The Most Popular Cheese To Put on Sandwiches

Cheese is the unsung hero of sandwich-making, and it’s time we do something about it.  

Grilled cheese sandwich

Sure, smoked turkey is delicious and honeyed ham has its place, but you won’t catch me ordering a grilled “roast beef” at my local deli with nearly the same enthusiasm as an ooey-gooey grilled cheese.

Unlike audacious proteins, cheese is a humble ingredient despite its potent power to enhance sandwiches’ texture, flavor, and general deliciousness. It gracefully accepts its role as the supporting act for meat and veggies but has the star power to take center stage in its solo show. 

Best Cheese for Sandwiches

Let’s give a shout-out to the underappreciated artistry of this versatile ingredient with our picks for the best types of cheese for sandwiches. 

American Cheese

American cheese is a sandwich classic, offering a lusciously smooth and melty texture that hugs your favorite fillings.

american cheese on sandwich

It’s a versatile delight that brings a comforting nostalgia to any meal.

Enjoy American’s mild saltiness and unctuous creaminess in a grilled cheese with thick slices of an heirloom tomato or on a juicy burger with peppered bacon.


Havarti is a Danish dream for sandwich enthusiasts.

havarti cheese on ham sandwich

Its creamy, semi-soft texture effortlessly melts, while the delicate, buttery flavor brings subtle tanginess.

Ideal for roast beef paninis or turkey clubs with spinach, Havarti pleases a range of taste buds and elevates your sandwich experience to a gourmet level.

Pepper Jack Cheese

Infused with fiery jalapeños and sweet peppers, pepper jack cheese is a feisty flavor adventure that can give a ho-hum hoagie new life.

pepper jack on sandwich

Its semi-soft texture ensures a delightful melt, particularly on southwest-inspired cheeseburgers piled high with fried jalapenos. 

It’s also a powerhouse in smoked turkey paninis, bringing out the nuanced woody undertones of mesquite.


With its smoky undertones and perfect meltiness, Provolone lends sandwiches a silky texture that amplifies every morsel. 

provolone on sandwich

Provolone’s gentle nuttiness harmonizes beautifully with the freshness of Mediterranean ingredients, so celebrate its Italian essence in a classic Italian sub filled with cured meats, sun-dried tomatoes, and piquant peppers. 

Cheddar Cheese

With a firm yet crumbly texture, cheddar slices neatly and melts evenly, catering to hot or cold sandwiches alike. 

cheddar on sandwich

Its bold, full-bodied flavor melds beautifully with just about every sandwich ingredient you can think of, from smoky bacon to sweet mango chutney, making it the best cheese for sandwiches in terms of sheer versatility. 

Fontina Cheese

Fontina is a sumptuous cheese from Italy with a velvety, semi-soft texture that melts dreamily, draping ingredients in luxurious richness. 

fontina on sandwich with salami

Fontina’s delicate, nutty flavor with a hint of earthy sweetness harmonizes best with herbaceous elements—think parsley and chives—that bring a balancing touch of bitterness. 


Rather than explain why Gruyère is the best cheese for sandwiches, I think describing a croque monsieur would do a far better job.

croque monsieur sandwich with gruyere

Crusty, golden bread slathered in béchamel encases tender slices of smoky ham and nutty Gruyère cheese.

Another sprinkle of Gruyère blankets the top of the sandwich, along with a few turns of freshly cracked black pepper. 

As it browns, the velvety béchamel sauce—a creamy, indulgent whisper of garlic and nutmeg—begins seeping into the bread’s nooks and crannies.

Swiss Cheese

Swiss cheese’s delightful, nutty sweetness enlivens sandwiches with its iconic, hole-riddled charm.

ham and swiss sandwich

It’s a mild cheese that brings balance to a variety of ingredients. 

Swiss brings alpine magic to every creation, but it’s particularly delicious when paired with tender corned beef and sauerkraut in the classic Reuben sandwich. 

Blue Cheese

While typically reserved for salads and hot wing dipping, blue cheese’s audacious tang transforms sandwiches into flavor-packed adventures. 

blue cheese sandwich

The rich, earthy undertones add undeniable depth and character to fig and brie grilled cheese, but it’s at its peak in a Buffalo chicken sandwich, where its creamy decadence can tame the fiery heat.


Indulgent and buttery Gouda elevates sandwiches to a realm of indulgent delight.

gouda parmesan on wooden board

The cheese’s mild sweetness pairs impeccably with smoky, savory, or fruity elements, making it a must-have staple for your deli drawer. 

If it’s your first go-round with Gouda, and you want to keep things simple, try it in a smoked turkey panini with grainy mustard

Manchego Cheese

Manchego’s tantalizing sheep’s milk richness lends sandwiches a touch of Spanish flair, and a firm, slightly crumbly texture that contrasts beautifully with soft bread. 

manchego and ham spanish sandwich

Manchego’s nutty, fruity essence perfectly balances with bold companions like salty serrano ham or fig’s honeyed ripeness. 


Muenster’s unassuming, buttery charm is an understated hero that melds seamlessly with a wide array of flavors, from spicy jalapeños to crispy bacon or fresh avocado. 

muenster sandwich

It reaches its full potential when melted over slow-cooked roast beef, as the velvety texture mingles beautifully with the toothsome meat. 

Best Cheese for Sandwiches

  1. American Cheese
  2. Havarti
  3. Pepper Jack Cheese
  4. Provolone
  5. Cheddar Cheese
  6. Fontina Cheese
  7. Gruyere
  8. Swiss Cheese
  9. Blue Cheese
  10. Gouda
  11. Manchego Cheese
  12. Muenster

What’s Your Favorite Cheese To Put on a Sandwich?

For me, the type of sandwich determines the cheese I like to use. What cheese do you add to sandwiches? Tell us in the comments!

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