Dutch Bros Unveils New Poppin’ Boba Drinks

Dutch Bros, the beloved coffee chain known for its innovative and flavorful drinks, has just unveiled an exciting addition to its menu: Poppin’ Boba drinks! Available at all 850+ Dutch Bros locations nationwide, these tantalizing beverages are sure to add a pop of flavor to your day.

Dutch Bros Poppin Boba Drinks

But what exactly is Poppin’ Boba? Well, imagine sipping on your favorite Dutch Bros beverage and suddenly encountering bursts of flavor with every sip. That’s exactly what Poppin’ Boba delivers! These delightful pearls of flavor can be added to any Dutch Bros drink, allowing you to customize your beverage and elevate your drinking experience.

Featuring two delectable flavors, Vanilla Honey and Strawberry, the Poppin’ Boba adds a refreshing twist to classic favorites. Whether you’re a fan of the creamy vanilla or the sweet tanginess of strawberry, there’s a Poppin’ Boba option for everyone to enjoy.

Excited to try these irresistible drinks? You’re in luck! Poppin’ Boba and the featured drinks, including Poppin’ Boba Vanilla Freeze, Poppin’ Boba Caramel Chai, Poppin’ Boba Fire Lizard Rebel, and Poppin’ Boba Lemonade, are available now at participating Dutch Bros locations nationwide. But hurry, this limited-time offer is only available until April 30, 2024.

So, whether you’re craving a creamy coffee treat, a refreshing lemonade, or an energy-boosting Rebel drink, make sure to swing by your local Dutch Bros and treat yourself to a Poppin’ Boba beverage before it’s gone. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience the pop of flavor that Poppin’ Boba brings to every sip.

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