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7 Perfect Rum Cocktails for Springtime Sipping

With warmer weather on the horizon, now is an excellent time to brush up on your drink-making skills. This list of seven spring rum cocktails is the perfect place to start!

Refreshing spring cocktail with limes

These recipes make delicious and refreshing drinks to sip by yourself or share with friends. They will certainly become crowd-pleasers at any brunch or barbecue.

We can’t fit all of the best spring cocktails into this list, but we can highlight some of the most popular rum-based drinks that feature classic springtime flavors like fresh fruit, citrus, herbs, and more.

Sip These Rum Cocktails This Spring

These spring rum cocktails are perfect for the changing seasons.

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7 Spring Rum Cocktails

7 Spring Rum Cocktails

Ring in spring weather with these spring rum cocktails! Enjoy fresh spring flavors with your favorite rum in these mixed drinks.

Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes


    1. Choose your favorite recipe.
    2. Gather the necessary ingredients.
    3. Prep and cook your recipe.
    4. Enjoy!

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Written by Brian Nagele

Brian has over 20 years experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry. As a former restaurant owner, he knows about running a food business and loves to eat and enjoy cocktails on a regular basis. He constantly travels to new cities tasting and reviewing the most popular spots.