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Miami Gardens Restaurants You Should Be Dining At This Week

Enjoy amazing food at our favorite spots around the city.

Miami Gardens is a beautiful city on the Atlantic Coast of Florida that’s just north of Hialeah and southwest of Hollywood. 

roasted duck served at a restaurant in Miami Gardens

This lovely little city attracts visitors from all over the country to its fun activities and attractions like seeing a Miami Dolphins game at Hard Rock Stadium or doing some gambling at the Calder Casino. 

There’s no end to the fun here in Miami Gardens, and those things I’ve mentioned already are only the beginning.

The real fun comes when it’s time to go out to eat, in my opinion. If you’re like me and you feel the same way, you’re going to love what I’ve got for you.

Right down below, you’ll find a list of all the best restaurants Miami Gardens has to offer, all ranked for your convenience.

Best Restaurants in Miami Gardens

  1. Arline’s Restaurant & Seafood
  2. Lorna’s Caribbean & American Grille
  3. Awash Ethiopian Restaurant
  4. Sunday’s Eatery
  5. Yarumba Restaurant
  6. Lovelys On The Go
  7. Top Golf
  8. Crab Garden
  9. Romo’s Place Restaurant
  10. Young`s Jamaican Restaurant
  11. World Famous Miami Gardens

This is the ultimate guide to point you in the right direction to find your dream meal in the city.

Arline’s Restaurant & Seafood

2770 NW 167th St, Miami Gardens, FL 33054
Phone: 305-474-8990

Taking the number-one spot on my list is going to be Arline’s Restaurant & Seafood. This place is amazing when it comes to enjoying the bounty of the sea. 

This is a lowkey spot that you’ll find off of Northwest 167th Street near Subway and Wingstop.

It can be a bit easy to miss from the road, so keep your eyes peeled because you really don’t want to pass it. 

When you come to Arline’s, I highly recommend making a visit for breakfast, but the lunch menu is where you’ll find my favorite seafood dishes like fried conch. 

Lorna’s Caribbean & American Grille

19752 NW 27th Ave, Miami Gardens, FL 33056
Phone: 305-623-9760
Visit Website

Right around the corner from the Hard Rock Stadium on Northwest 27th Avenue, right across the street from the Walmart Supercenter, is Lorna’s Caribbean & American Grille. This is one of my all-time favorite places to eat in Miami Gardens, hands down. 

Lorna’s Caribbean & American Grille serves up a wondrous blend of Jamaican, Bahamian, and American cuisines on their menu, so there’s something for everyone. 

I always find it hard to resist the ox tail when I come here. There’s just nothing else like it in town, if you ask me. Definitely try that or the jerk chicken. 

Awash Ethiopian Restaurant

19934 NW 2nd Ave, Miami Gardens, FL 33169
Phone: 305-770-5100
Visit Website

Next up is Awash Ethiopian Restaurant. If you’ve never been here before, then prepare yourself for a real treat. Ethiopian cuisine is amazing, in my opinion, and this is a great place to start if it’s your first time trying it. 

Awash Ethiopian Restaurant is located on Northwest 2nd Avenue in the same strip mall as the Dollar General, right across from the Ives Dairy Crossing shopping mall. 

When you get here, definitely check out the fresh juice menu first so you can sip on something while you read the menu.  Don’t be afraid to try something new here!

Sunday’s Eatery

2675 NW 207th St, Miami Gardens, FL 33056
Phone: 305-621-9600
Visit Website

When you want some good, old-fashioned soul food, there’s only one place I recommend to everyone: Sunday’s Eatery.

This restaurant has a special place in my heart (and stomach) because it never disappoints when I come here. 

It’s going to be a tough decision to decide what you want from Sunday’s Eatery. It just always is. Every menu item sounds so delicious that I always just want to order one of everything. 

If I had to narrow it down to a couple of choices, I’d say the fried ribs, the snapper filet, and definitely some collard greens.   

Yarumba Restaurant & Lounge

4740 NW 167th St, Miami Gardens, FL 33014
Phone: 305-622-9700
Visit Website

Now, it’s time for a bit of Dominican flair, and the best place to go for that is Yarumba Restaurant & Lounge.

This Dominican restaurant has all the greatest traditonal Dominican dishes that will blow you away. 

You can find Yarumba Restaruant & Lounge off of Northwest 16th Street, just west of BrandsMart USA. 

When you get here, I highly recommend some type of seafood. They have a dish called Fruits of the Sea that comes with garlic, crab, shrimp, and lobster all in one amazing dish. That’s always a home run, but the menu has tons of other great choices too. 

Lovelys On The Go

1806 NW 183rd St, Miami Gardens, FL 33056
Phone: 305-621-7977
Visit Website

Lovelys On The Go is the next place I want to talk about and you’ll see why very shortly. This restaurant is amazing and I think you’re going to love it just as much as I do if you’re into delicious seafood. 

This place serves up delicacies that you wouldn’t believe. I absolutely love their fried lobster and waffles.

I know it sounds strange at first, but it’s truly a masterpiece. They also have all kinds of salads and other entrees too, but that one is my favorite. 

Check out Lovelys on Northwest 183rd Street near Rolling Oaks Park. 


17321 NW 7th Ave, Miami Gardens, FL 33169
Phone: 305-357-6151
Visit Website

Topgold is a sensational new restaurant that is sweeping the nation, and Miami Gardens is lucky enough to host one of their locations. Topgolf is basically a restaurant where you can hit golf balls from their high-tech driving range. 

This place is endless fun, especially with a group of friends. The food is splendid as well. I usually go for one of their signature cocktails like a Topgolf Tea or a Templeton Rye Sour to get things started. 

For food, I recommend coming here for brunch because they have such a great selection of breakfast and lunch dishes. 

Crab Garden

17207 NW 27th Ave, Miami Gardens, FL 33056
Phone: 305-474-4333
Visit Website

When you’re this close to the Atlantic Ocean, you may as well fully indulge in the seafood scene, if you ask me. If that’s your thought process as well, you’ll want to head on down to Crab Garden next. 

This place is a lowkey gem that doesn’t get as much recognition as it deserves, I think. Crab Garden serves up everything a shellfish fanatic could ever want.

Whether you want crab, lobster, shrimp, or any other treasure of the sea, Crab Garden has you covered. 

Check them out in the Dolphin Plaza shopping mall, right next to the Winn-Dixie.

Romo’s Place Restaurant

13300 NW 42nd Ave Bay 2, Opa-locka, FL 33054
Phone: 305-722-0272
Visit Website

Romo’s Place Restaurant is the place to be when you’re in the mood for good wine, great Italian food, and a relaxing atmosphere. This place is great for a romantic night out as well. 

What I love the most about Romo’s Place is that not only can you get all the classic Italian fare that you know and love like chicken parmesan and lasagna, but also you can order a fantastic pizza. 

Definitely look for Romo’s Place off of Northwest 42nd Avenue and North Le Jeune Road, just south of the Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport.

Young’s Jamaican Restaurant

17325 NW 27th Ave #104, Miami Gardens
Phone: 305-928-0558

You can never have too much delicious Jamaican food. At least, that’s how I feel. If you share my disposition, then you’ll love this next restaurant I have listed here. 

Young’s Jamaican Restaurant is phenomenal in every way. My favorite thing to order from here is the jerk chicken, of course, but that’s just one of the many amazing things they serve. 

Look for Young’s Jamaican Restaurant off of Northwest 27th Avenue in the Clear View Center shopping plaza, just a little ways south of the Gardens Promenade shopping mall. You won’t be sorry when you pay them a visit. 

World Famous Miami Gardens

19401 NW 27th Ave, Miami Gardens, FL 33056
Phone: 305-760-2627
Visit Website

Laslty, I want to introduce an absolute fixture of Miami Gardens, World Famous Miami Gardens. This is the ultimate destination for wings in the city, it’s not even a competition. 

World Famous Miami Gardens has all the wings you can handle and that goes double for the tasty sauces.

You even order 100 wings for under $100 with sauce options like lemon pepper, honey garlic, henney glazed, garlic parmesan, asian sweet spice, and many more. 

Save room for dessert, though. World Famous Miami Gardens has cakes that will blow your mind. My favorite is the Red Velvet Dream Cake, but the 7UP Iced Pound Cake is also incredible. 

Final Thoughts

Miami Gardens is a city that many people may not think much of, considering it often gets overshadowed by larger surrounding cities like Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood, but I think I’ve done more than enough to prove that it can hold its own when it comes to the restaurant scene.

Hopefully, my guide will point you in the right direction for your next meal out in the area. 

Did we leave a restaurant out of this list? Make sure you leave us a comment and we’ll check it out!

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