bosc Pears are golden brown. Consider this crispy variety if you’re looking for a more toothsome pear.

These pears also have an earthy flavor with a mild sweetness throughout, adding complexity to dishes using them as an ingredient.

Concorde Pears

Look for Concorde Pears in the fall. You’ll recognize them by their long neck and bright green skin.

This variety of pear remains crispy when ripe and has vanilla notes making it a great addition to sweet recipes. Because of the texture of the pear, it also holds up to high heat.

Forelle Pears

While still sweet, Forelle Pears also provide a tangy flavor to dishes.

These pears are usually relatively small but still attract attention for their brilliant colors.

Red freckling covers the fruit, while the skin turns green to yellow when ripe.

Because of their small size, I like to use Forelle Pears in recipes calling for diced fruit.

Asian Pears

While not the most practical baking pear due to its water content, the Asian Pear provides a crispy choice for recipes.

These golden pears are apple-shaped and larger than other varieties.

Though the overall juiciness of this pear might mess with a baked good, Asian pears are great baked on their own.

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Comice Pears

At first glance, it would be easy to mistake a Comice Pear for an apple.

These pears are very round but have short necks distinguishing themselves from other fruit.

Comice Pears have a super sweet, almost buttery flavor, but their soft texture means you should be selective when using them in baking.

Seckel Pears

These petite pears are some of the smallest and sweetest options of best pears for baking.

Seckel Pears are easily identified by their size and red and green colors. Since these pears are so small, you can substitute a whole fruit for half of a standard-sized pear.

These are particularly striking when left whole in a dish.

Starkrimson Pears

A bright red with a floral scent, Starkrimson Pears are juicy and soft.

These pears are one of the earliest to ripen, making them an excellent choice for baking or grilling to serve during the summertime.

Try using a recipe that will show off the eye-catching color of these pears

Pears For Baking

  1. Anjou Pears
  2. Bartlett Pears
  3. Bosc Pears
  4. Concorde Pears 
  5. Forelle Pears 
  6. Asian Pears
  7. Comice Pears 
  8. Seckel Pears 
  9. Starkrimson Pears 

Final Thoughts

There are tons of delicious baking options for pears, but if you’re having trouble finding a recipe, remember you can substitute pears for apples in any dish without changing the cooking method.

Try these varieties to use the best pears for baking in your next recipe. Experiment to see what pears work best in your favorite dish!

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