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Julien Gremaud’s Pink Steak: A Culinary Gem Set to Dazzle West Palm Beach

As the culinary landscape of Palm Beach continues to evolve, a new star is set to make its grand debut. Julien Gremaud, a name synonymous with gastronomic innovation, is launching his third restaurant concept, Pink Steak, on December 20. This latest venture promises to be a tantalizing addition to Gremaud’s already impressive portfolio, which includes the popular Avocado Grill and Avocado Cantina.

Nestled at 2777 S. Dixie Highway, Pink Steak is not just another steakhouse. It’s a bold reinterpretation of traditional steakhouse classics, infused with a modern, refined, and playful approach, courtesy of Executive Chef Aaron Black. The restaurant’s philosophy centers around Gremaud’s signature Adaptive Florida Cuisine, transforming familiar flavors into extraordinary culinary experiences.

The ambiance of Pink Steak is as vibrant and inviting as its menu. Inspired by the dynamic spirit of Miami, Pink Steak’s interior is a visual feast. Guests are greeted by a wrap-around bar, where signature cocktails like the Pink Flamingo Martini set the stage for an unforgettable evening. The 120-seat dining area, adorned with a stunning 15-foot brass flamingo statue and set against a backdrop of pink and emerald green, offers a feast for the eyes.

The menu is a culinary journey, starting with a grand selection of caviars and a seafood tower, moving through innovative salads and a unique “Raw-Ish Bar.” Tuna Cones, Tiger Shrimp Cocktail, Beef Tartare, and Hamachi Crudo are just a few of the delights, each dish elevated by bold flavors like ramps, avocado, and saffron vinaigrette.

The heart of Pink Steak’s menu is its meticulously curated selection of Steaks & Chops. From the lean Filet to the marbled Ribeye and exotic Wagyu varieties, each cut is a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to quality. Patrons can choose their steak wood-grilled over hickory or adorned with a distinctive Pink Steak coffee-rub. The experience is heightened with options to add crab, lobster, seared foie gras, or house-made sauces and garnishes.

Beyond steaks, the menu features standout dishes like Maine Lobster Risotto, Free Range Chicken, and Miso-Glazed Verlasso Salmon. The vegetable-centric sides, emphasizing local ingredients, are equally noteworthy. The dessert selection, ranging from brûléed banana tiramisu to merengue yuzu pie, ensures a sweet finale to the dining experience.

Pink Steak’s immersive experience extends beyond the plate. The open-style kitchen houses a DJ booth, reflecting Gremaud’s passion for music and his belief in a multi-sensory dining experience. Whether seated indoors or on the expansive 55-seat outdoor patio, guests are treated to an interactive and engaging atmosphere.

Julien Gremaud’s Pink Steak is more than a restaurant; it’s a destination. As Gremaud himself puts it, “Pink Steak’s incredible food will only be one of our talking points. From the kitchen to the dining room, every guest detail has been accounted for. The experience at Pink Steak is interactive, it’s immersive, it’s multi-sensory and it is not to be missed.”

Pink Steak redefines the steakhouse experience, inviting guests on a gastronomic journey marked by flavor, innovation, and passion. Located in West Palm Beach, it is open for dinner from Sunday to Saturday, with varying hours. For more information, visit, follow @pinksteakwpb, or make reservations directly through their website.

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