The Best Gifts for Foodies This Year

Find the perfect gift for your foodie friends and family

A foodie is a person that has a particular interest in foods, usually with a gourmet flair or a penchant for a specific cuisine. The term to describe a person with a specific passion for experiencing new foods was first used in the 1980s, but many people have claimed the term since the rise of social media. 

If you’re buying for a foodie, the best gifts for foodies can range from kitchenware to dining experiences and more.

food gift basket

Having a foodie in the family for the holidays makes gifting a breeze since folks can have varied interests from wine tasting to beer sampling to trending food fads. 

We have reviewed hundreds of experiences and products to craft a list for the food-lover in your life. Take a look at our list of the best gifts for foodies this holiday season. 

Best Foodie Gifts

  1. Goldbelly Cookie Subscription
  2. Eataly Gift Box
  3. Aeropress
  4. Olli Ella Picnic Basket Bag
  5. Wonderbag
  6. Milk Bar Baking Class
  7. Üllo Wine Purifier
  8. Sfoglini’s Holiday Noodle Gift Box
  9. Breville Custom Loaf Bread Maker
  10. Jasper Hill Farm’s the Vermonter Cheese Tasting Kit
  11. MasterClass: Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking
  12. Joule Sous Vide by ChefSteps
  13. Festive Truffle Box
  14. Traveling Spoon Gift Card
  15. MOMA Collection Rainbow Chopsticks
  16. McConnell’s Ice Cream Pint of the Month Club

Cookie possibilities are endless, from chocolate chunk to ginger snaps to cream-filled sandwiches. With a cookie subscription, the recipient of your choosing will receive various cookies from the best bakeries across the country every month! 

Every cookie subscription box will serve six to eight people. As the gifter, you can choose a subscription length of three, six, nine, or twelve months. 

The person who receives the Goldbelly cookie subscription will receive an emailed notification of their gift so that they will know when to expect their delicious box of cookies! 

Some of the cookies that can be included in the monthly box include NYC’s Famous Black & White Cookies from William Greenberg Bakery and Maui’s Maui Cookie Company’s Hawaiian Cookies. 

Eataly Gift Box

Eataly delivers abounding gift baskets that are the perfect present for the foodies in your life. Each basket is specially curated with quality Italian foods and drinks. 

The gift basket is ideal for a dedicated home cook or a person who loves Italian foods and traditional cuisines. Check out the special Eataly Holiday Market gift boxes. 

The most inclusive basket is “The Best of Eataly.” It includes Scyavuru Pistachio Pesto Sauce, Muraglia Intenso Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Caffarel Salted Almond White Chocolate, and Afeltra Spaghetti, to name a few. 

Another box I loved was the “Butta la Pasta” with Agricola Del Sole Orecchiette and Pasta di Liguria Organic Trofiette.


AeroPress brews coffee and espresso drinks via a rapid brewing process that extracts intense flavor from coffee beans, yielding a more decadent coffee or espresso. 

The AeroPress uses immersion to make coffee. The ground coffee is immersed with water in the AeroPress chamber for a short brew time. Then, the plunger is pressed through the mixture, which pulls flavor and creates a coffee that is free of grounds. 

The AeroPress is well known to coffee enthusiasts because it has won many awards and even hosts a coffee competition. 

Specifically, the World AeroPress Championships offer a chance for coffee experts from across the globe to compete for the prize of the best coffee yielded from a unique AeroPress recipe. 

Olli Ella Picnic Basket Bag

There is nothing better than highlighting and celebrating delicious foods, and a picnic is the perfect setting for foodies to do just that. 

To have a successful picnic, you need a quality picnic basket.  The Piki Rattan Basket by Olli Ella is a beautiful and durable Christmas gift for the food enthusiast in your life. 

The picnic basket is available in various colors like natural, mint, rose, and white. The shop also offers other baskets that your friend or family member could use for a picnic, like the open-top Mosey Rattan Basket, the Rattan Medium Luggy with wheels, or the Large Rattan Apple Basket. 


The Wonderbag is a straightforward but life-changing non-electric slow cooker. The invention works by harnessing heat and continuing to cook food for hours after it has been removed from a heat source. 

Indeed, once you place hot food in the Wonderbag, the food will continue cooking for about eight hours! For the foodie and the environmentalist in your life, the Wonderbag is the perfect gift. 

The bag is available in two sizes, the five to ten-quart option and the one to two-quart option. As part of the gift, you can also choose to purchase through the Women4Women bundle package, which sends a bag to a family who could use it as a necessary resource. 

Milk Bar Baking Class

Founded by chef Christina Tosi, Milk Bar serves desserts and baked goods. In one of Milk Bar’s classes, you can practice classic recipes and creatively develop your own. 

During the lesson, you’ll learn to master baking skills that will allow you to continue to prepare delicious cookies and desserts from scratch. 

Learn how to make a Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow cookie or a Birthday Layer cake, then take those lessons and create your own flavor combinations. 

A Milk Bar baking class gives students the culinary foundation they need to feel confident in the kitchen and wow their friends with a tasty treat. 

Üllo Wine Purifier

Üllo is a wine filter that removes sulfites from your beverage, making it a wonderful gift for wine enthusiasts. You can purchase the wine purifier or an option that sells the purifier with a carafe or a decanter. 

The Üllo wine filter sits atop the carafe, and as you pour wine into the vessel, the purifier does its work. 

Sulfates are chemicals that are added to wine to help the preservation process. Üllo purifies wine by utilizing a specific polymer to bind sulfites allowing only the natural product to land in the decanter. It is a perfect holiday gift for a friend or family member. 

Sfoglini’s Holiday Noodle Gift Box

Sfoglini pasta combines Italian technique with American ingredients to create a unique and delicious product. Sfoglini kinds of pasta are made with organic grains harvested and milled locally. 

Steve Gonzalez is the owner and culinary creative genius at Sfoglini; he was a chef for fourteen years before undertaking this business. He is a pasta professional.  

For the perfect gift, order the Best of Sfoglini Pasta Sampler with Whole Grain Blend Reginetti, Semolina Trumpets, Saffron Malloreddus, and Porcini Trumpets. The gift set also includes four distinct recipes to create tasty pasta dishes. I’d also recommend the Ultimate Mac & Cheese Kit! 

Breville Custom Loaf Bread Maker

Breville’s The Custom Loaf is an easy-to-use piece of kitchen equipment that allows a person to add flour and water and return to a freshly baked loaf of bread a few hours later. 

This breadmaker version has an automatic fruit and nut dispenser, which are added at just the right time in the baking process to have the perfect cinnamon raisin loaf or a savory jalapeno cheddar loaf! 

It is sleek and versatile. Any foodie would be excited to try their hand at craft breadmaking, so The Custom Loaf is perfect.  This bread maker has twelve automatic baking settings, from whole wheat to gluten-free to pizza dough!

Jasper Hill Farm’s the Vermonter Cheese Tasting Kit

Jasper Hill is a dairy farm and on-site creamery in Northeast Vermont. Eighteen different kinds of cheese are made from the milk of four herds of cows and the work of six producers. From Llandaff to Cave Aged Cheddar, there is a type of cheese for every palate to enjoy. 

The curated collections shop allows customers to purchase baskets and boxes that have specific tastes in mind. 

Jasper Hill Farm’s Vermonter Cheese Tasting Kit includes the Whitney, the Harbison, and the Cabot, along with accouterments like sea salt crackers and spiced pecans. I would also add the Pin-Up Pickles Dilly Beans to your box! 

MasterClass: Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking

Gordon Ramsey is a culinary icon known for unique dishes and a feisty personality. He has partnered with Masterclass–an online learning platform–to offer culinary classes to students across the globe. 

The class comprises twenty video lessons that total about four hours of instruction. From kitchen layout to knife skills, Chef Gordon Ramsey takes your cooking to the next level. 

He has a more advanced class as well–Restaurant Recipes at Home–so no matter the skill level of the foodie in your life, there is a perfect Masterclass for them. The class includes lessons like breaking down an entire fish and making pasta from scratch. 

Joule Sous Vide by ChefSteps

Joule is the most diminutive sous vide tool available, making it ideal for home cooks. Sous vide is a cooking technique performed by vacuum-sealing and immersing ingredients in warm water, usually meat or fish. This gift is a great option for someone serious about expanding their culinary profile. 

Joule heats to the perfect temperature ensuring that proteins do not overcook in the boiling water. Notably, Joule works with your iPhone or Android to monitor your food with simply a WiFi connection with Bluetooth technology. 

The New York Times and Food & Wine magazine has hailed this product with rave reviews. 

Festive Truffle Box

Valerie Confections is the brains behind the unique and festive holiday treat. They have plenty of holiday gift sets from truffles to peppermint bark to gift sets with a mix of sweet treats!

Pair these confection boxes with their favorite wine or spirit for the perfect holiday gift set!

Traveling Spoon Gift Card

Traveling Spoon is a company that organizes dinners for travelers in the homes of locals, so the guest can fully immerse themselves in a region’s cuisine. 

Traveling Spoon offers in-home meals with fully vetted hosts and a more in-depth cooking experience or market visit.  Depending on the selected option, the experience can last anywhere from one to six hours. 

Forbes called the Traveling Spoon “the next generation of culinary tourism.” Cities that have hosts via Traveling Spoon include Paris, Mexico City, Tokyo, and New Delhi, to name a few. This is a unique gift option for your foodie friend who is a world traveler!

MOMA Collection Rainbow Chopsticks

moma rainbow chopsticks
Source: MoMA Design Store

New York’s Museum of Modern Art, or MoMA, sells unique gifts like the MoMA Collection Rainbow Chopsticks. The MoMA Design Store ensures the authenticity of every available item by working closely with the designers. The collection is intended to be aligned with the Museum’s goals. 

The Rainbow Chopsticks are an excellent gift for a foodie who enjoys hosting others in their home or one who loves classic sushi rolls. It is a collection of twelve pairs of reusable wooden chopsticks. 

The distinct colors help dinner party guests identify their utensils during dinner. The chopsticks are crafted in Japan from lacquered wood.

McConnell’s Ice Cream Pint of the Month Club

We all scream for ice cream–and that’s precisely what you can achieve with McConnell’s Ice Cream Pint of the Month Club

McConnell’s has been crafting delicious ice cream for more than seventy years. The pint of the month club allows people across the country to experience expertly formulated ice creams with unique flavors. 

You can purchase a three, six, or twelve-month subscription. Every month, the recipient will receive three different pints of ice cream to enjoy. 

Flavors range from Double Peanut Butter Chip to Turkish Coffee to Chocolate Covered Strawberries, and flavors are added all the time. McConnell’s is also making dairy-free options! 

Final Thoughts

Take the stress out of holiday shopping by choosing one of the products or subscriptions noted in our comprehensive list of the best gifts for foodies this year. From a cookie or ice cream subscription to a Masterclass with one of the best chefs in the world, there is something from the culinary world for everyone on your list. 

Food brings people together, and that is more important than ever during the holiday season. For food lovers, gathering around a nice bottle of wine or over the stove for a warm meal is the best experience. 

If you can offer that feeling of hospitality throughout the year with a food-themed holiday gift, it’s the best way to continue to spread cheer. 

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