9 Popular Meal Delivery Services to Try

Make an easy meal at home with these prepared meal kits.

Cooking a proper meal every day is no easy task, especially when you rarely find yourself at home. Thankfully, meal kit delivery services have become popular enough to cover everyone’s needs.

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With varying meal options, flexibility, and price ranges, meal delivery services are a fantastic option for those who don’t have enough time in their day to cook.

Best Meal Kit Delivery Services

To help you find the best meal kit delivery service for you, we’ve compiled a list of the top nine services to look into. You’ll find options for families and individuals with or without eating and dietary restrictions on this list.

Blue Apron

First on our list is the popular service, Blue Apron. Blue Apron offers a wide variety of plans for interested parties to peruse, including two serving sizes, different meals per week, and vegetarian options.

Customers can select either a two or four serving plan and receive between two and four recipes per week.

Blue Apron considers your preferences when you select your plan. The service offers chef favorites, nutritionist-approved recipes, family-friendly meals, and 30-minute meals for you to choose from.

We like the flexibility Blue Apron offers with their plan too. You can skip a week or two if you’re planning a vacation, and you can update your meal preferences.


For families looking into healthy eating with a meal kit service, Sunbasket is an attractive option.

Sunbasket’s meals utilize organic, fresh produce to help you create delicious and filling meals. Like Blue Apron, you can choose between two or four servings for each meal.

With Sunbasket, you can order two or more dinners from their weekly menu.

This meal kit service has options for people who are paleo, gluten-free, vegetarian, and more. They also offer Market items to include in your meals, like breakfast and snack options.

You can skip a week or cancel if necessary at any time.

Home Chef

Home Chef utilizes its mobile app to make weekly meal ordering a cinch. After selecting your preferences, you can customize each meal you receive per week using their weekly menu.

Home Chef offers serving sizes of two, four, and six people. This service delivers between two and six meals per week, depending on your preference.

While Home Chef doesn’t have as many lifestyle options as Sunbasket, they still offer meals for vegetarian, carb-conscious, and calorie-conscious eaters.

We like that you can change your weekly meal orders anytime until the Friday before the planned week. If something changes, you have time to adjust your order.


America’s most popular meal kit (according to their website), HelloFresh, is next on our list.

HelloFresh offers flexible plans to match your lifestyle, including multiple options for serving sizes and recipes per week.

All of their ingredients sent to you are pre-measured, cutting prep time and the overall cook time. 

Each recipe is tested 200 times before being added to the menu to ensure it meets HelloFresh’s high standard.

Their plans include meat & veggies, just veggie, family-friendly, fit & wholesome, quick & easy, and pescatarian. You can select as many of these preferences as you need when creating your plan.

Some of their top meals are their pub-style shepherd’s pie and their Mediterranean power bowls. 

We love that HelloFresh is also conscientious of its environmental impact and offers meals with “good climate scores” that have a low impact on delivery and making.


If you’re cooking for one in your household, check out Freshly’s massive selection of single-serve meals.

With Freshly, you can order between four and twelve meals per week (more than most of the other services on this list). They offer gluten-free, dairy-free, plant-based, and low-calorie meal options.

However, Freshly is technically not a meal kit. They deliver pre-made, microwavable meals rather than separate ingredients for customers to cook on their own time.

We think this is a fantastic option for those who don’t have the time to prepare and cook a full meal for themself and need a quick but healthy alternative instead. 


A grocery shopping service mixed together with a meal plan service – that’s how Hungryroot operates.

When you first sign-up, you’re asked to take a quiz so the website can customize and recommend groceries and meals for your lifestyle. 

They send produce, snacks, sweets, and proteins weekly for you to use in various recipes they recommend.

The best part is as you continue shopping with Hungryroot, you’ll receive better-cultivated recommendations.

If grocery shopping and meal cooking are two things you simply don’t have time to do, Hungryroot is a wonderful service.

You can edit your grocery cart once the service initially fills it, making the process highly customizable. We appreciate that their recipes typically only take ten minutes to complete, boosting their time-saving pitch!

Purple Carrot

Vegetarians and plant-based eaters, this next one is for you. Purple Carrot offers both meal kits and prepared meals.

Meal kits are available for two or four servings and three or four dinners per week. 

Prepared meals are only available as single servings, but you can order six, eight, or ten dinners per week. We love that Purple Carrot showcases recipes that are not only plant-based but are gluten-free, nut-free, high-protein, and more. 

You can order breakfast, lunches, dinners, and even essential pantry items from their website. This meal kit service is a terrific way to start eating healthier without putting in too much effort.

According to their website, their meals have been clinically proven to help people lose weight and lower LDL cholesterol! 

Splendid Spoon

If Purple Carrot’s service didn’t catch your eye, perhaps Splendid Spoon will. Their overall goal is to help customers create healthy eating habits with ready-to-eat meals.

Their meal plans work differently than the other kits on our list. 

Splendid Spoon offers breakfast, lunch, breakfast & lunch, or breakfast & lunch & dinner. They don’t provide a dinner-only option, but that’s because their meals primarily consist of delicious smoothies and microwavable soups.

You can still find healthy and easy-to-make recipes for dinner on their website. All of their recipes are plant-based as well!

Their smoothies, grain bowls, and soups are perfect for an on-the-go meal. They also provide an easier way to add more fruits, veggies, and whole grains into your diet. 

Daily Harvest

Similar to Splendid Spoon, Daily Harvest intends to make eating fruits and veggies easier for busy people.

This service delivers ready-to-make smoothies, harvest bowls, crumbles, soups, and more, making increasing your fruit and veggie intake easy.

You can choose from a small (9 items), medium (14 items), or large (24 items) recurring subscription plan.

Their recurring plan is a weekly or monthly delivery, but they send out reminders when your food is ready to ship just in case. If you’re planning on ordering their smoothies, they require a blender at home to prepare.

The instructions for their flatbreads suggest using an oven, so if you’re only looking for microwavable meals, you’ll have to stick with their harvest bowls.

Best Meal Kit Delivery Services

  1. Blue Apron
  2. Sunbasket
  3. Home Chef
  4. HelloFresh
  5. Freshly
  6. Hungryroot
  7. Purple Carrot
  8. Splendid Spoon
  9. Daily Harvest

Final Thoughts

Suppose you’re looking to save time and money on grocery shopping and meal prepping. In that case, a meal kit delivery service is a great option to look into.

There is a wide variety of options for customers to choose from. The chances that you’ll find a service that matches all of your needs are very high!

From protein to plant-based food and vegetarians to meat-lovers, there’s a meal kit delivery service for everyone.

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