Modern & Traditional Armenian Food You’ll Love 

Each country or ethnic group has its unique cuisine. Some cuisine and dishes like French bread, Vietnamese soups, and Argentinian meat have become quite popular and well known across the globe.

Dolma stuffed grape leaves with rice and meat

Others, like Peruvian or Senegalese, are lesser known but no less interesting and delicious. Armenian cuisine is in the latter category. It’s not as well known as other cuisines, but it’s worth exploring.

Armenian cuisine is a blend of influences from the Middle East, Europe, and the Caucasus.

It’s a regional cuisine heavily influenced by the crops and animals available in traditional Armenian areas.

To help you explore this exciting cuisine, I’ve created a list of popular Armenian food. Enjoy!

Final Thoughts

These are only a few of the delicious and popular Armenian dishes.

I encourage you to try them all! Armenian food is flavorful, filling, and perfect for any occasion.

What do you think is the most popular Armenian food? Let us know in the comments.


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Written by Erin Elizabeth

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