14 Traditional Argentinian Dishes We Love

Many describe Argentina as a European nation in South America owing to significant Italian and German immigration during the Second World War. Like Italy, Argentina is famous for its incredible cuisine.

Meat steak on a wooden board with vegetables

While you’ll see many Italian influences in their bakeries and pasta dishes, Argentina has a unique culinary culture.

Argentina is known for its gaucho culture characterized by ranching and some of the highest quality beef in the world.

Their dairy production contributes to a beautiful confectionary bounty, with custard-stuffed cookies and a particular type of caramel.

Argentina’s vast and bountiful lands supply the highest quality ingredients, leading to unique dishes, desserts, sauces, and snacks.

Read on to explore tantalizing descriptions of some of the most popular Argentinian foods. 

Final Thoughts

Argentina’s diverse and delicious cuisine matches its vast and beautiful geography. Its location along the Andes offers dishes from pre-Hispanic indigenous cuisine.

Its flat savannahs are home to centuries-old ranching and meat butchering culture. Past Italian immigration influences Argentina’s world-class pasta dishes, confectionaries, and bakeries. 

After exploring the incredible selection of popular Argentinian foods on my list, your next stop may be to book a flight down so you can wine and dine through your Argentinian vacation.

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