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Naples Restaurants You Should Be Dining At This Week

Enjoy amazing food at our favorite spots around the city.

Naples may have a reputation for being a tourist town, but the restaurants are one thing that locals and tourists alike can enjoy. I will talk in detail about all my favorite restaurants in Naples down below.

Now, before you go out to eat, you must be sure to stop by one of Naples’s several fantastic beaches, renowned around the country for their beautiful white sand and clean water. If you like pickleball, you have come to the right place because the sport is picking up speed in the city. 

friends eating at a restaurant in Naples

I should say that Naples has just as many fabulous restaurants as they do fantastic beaches. You will find classic American cuisines like burgers and sandwiches, but plenty of international cuisine for the more adventurous souls.

I will not waste any more time, so let us get right to where to eat in Naples, Florida.

Best Restaurants in Naples

  1. Brooks Burgers
  2. BHA! BHA! Persian Bistro
  3. Sea Salt
  4. Osteria Tulia
  5. Sails Restaurant
  6. Baleen
  7. 21 Spices
  8. Mediterrano
  9. Truluck’s Ocean’s Finest Seafood & Crab
  10. The Turtle  Club
  11. The French
  12. Bleu Provence
  13. Caffe dell’Amore
  14. The Bay House
  15. Dorona
  16. Campiello
  17. The Local

Brooks Burgers

Multiple locations
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We now move away from classy sea dining and onto something a little more classic American. Brooks Burgers does have some sandwiches and burgers with seafood, but if you are not a seafood kind of person, Brooks is an excellent alternative. 

My favorite menu item of theirs is the Donut Burger. Imagine this: a regular cheeseburger, but with warm, glazed donuts instead of hamburger buns. It sounds like a weird combination, but trust me, it is incredible. You will need a fork and a knife to eat it, but you will not resist licking your fingers if you get glaze and cheese on them. 

BHA! BHA! Persian Bistro

865 5th Ave S, Naples, FL 34102
Phone: 239-594-5557
Visit Website

The first restaurant on my list is for those who enjoy a more immersive, sensory dining experience. Persian cuisine is especially spicy and exotic, so be prepared for a world of smells to hit your nose upon entering the restaurant. 

On that note, BHA! BHA! does not offer casual dining, so I suggest you book a reservation before going in. As a matter of fact, critics voted the restaurant one of the top 3 restaurants in Florida in 2016, so you can expect the place to be popular most of the time.

Check them out off of 5th Avenue in Old Naples, right near the Naples Depot Museum.

Sea Salt

1186 3rd St S, Naples, FL 34102
Phone: 239-434-7258
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As someone who has never been to Italy but loves Italian sea-going culture, it does not get much better than Sea Salt, a restaurant in Naples. The outdoor seating with hanging plants and Venetian-themed furniture is relaxing and beautiful, and the menu changes daily, so you do not know what you will find. 

They do not just serve seafood, though. If you are in the mood for a steak or a beef burger, I recommend pretty much anything you find on the menu, you are in good hands. However, the restaurant is on a busy street, so you might want to call ahead at lunch or dinner to book a table.

Osteria Tulia

466 5th Ave S, Naples, FL 34102
Phone: 239-213-2073
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Osteria Tulia, like BHA! BHA!, provides an immersive eating experience only with Italian food. Plus, the restaurant is housed inside a renovated Italian farmhouse, creating a cozy and charming atmosphere. Look for it on 5th Avenue South, right around the corner from Cambier Park.

I like the variety of Osteria Tulia because they serve Italian food with the occasional steak, panini, burger, or chicken thigh thrown in.

However, it is the kind of place you go to if you have money to burn since it is a bit expensive. That said, I have yet to have a bad experience with the service or the food, so it still comes recommended. 

Sails Restaurant

301 5th Ave S, Naples, FL 34102
Phone: 239-360-2000
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Sails Restaurant ambitiously combines French, Italian, and Greek food, but its main attraction is the surrounding beach. If you want to impress on a first date, or otherwise relax with a sunset dinner, Sails is one of the best places for it.

While their dinner menu is impressive, I do want to point out their cocktails. Not only do they have evocative and fun names (the Pirate, Passion de Mer, Paper Boat, and so on), but the variety is enough to entice anyone, regardless of what they drink.


9891 Gulf Shore Dr, Naples, FL 34108
Phone: 239-598-5707

Similar to Sails Restaurant, Baleen sports one of the finest beachside atmospheres in Naples. You can choose an indoor table, but you will still get a broad view of the adjacent Vanderbilt Beach from the LaPlaya Beach & Golf Resort in which the restaurant is located.

This is also the first restaurant on this list to have a full breakfast menu, which they stop serving around 11 a.m. Brunch does go until 2 p.m., so if you enjoy breakfast food after the morning has ended, you are in luck.

If you call ahead of time, you can reserve a private dining spot on the beach or the private dining room for slightly larger groups.

21 Spices

4270 Tamiami Trail E #21, Naples, FL 34112
Phone: 239-919-8830
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I was surprised the first time I walked into 21 Spices. The place combines the lights and trendy furniture of a casual city bar with Indian icons and architecture, so it is unlike any other Indian restaurant I have ever visited.

This Naples restaurant has won plenty of awards over the years for its spices and curries, so you can guarantee your favorite Indian spices are all here. They have a few non-traditional beef items if you are just starting with Indian food.  

You’ll find 21 Spices right off of Tamiami Trail, across the street from Sugden Regional Park.


336 13th Ave S, Naples, FL 34102
Phone: 239-261-7498
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Mediterrano is a fantastic Mediterranean restaurant located on 13th Avenue, just minutes away from Naples Beach and the Naples Pier.

The outdoor seating area has all kinds of pretty flowers, and strings of lights keep the place illuminated at night. If you go late enough at night when the flowers and lights become the main event, you might forget that you are in Florida and not the Mediterranean. 

Although it boasts of serving cuisine from Spain, Italy, and Greece, it has a heavy sea-going theme. There are dishes with lamb and beef, but you will more likely find food from the sea.  

Truluck’s Ocean’s Finest Seafood & Crab

698 4th Ave S, Naples, FL 34102
Phone: 239-530-3131
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If you are looking for an occasion to wear your prettiest cocktail dress or suit, wear it to Truluck’s for a fancy dining experience in Naples. Truluck’s is right by the 5th Avenue Business district and a beautiful beach, so of course, you would dress up for that. As if that was not enough, they have live entertainment from Thursday to Sunday.

You can sometimes get in without a reservation, but be sure to abide by their dress code (they take it surprisingly seriously at Truscale).

I like their seafood a lot, though I once again have to point out their cocktail menu, which is surprisingly cheeky for a place of this caliber (the heading on one part is called “We Dare You”). 

The Turtle Club

9225 Gulf Shore Dr, Naples, FL 34108
Phone: 239-592-6557
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The Turtle Club has the same setup as Baleen, with a seating area on the beach, except a bit more casual. They do not accept reservations for lunch, but it is highly recommended you get dinner reservations since spots fill up fast.

While the beachside view is impressive, I will say that the food helps make the experience. Many people recommended the sea bass to me before I went, and I agree, it is among the best I have ever had.

It is also not a trip to Florida without having some key lime pie for dessert, which tastes especially good with a Floridian sunset. 

The French

365 5th Ave S, Naples, FL 34102
Phone: 239-315-4019
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The French is exactly what it sounds like: a restaurant celebrating and serving all things French. It might be a bit on the expensive side, but it is worth it for the outdoor seating and the chance to look into the kitchen inside.

The restaurant prides itself on being authentically French, so you should be impressed if you are particular about your French food.

I also took the challenge of trying their L’Brasserie Burger, which sounds strange for a French restaurant, but it was pretty amazing.  

Bleu Provence

1234 8th St S, Naples, FL 34102
Phone: 239-261-8239
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I love The French, but Bleu Provence takes the French flavor to the extreme. Not only have they been featured on several lists for their wine and service, but the owners come from France. They hand-pick all the ingredients from local sources to make sure the food is excellent, and boy does it show.

I tried their Cheese Plate appetizer, and it was some of the richest cheese I have ever sampled. This being a French restaurant, of course, they bring you a fresh baguette with butter as a treat, and it was pretty yummy.

Check out Bleu Provence the next time you’re visiting Downtown Naples!

Caffe dell’Amore

1400 Gulf Shore Blvd N Ste 154, Naples, FL 34102
Phone: 239-261-1389
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If Naples, FL borrows its name from an Italian city, it makes sense to recreate that same Italian flavor in food.

The chefs, who are also the owners, pride themselves on using real imported Italian ingredients, such as substituting Parmigiano Reggiano instead of parmesan cheese and truffle oil with tiny pieces of truffle still in it.

The dining area includes hand-painted Italian frescos, making you feel like you have stepped into Italy. Another surprise is that they change their pasta special every day, so you will not know what they have unless you ask them. 

The Bay House

799 Walkerbilt Rd, Naples, FL 34110
Phone: 239-591-3837
Visit Website

Here we have a restaurant that sits not on a pristine Florida beach but on the Cocohatchee River in North Naples.

You can enjoy the view of the Cocohatchee River wildlife preserve and even sit around a fire pit on the front patio. It is probably the coziest, most intimate restaurant on this list, especially since they have live music every night.

The main dining room is more formal, and the casual dining area, I should note. I personally like the Waterfront Deck the best because it is right on the river, and you do not have to wear your best business casual to enjoy it. 


2110 Tamiami Trail N, Naples, FL 34102
Phone: 239-529-2819
Visit Website

Dorona calls itself a modern Italian steakhouse, and it shows. They have classic Italian dishes and New York strips, sandwiches, and plenty of sea dishes. It is the sort of place you go where you are not entirely sure what you want to eat.

You can listen to live music if you have patio seats, usually jazz. I like the indoor dining fine, but once again, the outdoor seating has live music and a pretty view to enjoy in the meantime.

Dorona is also conveniently location inside The Gateway of Naples shopping center and right across the street from Naples Plaza, so it’s a perfect stop for a meal during your shopping spree.


1177 3rd St S, Naples, FL 34102
Phone: 239-435-1166
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Campiello throws itself full force into Italian cuisine, with pasta, pizzas, and savory meats cooked over an open fire or in a wood-burning oven. Their “Tour di Italia” menu changes daily, so you can see the breadth of Italian cuisine time and again.

I highly recommend getting a reservation for this place, though. As an experiment, I tried walking in during the least popular times, but there was still a long wait. You want to enjoy the stringed lights around the outdoor seating and get some of the homemade pasta.

The Local

5323 Airport-Pulling Rd, Naples, FL 34109
Phone: 239-596-3276
Visit Website

The Local is perhaps the most casual dining place on this list, and you probably will not need a reservation to get in. This is great because they pride themselves on sourcing fresh, local ingredients all year long from farmers and fishermen.

Any time of day is a great time to go, but I really like their breakfast menu. Their breakfast sandwiches and pancakes, along with a classic cup of coffee, are a great way to wake up, or just to enjoy a full morning.

Final Thoughts

Naples restaurants have plenty to offer in terms of incredible food. I realize I am not able to cover every single one of Naples’ restaurants, but those are my personal favorites. I am quite excited to see what others pop up as time goes on.

If you’re in the mood for some midday drinks before heading out to eat, check out these brunch spots around town!

Did we leave a restaurant out of this list? Make sure you leave us a comment and we’ll check it out!

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  1. We love Ridgeway Bar & Grill off 3rd Street South. Owner Tony Ridgeway provides a consistently delicious range of dishes and plenty of indoor or outdoor seating. Has been there for years, and also has a gourmet bakery adjacent to bar/restaurant (AND is dog friendly in outdoor seating).????

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