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17 Tequila Cocktails for the Winter Season

Who says tequila is just for warm weather? These tequila drinks will keep you warm in the winter months.

Tequila isn’t just for summer cocktails and lounging at the beach. You can enjoy tequila all winter long as well.

Grapefruit cocktail, christmas winter drink

Whether you are hosting a holiday party or snowed in at home, don’t hesitate to enjoy a tequila cocktail during the colder months. Of course, you can enjoy these winter tequila cocktails at your local bar.

From wintery takes on classic margaritas to tequila-based eggnog, I’ve tested some of the best winter tequila cocktails. You’ll also find tequila versions of classics like the hot toddy and whiskey sour on our list.

Are you looking for a new cocktail to keep you warm over the holidays? Below are seventeen of our favorite winter tequila cocktails.

Final Thoughts

Tequila is drinkable year-round, especially with these winter tequila cocktail recipes to try!

Check out other wintry cocktails, like winter rum drinks or wintry gin cocktails.

17 Tequila Cocktails for the Winter Season

Grapefruit cocktail, christmas winter drink

Tequila may scream summer to many people, but there are plenty of winter tequila cocktails to warm you up in cold weather. 

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    4. Enjoy!

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