14 Popular German Cocktails You Have To Try  

While beer may rank as the most famous alcoholic beverage in Germany, German cocktails deliver fantastic flavors.

alcoholic drink and orange in ice glasses, german booze cocktail

These cocktail recipes are sure to warm up a crowd, both with their festive holiday seasonings and a hefty dose of alcohol.

These German cocktails feature traditional ingredients like apples, beer, and maple syrup.

Cultural events like Germany’s Christmas Markets provide ample opportunities for German cocktail creations to continue attracting new devotees and innovate new flavors.

This list of the best 14 German cocktails represents the full spectrum of mixed drinks beloved in Germany.

Final Thoughts

German cocktails know how to warm you up, both in their rich ingredients and potent alcohol content. But this country’s mixed drinks also feature light spritzers and refreshing cocktails.

German cocktails make the best out of local ingredients like beer, apples, and elderflower for tasty mixed drinks.

Check out famous German beers if you prefer a beer over a cocktail!

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