11 Mixers for Malibu Rum That Taste Great

Among the many rum brands available on the market, Malibu is one of the most well-known. Sweet and with a taste of a coconut, this spirit is suited to any number of drinks.

Freshly made Sunset cocktail garnished with a slice of fresh orange

It serves as the base for plenty of tropical drinks, but it can also be used as a twist to freshen up recipes that have grown old and stale. 

There are endless recipes that include coconut rum like Malibu, so you might wonder what to mix with Malibu. The answer is quite a lot!

You have options, some classic and others outside of the box. Let’s get started; I’m excited to walk you through some of my favorites.


First up is Cola; I personally prefer Coke. This one is top of the list because it’s the primary ingredient for that classic two ingredient cocktail, rum and coke!

But when you add Malibu rum to the mix, you give this timeless classic a tropical and sweet twist.

Try it out this summer at a party, be adventurous.

Cranberry Juice

When you think of what to mix with Malibu, add cranberry juice to your repertoire.

Ocean Spray is my go-to when I whip up a cocktail of Malibu, cranberry juice, and pineapple.

It adds a delightfully complex and tart flavor to what could otherwise be a cloyingly sweet drink. 

Ginger Ale

Now, while delicious, ginger ale doesn’t have a reputation for being exciting or adventurous in terms of a drink.

But what about when you mix with Malibu? That’s a total game-changer.

Adding Malibu to a glass of Ginger Ale full up on ice is a tropical cocktail waiting to happen. The coconut flavor mixes divinely with the bubbly beverage.

Lemon Lime Soda

A lemon-lime soda like Sprite compliments and plays up Malibu’s sweet flavors, bringing a brightness to the spirit that might not be there.

While it can be a little sweet, I still find this the perfect drink on a hot day.

Add a whole bunch of ice and a cute straw, and you have something lovely to sip by the pool.

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Pineapple Juice

Pineapple juice and Malibu rum, a match made in heaven? Yeah, I think so.

If you’re looking for what to mix with Malibu that will dial up the tropical flavors and make you feel like you’re on the beach somewhere, there’s nothing closer to that than pineapple juice.

Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice 

A little bit of lime will go a long way when adding complexity to mixed drinks.

It brings a touch of sourness and a lot of brightness, drawing the sweetness out of Malibu and creating a perfect storm of a drink.

The trick is not to use lime juice from a bottle but freshly squeezed by your hand.

Grapefruit Juice

Sometimes grapefruit juice gets a bad reputation.

The acidity and the brass tartness of this citrus turn people off.

But if you’re willing to give it a chance, you will find that grapefruit juice plays perfectly with Malibu.

It marries the subtle sweetness of coconut and loses that harsh acidic edge.

Orange Juice 

It’s no surprise that orange juice would come up when trying to figure out what to mix with Malibu.

And the answer to that question? Yes, definitely.

Orange juice works well with Malibu; pair the two with Grenadine, pineapple, or a splash of grapefruit juice for additional complexity.

Sparkling Water 

There are too many amazing sparkling water brands to pick from, but your favorite is going to do just fine.

You can dress up your favorite sparkling water with Malibu, turning something classic into a fancy tropical spritzer with plenty of bubbles.

Squeeze a few drops of fresh lemon or lime juice to brighten it up.

Tonic Water

A rum and tonic is a well enough known combination.

But similar to rum and coke, adding rum to the right tonic will absolutely change how you view this drink.

Malibu rum will delight the senses, and if you add some pineapple or lime juice, you’ll be in business. 

Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice 

When mulling over the question of what to mix with Malibu, plenty of citrus juices come up.

But what about lemons? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to make your twisted lemonade?

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Wonder no further; use freshly squeezed lemon juice to whip up a batch of boozy lemon juice with a hint of sweet coconuts.

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