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19 Crazy Vodka Flavors to Try

Drinkers often select vodka for its smooth, neutral flavor. While the spirit has a taste of its own, it’s mild.

Bacon vodka with spicy red onion

Vodka is the tofu of the liquor world; it takes on the flavor profile of whatever it’s mixed with.

Vodka’s neutral nature makes it a perfect conduit for infusion. Distillers add a wide array of flavors to the spirit, creating unique drinking experiences.

Everyone’s had lemon or berry vodka. However, those are just the tip of the iceberg. This article explores the weirdest vodka flavors, examines what makes them unique, and whether or not they’re worth trying.

This article examines the most unusual vodka flavors ever sold. 

Bacon Vodka

Bacon vodka capitalizes on the most delicious part of the pig.

Everyone’s favorite cured breakfast meat improves everything, including spirits and cocktails.

Bacon lends vodka a salty kick. While you can buy the alcohol premade, enterprising bartenders can make their own using bacon, vodka, mason jars, and a mesh strainer. 

Loopy Vodka

Who says you can’t have cocktails for breakfast or cereal for dinner?

Loopy vodka combines the best of both worlds, infusing the spirit with a sweet Fruit Loop flavor.

Like the cereal it’s named for, Three Olives Loopy Vodka tastes like fruit as a general concept instead of one discernable flavor.

The sweet liquor makes a delicious cocktail ingredient and a pleasant sip enjoyed over ice.

PB&J Vodka

Van Gogh made some great art, and now he makes some delicious peanut butter and jelly vodka. 

The spirit provides an adult twist on a nostalgic childhood favorite.

PB&J vodka manages the impressive feat of genuinely smelling and tasting like a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich. 

The vodka goes down very easily and contributes a sweet, pleasant flavor to a wide range of dessert cocktails. 

Fresh Cut Grass Vodka

The first question many of us ask when considering fresh-cut grass vodka is simply, “why?”.

While I can’t answer that, Oddka saw an opening in the market, and they took it.

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Fresh-cut grass vodka captures the taste of a newly mown lawn. The spirit isn’t subtle at all.

The alcohol immediately hits you with a grass taste, so grab a bottle if that’s appealing to you. 

Tobacco Vodka

Ivanabitch tobacco vodka may appeal to those trying to quit smoking without assistance from the gum or a patch. 

The spirit mixes cantaloupe, cherry, and caramel in with the taste of freshly rolled tobacco cigarettes. Ivanabitch makes plain and menthol tobacco vodka. 

The spirit received largely negative reviews; however, tobacco enthusiasts may enjoy the beverage. 

Glazed Donut Vodka

360 Vodka combined two great tastes into one even better spirit.

Vodka and glazed donuts aren’t obvious friends, but the pair works well together in this unique, sweet liquor.

360 glazed donut vodka makes a solid dessert alternative for those who may not want the full caloric commitment of a cruller.

The spirit mixes into an array of cocktails, providing a sweet, vaguely vanilla flavor. 

Big Dill Vodka 

Pickles go great with grilled cheese, Reubens, and vodka.

Naked Jay Big Dill Pickle Vodka appreciates the power of a pun and the flavor of a dill pickle.

The spirit is flavorful and adds a special kick to your martini, subbing out the traditional olive juice for the taste of pickle brine. 

Smoked Salmon Vodka

Alaska takes salmon seriously, so it’s not surprising that Alaska Distillery found a way to infuse vodka with the fish taste. 

The spirit has a rich, smokey taste that lends depth to many cocktails.

A shot of smoked salmon vodka perks up a bloody mary and completes your brunch without any help from a bagel.

Bubble Gum Vodka

Bubble gum flavor has pervaded nearly every ingestible, from candy to soda to vodka.

Bubble gum vodka’s soft pink color pleases the eye first, and its sweet flavor captures the unique childhood taste of a big wad of Hubba Bubba.

A few different vodka companies make a bubble gum-flavored bottle; however, you can easily craft your own with 16 pieces of gum, a jar, and your favorite vodka. 

Buttered Popcorn Flavored Vodka

360 Vodka’s buttered popcorn-flavored vodka perfectly captures the taste of your favorite movie snack.

The spirit is salty and buttery, with a smooth finish.

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Enjoy a glass over ice during your movie night, or mix a shot of buttered popcorn-flavored vodka with caramel sauce for a delicious caramel corn cocktail. 

Hemp Seed Vodka

Highway Vodka has dedicated considerable time to perfecting its hemp seed vodka.

The distillery uses hemp seeds at every stage of the vodka-making process, ensuring every sip is rich with flavor.

Hemp seeds are a superfood, and they provide the spirit with a unique, nuanced, and earthy flavor. 

Hot Jalapeno Vodka

Jalapenos are one of the most polarizing fruit. Those who love the peppers’ spicy pucker will adore hot jalapeno vodka.

Stoli’s hot jalapeno vodka perfectly captures the Picante punch spice lovers savor.

The spirit brings the heat. Drinkers with more sensitive palates can cut the spice by mixing the vodka with pineapple or lime juice. 

Try this vodka in a spicy cocktail!

Pecan Vodka

Pecan vodka is an unusual but pleasant fall beverage, capturing the taste of your favorite pie in the beloved spirit. 

Cathead distillery makes the only pecan vodka on the market. The company uses locally sourced pecans to create its signature spirit. 

Pecan vodka is a great base for cocktails, lending a mildly sweet nuttiness to a mixed drink.

Red Fish Vodka

Redfish vodka captures the flavor of a childhood favorite gummy candy.

The spirit embodies nostalgia, tasting strongly like the Swedish fish it’s named after.

Hard Luck Candy Flavored Vodka makes the liquor sweet. The vodka tastes strongly of sweet lingonberries.

Enjoy it straight for a warm childhood memory, or use it to lend your favorite cocktail a playful kick.

Scorpion Vodka

Thailand Unique challenges the limits of our vodka expectations with scorpion vodka.

Each bottle of the spirit contains an entire Chinese armor-tail scorpion.

The arachnids are surprisingly fully edible, so brave drinkers can chow down on the scorpion once they’ve finished the bottle. 

Besides being visually stunning, the unusual ingredient lends the vodka a warm, nutty flavor.  

Tomato Vodka

Tomato vodka is the perfect ingredient for the bloody mary enthusiasts who wish they could get just a little more beta carotene in their cocktail. 

Spud Heirloom and Crop Organic both make tomato vodkas. 

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The vodka is a fruity, floral delight. Unaccompanied, tomato vodka has a light, pleasant flavor and is very refreshing on ice with a slice of cucumber. 

Wasabi Vodka

Wasabi vodka challenges a drinker’s heat tolerance.

The spirit captures the essence of the popular sushi condiment.

Wasabi vodka includes all the essential elements of the little green pile next to your avocado roll; horseradish, mustard, and just a hint of sweetness all infuse the spirit.

Tengu Sake, Azuma, and Indio all make wasabi vodkas. 

Naga Chilli Vodka

Naga chili vodka isn’t for drinkers with sensitive palates or heart conditions.

The spirit is the hottest in the world, measuring 500,000 Scovilles.

The vodka is 200 times hotter than a jalapeno, so sip with care.

Hot Enough Vodka Company makes the caliente spirit.

While drinking it alone may prove too painful, a drop of the liquor adds an interesting kick to cocktails. 

Salty Caramel Popcorn Vodka

Salty and sweet complement each other beautifully.

Oddka’s salty caramel popcorn vodka tastes like your favorite caramel corn, perfectly capturing the contrast between flavors. 

The spirit is a pleasant dessert alternative, especially when enjoyed over ice.

It also lends a delightfully sweet and complex flavor to cocktails, complementing other ingredients without overwhelming them.

Check out other caramel flavored vodkas if this interests you.

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