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Chain Restaurant Deals You Need to Know

Food just tastes even more glorious when it’s been cooked for you by someone else.

However, there is no denying that eating out can be pricey. Pricey meals can mean that eating out is a rare treat.

However, what if there was a way to save money when you eat at a restaurant? 

Well, you’re in luck! There are so many chain restaurants out there offering some money-saving deals to help you get some delicious dinners for a lower price. 

In this article, we will be taking you through the 10 best deals at chain restaurants across the US that we think you should try now.

After all, food cooked by someone else is glorious, but cheap food cooked by someone else is a million times better

10 best Deals at Chain Restaurants

Most if not all chain restaurants offer some deals, but here are the top picks we have from our team.

Some are every day, others on specific days of the week or special dates.


Chili’s, everyone’s favorite Tex-Mex, Mexican restaurant offers a variety of wonderful money-saving deals.

One of their most popular deals is their Happy Hour offer.

You may be able to enjoy a margarita cocktail for $5, boneless wings for $6, or Texas cheese fries for a bargain price of $4.

Chili’s offers a Margarita of the Month offer, too. Each month they choose one of their Margarita flavors and offer it all day every day for just $5.

Every day and every hour is Happy Hour! 

Olive Garden

We couldn’t write an article on the best deals in US chain restaurants without including Olive Garden now, could we?

There’s a reason their breadsticks are so famed. That delicious warm, buttery, garlicky goodness is a force to be reckoned with. 

You can get those delicious bread sticks in unlimited amounts along with their soup and salad in their lunchtime deal for under $8 (depending on where you are in the US). 

PF Changs

If you have a craving for some Asian cuisine then PF Changs is the place to be.

This chain restaurant specializes in freshly cooked Asian food, from sushi to noodles, from delicious dim sum to ramen bowls….and that chocolate cake!

And, what’s more, you can get some of these delicious meals and an array of drinks for under $6 in the Happy Hour deal.

This runs in their restaurants Monday to Friday from 3 pm to 6 pm. Check your local chain for more details! 


Is there anything more wholesomely American than Applebee’s? Perhaps so, but it would be hard to top them.

Simple, great-tasting food quite often comes with a premium price tag. Not at Applebee’s. They have so many deals it would be impossible to list them all in this article without making it this 10 pages.

We suggest checking out their Instagram page above for updates on their deals weekly.

My favorites are $5 cocktails, $.25 cent boneless wings and a very popular deal where they offer a meal for two for just $22! 

Their deal runs daily, and there are plenty of delicious dishes to choose from.

You get to choose between an array of appetizers for you and your dining partner to share, including mozzarella sticks, wings, and onion rings.

You can then each choose an entree out of their long list of dinners. 

Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel may be lesser known than some of the other chain restaurants on this list, but in the Mid West and the South East States, Cracker Barrel is a favorite of many.

They are known for their incredible deals around the holidays where you can often score 50% off. 

However, if you can’t wait until then for your Cracker Barrel biscuits then you can save money for your whole family by purchasing one of their Family Meals, where you get a huge basket of ready-cooked food for up to 5 people, for a fraction of the price you would pay for each person individually.

Perhaps not the best option if you are eating alone, but if you want to feed the family for as little as possible, Cracker Barrel is a great choice. 

Red Lobster

Red Lobster, famed in recent years by that Beyonce song has long been a favorite of seafood lovers over the US.

whether you want fried fish, shrimp, crab, or of course, lobster, Red Lobster has it all (they even do steak and chicken for the fish-haters in your group). 

Red Lobster has an excellent loyalty scheme that is free to join, allowing you freebies and offers based on the points you earn.

As well as this, they also offer budget-friendly family deals starting from just $7! Bargain!  They have daily deals like Steak and Lobster Surf N Turf for only $19.99.


“Sir, this is a Wendy’s. Are you gonna order someth-”. You know a place is good when there is a meme about it!

This burger joint is popular all around the US, with other countries practically begging for them to open there! And if you’ve ever had Wendy’s it is easy to see why. 

The deals that we want to draw your attention to are the meal deals where you can get a burger, nuggets, fries, and a drink for as low as $4!

They also offer ‘Fed the Fam’ deals and combo deals so you can feed your whole family for less. 

Buffalo Wild Wings

Despite the name, BWW offers more than just chicken wings.

Burgers, wrap, and an array of sides also features at this delicious chain restaurant.

What’s more, they have lots of wonderful deals for you to take advantage of.

They do buy one get one free boneless wings on a Thursday, as well as ‘Value Line-Ups’ and bundles galore.

Check their promo tab on their website for new offers! 

BJ’s Brewhouse 

BJ’s Brewhouse features on this list for a slightly different reason.

Known for their delicious pizza and in-house brewed beers, BJ’s have quite a loyal cult following, and you can get deals not only on food but beer too! Cool, right? 

They have a daily deal every Monday to Thursday, from half-price pizza to 6-packs of beer, and even a beer happy hour!

They also offer family meal deals and freebies with their downloadable app! 

Red Robin 

Lastly, we have Red Robin.

We have featured this delicious burger restaurant because it is the ideal place to take your kids for a cheap meal.

Their kids’ pasta is unlimited, meaning your children can fill up on pasta to their heart’s content.

They also have deals on appetizers as low as $5, and 3 burgers for $6.99 each deal, so you can get a cheaper burger if you order 3 of them. And of course, there are those bottomless fries….

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