14 Food Network Shows You’ll Enjoy 

Growing up as a kid, I loved watching shows on the Food Network.

food network logo on tv

I never missed any Chopped episodes and eagerly anticipated Chopped Champions, where former winners return to the kitchen for the ultimate grand prize.

Guy Fieri still has the best job in the world, traveling all over the US and enjoying the best eats in Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.

I’m a hardcore Food Network addict. I’ve seen every episode from Iron Chef to Guy’s Grocery Games and can binge-watch the channel all day.

Food Network Shows 

This list is a tribute to the network that inspired my love of food and cooking. It contains the best Food Network shows in history, from the most popular shows to the hidden gems that never fail to make my stomach grumble.


Chopped is a favorite that has been on the air since 2009, spanning over 50 seasons.

It’s a show I love so much because of the individual contestants’ backstories and the chopping block’s thrill.

The entertainment and suspense are superb as the four chefs go up against each other in an elimination-style tournament.

The ticking clock, mystery basket, and inclusion of special ingredients add to the excitement of what’s already a nail-biting cooking show.

I also like how Chopped invites ordinary people, whether firefighters or police officers, to allow viewers to appreciate their culinary skills.

At the show’s end, the winner leaves with $10,000 or gets donations towards their favorite charity, which further adds to the show’s appeal. 

The Great Food Truck Race

What’s not to love about this show? The Great Food Truck Race came onto the scene in 2010 and has been a Food Network staple ever since.

It’s a cross between CannonBall Run and Top Chef, as three competing teams race across the US in unique food trucks making weekly stops to sell food in different cities.

I particularly like the challenge of adapting to new environments and obstacles that hinder their ability to make more sales.

The show’s winner gets to win $50,000 or, in some cases, own their food trucks.

Check out some of the best cities for food trucks if you want to visit some yourself!

Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives

I still believe Guy Fieri is the luckiest man in America as the host of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. And he gets paid a good amount for his efforts!

Look no further than this show if you’re looking for the best places to eat to impress friends and loved ones.

Unlike other Food Network shows with thrill and tension, this program is more slow-paced and features different food establishments with unique cuisines and secret ingredients. 

The climax is Guy taking a bite, and he never fails to describe the food’s textures and flavors in ways that make me feel hunger pangs. Scrumptious!

This show is worth its weight in value, allowing you to discover new places to eat, especially when on holiday.

Iron Chef America

Iron Chef America is the show to watch if you want your blood pressure to shoot to the roof.

The show features two top-notch chefs duking it out, with the winner getting the chance to face off against an Iron Chef.

I always felt the judges favor the Iron Chefs more. However, it’s still an intense program that will broaden your food horizon, allowing you to try different cuisines.

Still, it would help if the judges were renowned food critics rather than celebrities or movie stars.

The chairman’s drama adds to the show’s thrill even though some viewers might consider it cringe. Still, it’s an outstanding show I never fail to follow.

This is one of my favorite cooking competition shows.

Beat Bobby Flay

Bobby Flay is a renowned Iron Chef and owns several restaurant chains across the United States.

Consequently, it seems an impossible task that some random chef gets to face off against the legend in culinary combat.

The show starts with Bobby Flay picking a dish for both contestants, after which the winner gets to select a different meal to compete against Bobby Flay.

It impresses me how Bobby adapts to different dishes on the fly, including ones that aren’t his specialty, and still comes out on top.

The judges wear a blindfold to try out the food, eliminating any hint of favoritism.

Barefoot Contessa

I watch this show constantly because Ina Gartner can whip up the most amazing meals that are easy to create at home. She also has an amazing attitude while cooking.

Barefoot Contessa is a relaxing program that feels almost therapeutic hearing her soft velvety voice from over the TV screen.

There are newer shows on Food Network, but Ina is still one of my favorite hostesses.

Cupcake Wars

It’s no surprise my love for Cupcake Wars – the show is like Chopped, but the battleground is cupcakes!

The show pits four competitors against each other to craft the best cupcakes following special themes or using specific ingredients the show provides. 

For a baking show, Cupcake Wars is as intense as it gets. Each competitor leaves the show every round until the final round – which is the hardest. 

Unlike other FN shows, Cupcake Wars focuses on cooking and has little drama, making it a delight for purists who watch the show to learn unique baking techniques.

Good Eats

Alton Brown is an inspiration to so many aspiring chefs, thanks to Good Eats.

It’s one of the most informative shows I’ve come across that focuses on the science behind food.

It’s almost like getting a culinary degree, especially for viewers who binge-watch the show.

Still, it’s not for kids because of the language and adult jokes. Good Eats is one of the best Food Network shows because it explains why some recipes work and others do not.

Moreover, you can apply knowledge from this show to your cooking, elevating your cuisine and food quality in almost every aspect.  

The Best Thing I Ever Ate

The Best Thing I Ever Ate may not work for some, but it appeals to me!

This show features renowned chefs and food stars recounting their most delicious culinary experiences.

It’s a slow-paced show that takes you on a journey through some of America’s most amazing foods. 

You’ll love the stories of steaks, ice creams, and comfort foods, as recounted by famous pros who made their name in the food industry.

The show has 13 seasons and will make your mouth water for each episode.

Trisha’s Southern Kitchen

Food celebrity Trisha Yearwood is the host of this show, showcasing the best of Southern cuisine.

Trisha is the highlight of this show not only because of her amazing cooking skills but also her down-to-earth personality, infusing tales from her family and childhood into her cooking.

Moreover, the extra perks of watching her sing and interact with band members make this show truly special.

Her oven-roast recipe is one of the best I’ve ever tried, and it helps her recipes are so easy to follow.

Top Chef

Almost everyone has heard of Top Chef. It’s one of the rare food shows that have the potential to break through the cooking niche into other areas of television.

It’s a reality cooking competition program where the best chefs from different parts of the country compete in a series of challenges.

I watch several cooking shows, and Top Chef easily makes it into my top five food shows.

It has much going for it, including drama, emotion, and culinary talent. It’s undoubtedly one of the best competition shows on Food Network.

Check out our favorite seasons of Top Chef!


Unwrapped is an educational food show that explains the mystery behind everyday food items.

You get to explore different kitchens and see how popular factories create America’s favorite cookies, candies, snacks, and other goodies popular in American Pop Culture.

I like how the factory reps explain the different ingredients that go into their products without revealing the entire recipe.

From popsicles to potato chips, Unwrapped is one show I recommend for the whole family.

There’s always something new for the young and old to learn.

Food Truck Nation

I think Guy Fieri still has the best job, but Brad Miller runs him a close second.

Firstly, he gets to travel, which I enjoy, and second, he gets to try out the most amazing meals on wheels all over the USA!

I love this show because of its support and spotlight on unknown chefs across the country, helping these food truckers to push past boundaries, generate sales, and become more successful.

From huge quesadillas to handmade portions of pasta, Food Truck Nation is an unscripted show that’s as original as it’s heartwarming.

30 Minute Meals

30 Minute Meals is one show that’s so dear to me because of Rachael Ray’s simple approach to preparing the meals we love.

Her step-by-step breakdown inspired many Americans to abandon the fast-food lifestyle and cook.

She’s relatable and inspires the idea that the average American at home can make a good meal with the right methods.

30-Minute Meals isn’t just for adults; kids with an eye for good food can quickly pick up vital instructions that enable them to prepare the most incredible meals.

Tune in to this show if you want to eat delicious meals but don’t have the time or energy for a long prep!

Food Network Shows 

  1. Chopped
  2. The Great Food Truck Race
  3. Diners, Drive-ins and Dives
  4. Iron Chef America
  5. Beat Bobby Flay
  6. Barefoot Contessa
  7. Cupcake Wars
  8. Good Eats
  9. The Best Thing I Ever Ate
  10. Trisha’s Southern Kitchen
  11. Top Chef 
  12. Unwrapped
  13. Food Truck Nation
  14. 30 Minute Meals 

Final Thoughts

Food Network is today’s influential giant, thanks to an array of exciting shows that appeal to various audiences, including professional chefs and newbies learning how to wield a knife.

The television network has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 1993 and continues to deliver shows with outstanding ratings.

Check out our favorite Food Network to chefs to watch and learn all about their various shows!

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