Topo Chico Seltzer Flavors, Reviewed

Named after the Cerro del Topo Chico mountain in Mexico, this brand has been around since the company’s creation in 1895. It originally only offered sparkling mineral water.

Can of Topo Chico Tropical Mango

After acquiring the company in 2017, Coca-Cola launched a Topo Chico hard seltzer brand in 2021. 

Topo Chico seltzer flavors include Exotic Pineapple, Tangy Lemon Lime, Tropical Mango, and Strawberry Guava.

Those flavors exist in the United States, with a few more flavors across the pond in the United Kingdom. Topo Chico also recently released its margarita line of flavors.

Our Favorite Topo Chico Seltzers 

Read on to learn about the delicious Topo Chico flavors available. 

Tropical Mango

Like all Topo Chico hard seltzer flavors, the Tropical Mango flavor has 100 calories, two grams of sugar, 4.7% alcohol by volume, and is gluten-free.

Unlike some other brands on the market, Topo Chico’s mango flavor manages to taste exactly like the fruit itself instead of being over-saturated or undetectable. 

While I love all of these flavors, in my experience, mango is the best crowd-pleaser. The flavor of this beverage is a lovely balance of juicy sweetness and tartness.

As a result, those who want something between bright Lemon Lime and sweet Strawberry Guava have the perfect flavor. 

Strawberry Guava

The Strawberry Guava Topo Chico flavor brings together sweet strawberry and complex guava.

The resulting flavor has elements of pear and pineapple. This flavor is probably the sweetest of the Topo Chico hard seltzers. However, it is still quite balanced between tardiness and sugar.

The flavor is not overly sweet or excessively boozy. Plus, fruity flavors manage to be present without being overpowering.

As a result of their ABV, a few of these hard seltzers are ideal for a chill afternoon or a fun night out. 

Exotic Pineapple

Exotic Pineapple fully captures the essence of its central fruit.

It is a delightful balance between tangy and sweet. It makes a yummy addition to a summertime mixed drink or a refreshing beverage on its own.

However you drink, you will be pleasantly surprised at just how good it is. 

I always think I am not going to enjoy this flavor, based on my experience with other pineapple hard seltzers.

However, the Topo Chico Exotic Pineapple is flavorful but not too over the top. It has the crispness of the Lemon Lime with a bit of flair. 

Tangy Lemon Lime

Tangy Lemon Lime may have the simplest flavor on this list, but it is still worth drinking.

The citrus flavors are bright but not overwhelming. This hard seltzer is somewhat reminiscent of a lemon lime soda you may have had in childhood. 

A bright and tart hard seltzer, this flavor is a delight at any event where you serve it. This flavor is another option that is great as a mixer for a cocktail or on its own.

While all of the seltzers from Topo Chico have minerals added, I find them most apparent in this flavor. They add a delightful complexity. 

Signature Margarita

I love a canned margarita for taking to the beach or a tailgate, so I was excited when Topo Chico release this flavor.

The Topo Chico Signature Margarita is still a hard seltzer and not technically a canned cocktail, but it has hints of real lime, tequila, and salt.

I really enjoyed this carbonated take on the marg.

Strawberry Hibiscus

Strawberry Hibiscus is one of the newer flavors, but it’s quickly becoming one of my favorties.

The sweet strawberries paired with hibiscus tea is not overly sweet, and there’s still a hint of lime. This flavor is in the margarita line of flavors, so it still has that classic tart flavor.

The strawberry hibiscus margarita from Topo Chico is flavorful but still light – perfect for summer sipping!

Prickly Pear

Prickly pear is a popular new drink flavor, and Topo Chico did it well.

It has flavors of pear, melon, and other fruity flavors to go along with the classic lime and tequila flavor of a margarita.

I like this flavor since it’s less common among other popular seltzer brands!

Tropical Pineapple

Tropical pineapple is a new flavor, not to be confused with their original exotic pineapple.

Since this seltzer is in the margarita line of Topo Chico hard seltzers, it’s still different from the original pineapple flavor. It has hints of lime, agave, and tequila to balance out the sweet pineapple.

I actually like this one more that the exotic pineapple!

Ranch Water

Ranch water has become a popular cocktail at bars and restaurants, and the Topo Chico Ranch Water is a great, light option.

This is a spiked sparkling water, flavored only with real lime juice, agave, and tequila flavor.

If you’re tired of overly sweet and synthetic flavored seltzers, the ranch water is a great choice!

Topo Chico Seltzer Flavors 

  1. Tropical Mango
  2. Strawberry Guava
  3. Exotic Pineapple
  4. Tangy Lemon Lime
  5. Signature Margarita
  6. Strawberry Hibiscus
  7. Prickly Pear
  8. Tropical Pineapple
  9. Ranch Water

Final Thoughts

So, the next time you are looking for a refreshing hard seltzer, look for some of these tasty Topo Chico flavors. These four flavors are typically found in variety packs.

So, you have a chance to try a range of flavors throughout the evening. You can not go wrong with any delicious Topo Chico seltzer flavors. 

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