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11 Arby’s Menu Items Ranked

Arby’s has been around since 1964 and is one of the biggest fast-food chains in the world. With approximately 3,500 locations worldwide, you’re never far from a fantastic meal at Arby’s.

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Arby’s started as a restaurant focused on roast beef, and that’s still a considerable part of the menu. However, Arby’s has recently begun expanding into other types of food, such as barbecue and deli sandwiches.

They even offer desserts and other yummy options.

With such an expansive menu, you might find yourself pulling up to the drive-thru and asking, “What’s the best food at Arby’s?”

Well, don’t worry! I’m here to give you a rundown on the absolute best Arby’s menu items from sandwiches to sides to desserts.

Use the below guide and you’re guaranteed a great meal the next time you stop into Arby’s.

11. Arby’s Cherry Turnover

Last but not least is Arby’s Cherry Turnover. Great desserts aren’t always something you think about with fast-food, but the Cherry Turnover at Arby’s is a very worthy exception.

A flaky, buttery shell gets filled with sweet cherry filling to create a sweet, fruity treat. It’s finished with a sugary drizzle which acts as a nice counterpart to the fruit.

I like to grab one of these every time that I’m at Arby’s. It’s a great way to finish the meal without leaving you feeling too full.

10. Loaded Italian Sub

Recently, Arby’s has started to branch out into sandwiches that you might have thought would be a better fit in your local sandwich shop.

Arby’s Loaded Italian is one of these and it can stand up to any sandwich shop around.

Pit-smoked ham, pepperoni, and salami match up perfectly with melted Provolone cheese on a toasted Italian roll. Veggies like banana peppers, lettuce, tomato, and red onion add crunch and brightness. A red wine vinaigrette and garlic aioli help bring this together into a terrific meal.

If you think Arby’s is all roast beef, think again! The Loaded Italian is definitely worth your time.

9. Arby’s Milkshake

What’s a great fast-food restaurant without a great milkshake? Believe me when I tell you that the milkshake is one of Arby’s best menu items.

Chocolate and vanilla milkshakes are classic and can come with whipped cream on top for a little bit of decadence.

If you want a more unique shake, though, check out the jamocha milkshake. It’s chocolate mixed with coffee, so it provides an extra jolt and a great flavor.

Arby’s will often have a seasonal milkshake as well! So if you want a classic or want to try something a little bit different, Arby’s has you covered.

8. French Dip & Swiss Sandwich

Arby’s is great at really big sandwiches and really simple sandwiches. The Classic French Dip & Swiss is an example of the latter.

It’s the same roast beef that you’ll find on some of Arby’s other sandwiches, but on a longer roll and served with melty Swiss.

If that’s not enough, you also get a cup of au jus for dipping. Au jus is the natural juices that come out of beef during the roasting process, so it’s the best meaty and umami flavors of roast beef punched into liquid.

Dipping into the au jus brings extra moisture and flavor that you won’t soon forget. It’s an experience that you won’t find at other fast-food restaurants and is definitely one to try!

7. Arby’s Mozzarella Sticks

At Arby’s, the curly fries are top-notch but sometimes you need something a little bit different. That’s where the Mozzarella Sticks come in.

These are usually served in a 4-pack, which is a perfect size for a side to your sandwich. They’re perfectly fried and come filled with tons of stretchy, gooey mozzarella.

In addition, they come with a side of marinara for dipping.

I wouldn’t always get these with some of Arby’s bigger sandwiches, but they go great with some of their Market Fresh offerings, which are a little bit lighter and a good contrast.

6. Arby’s Classic Roast Beef

Arby’s Classic Roast Beef is very much a classic. This humble sandwich started Arby’s on the path to where they are now, and it’s still one of their top items.

The Classic Roast Beef couldn’t be simpler: Thinly-sliced roast beef and a sesame seed bun. That’s it. It’s delicious on its own but where this sandwich really shines is the ability to customize it.

You can add veggies or cheese, but you really will want to add one of their sauces. Arby’s sauce is a tangy, sweet sauce akin to a steak sauce.

Their Horsey sauce is creamier and contains horseradish. Both are so good that Arby’s bottles them up and sells them in grocery stores.

5. Buffalo Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Chicken sandwiches are all the rage in fast-food right now, and I’m happy to tell you that Arby’s Buffalo Crispy Chicken sandwich is a worthy entry.

It’s a fillet of buttermilk fried chicken drenched in buffalo sauce. Instead of blue cheese, Arby’s uses a delicious parmesan peppercorn ranch dressing.

It brings a great tang. Finally, shredded iceberg lettuce adds some extra crunch and helps cool the buffalo spice down.

Pair this with Arby’s curly fries and a drink, and you’ve got an excellent change of pace to the usual roast beef and other meat sandwiches. It’s a winner!

4. Arby’s Meat Mountain Sandwich

You won’t see the Meat Mountain if you look at the Arby’s menu and that’s because it’s a secret menu item. So what is it? Like the name says, it’s a mountain of meat.

Different locations might prepare differently, but it’s generally chicken tenders, roast turkey, ham, corned beef, smoked brisket, roast beef and peppered bacon, plus Swiss and gouda cheese, built ridiculously high onto a bun.

If you’re brave and hungry, this is one for you, but just make sure you’re up for it!

Because it’s a secret menu item, the trick here is knowing what you have to ask for. For example, if the cashier doesn’t know the Meat Mountain, ask for a sandwich with every kind of meat.

3. Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich

The Smokehouse Brisket sandwich is one of the newer permanent additions to the Arby’s menu, but it’s already a favorite for many guests, me included!

The key to this sandwich is the slow-cooked brisket, which is cooked for 13 hours and thinly sliced.

That comes on a toasted bun with barbecue sauce, mayonnaise, smoked gouda, and crispy onion strings.

The combination of the meat, sauces, cheese and crispy onion strings is an explosion of flavor.

Your mouth will be processing so much goodness at once that the only thing you’ll be able to do is to go in for another bite. It’s super filling but super delicious.

2. Curly Fries

Curly fries have been a staple at Arby’s for decades and they’re still one of the best Arby’s menu items.

You might think that one french fry is as good as another, but these curly fries are something special.

They’re thick and curled and come out of the fryer extra crispy. They’re also liberally seasoned and are incredibly addictive.

One of the benefits of Arby’s curly fries is that they’re not just a perfect dipper for ketchup. They’re also perfect for any cheese sauce or Horsey sauce that might fall off your sandwich. 

So, whatever you do, don’t forget the curly fries!

1. Classic Beef n Cheddar Sandwich

This is one of the ones that started it all for Arby’s and there’s a reason for that. It’s great!

This sandwich is roast beef piled high on an onion roll, then topped with a velvety cheddar cheese sauce and a tangy red ranch sauce.

It’s as simple a presentation as you can get, but it’s spectacular and an absolute must-try.

The beef, bread and sauces work perfectly together to create a heavenly bite. It’s a little bit messy but worth it. One bite and you’ll understand why Arby’s has been around and a favorite for over 50 years.

Arby’s started off focusing on roast beef sandwiches, and those remain fantastic, but I hope you can see that Arby’s menu has so much more to offer you.

Whether you’re getting a brisket sandwich, an Italian sub, or a cherry turnover, anything you get at Arby’s is going to be delicious, and come loaded with flavor.

So go in, get something that sounds good, and you’re going to enjoy it. Every option is a great one but I hope my favorites become your favorites too.

So, the only question left is: What are you going to get next time you visit your local Arby’s? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. It’s curious, the majority of the sandwiches showed here aren’t in the menu of Puerto Rico Arby’s restaurants ????

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