14 Popular Cinnamon-Flavored Spirits & Liquors

I always think of cinnamon liquors when the nights are cold and dark, and I feel like I need something to warm me up and lift my spirits. 

Cinnamon Whiskey Bourbon in a Shot Glass Ready to Drink

Cinnamon liquors are a great pick-me-up, calm-me-down, or even dial-me-up drink. They are great during fall or the holiday season, but you can happily indulge in them all year round. 

Cinnamon liquors are a great way to add a little kick to your cocktails. How about cinnamon whiskey and coke or a little cinnamon liqueur slipped into your hot chocolate

Cinnamon Spirits 

Here are 15 best cinnamon liquors guaranteed to add a little spice to your life. 

Bird Dog Hot Cinnamon Whiskey

Since 2010, Bird Dog Whiskey has been winning top honors in all consumer and industry competitions for its flavored whiskeys.

Quality matters to Bird Dog, and they are committed to crafting the complex and delicious flavors they infuse into their Kentucky bourbon whiskey. 

Bird Dog Hot Cinnamon whiskey is definitely for those looking for that initial cinnamon slap in the mouth, but that’s not all there is to it.

That hot cinnamon mellows out and lets notes of caramel and vanilla rise, leaving the glow of warming spices in its wake. I love this one for spiking my hot apple cider

Fireball Cinnamon Whisky

Fireball Cinnamon Whisky is the one with the mean-looking fire-breathing dragon on the label.

If you’ve had cinnamon liquors before, chances are, you’ve already tried Fireball.

It has quite a reputation! And if you’ve had it, you know why. It’s affordable, sweet, and tastes just like hot cinnamon candies. 

If you are not brave enough to drink a straight shot of Fireball, you can use it in other recipes where you typically find whiskey.

Add it to your eggnog for the holiday season, or slip some in your lemonade during spring or summer. 

Jeremiah Weed Cinnamon Whiskey

Jeremiah Weed has been around since the 1960s, a household name in some places, and a favorite of musicians, athletes, and NASCAR drivers. 

Jeremiah Weed Cinnamon Whiskey takes a smooth, oak-barreled aged whiskey with the zest and burn of ground cinnamon to bring a spicy heat to your shot glass or cocktail.

The woodsy and vanilla bean flavors of Jeremiah Weed balance the cinnamon whiskey and keep it from being too hot to handle. 

This cinnamon whiskey is meant to be had straight, but it is good watered down or as part of a cocktail.

I like experimenting with different juices. Cranberry, apple, or even orange are seasonal hits for me. 

Peligroso Cinnamon

In a list full of cinnamon-flavored whiskey and cinnamon liqueurs, Peligroso Cinnamon contains award-winning Peligroso tequila.

The founders Keith Ross and Bruce Beach are dedicated to creating tequila for adventurers who live by their own rules. 

This cinnamon liquor is warm with cinnamon and spicy aromatics, finishing with a sweet heat that will have you and your taste buds tingling. 

Their website suggests trying the Peligroso Cinnamon chilled with an orange slice, but it is also great as a substitute in many tequila-based cocktails.

Try it as a margarita with a cinnamon flair. I also like to pour a shot into an orange soda and stir it up with a cinnamon stick!

Check out other flavored tequilas to try!

Sinfire Cinnamon Whisky

If you’re looking for a way to let your friends know who you are, invite them for a Sinfire Cinnamon Whisky night.

Invite them to bring their favorite cinnamon-friendly treats like brownies or oatmeal cookies.

One of the reasons I love to do this is because of the unique flavor profile of Sinfire Cinnamon.

Yes, it has that hot cinnamon kick, with the heat that hangs on to you, but it also has a chocolatey depth to its flavor and the smooth whiskey darkness.

It’s excellent in a coffee or latte and could also be a good addition to a naughty and nice book club meeting. 

8 Seconds Honey-Cinnamon Whisky

8 Seconds takes its name from the length of time of a qualified bull-ride. The question this whisky asks is, can you hang on? 

I have found no problem taking the ride with 8 Seconds Honey-Cinnamon whisky.

Because they brew the whisky with a blend of natural honey and cinnamon, it carries notes of nutmeg and graham cracker.

It is a more mellow, smooth, balanced cinnamon flavor. It feels like more of a grown-up cinnamon liquor or one a foody would enjoy sipping along with a bowl of beef stew.

I also like sneaking some into a glass of root beer to go along with a steak and mushroom sandwich. 

Cannella Spirits

Cannella Spirits by Ferino Distillery is a family-owned and operated distillery in Reno that devotes itself to bringing Italian-inspired, American-made liquor to those looking for unique spirits. 

Canella Spirits is made by soaking cinnamon sticks and other spices, giving the spirits a complex, real cinnamon flavor, as opposed to the overly sweet, syrupy, or one-note flavor of other cinnamon liquors. 

It’s a great treat on the rocks, which can be nice as a little companion when cooking a family feast, but it’s also excellent as a cocktail or added to a sweet sauce for a dessert like ice cream, pie, or bread pudding. 

Chicken Cock Cinnamon Whiskey 

Chicken Cock has a long and rich history of producing whiskey in America.

They began in 1856 and were even a standard fixture in the 1920s prohibition-era speakeasies. Chicken Cock puts care, history, knowledge, and craft expertise in every bottle. 

The Chicken Cock Cinnamon Whiskey comes in a distinguished aluminum bottle, which already makes quite a statement.

This thoughtfully brewed cinnamon liquor has a cinnamon flavor balanced with wood notes and vanilla bean. 

While this whiskey won’t set you on fire like other whiskeys, that’s not always what you want.

This is the one for those who like the flavor of cinnamon without all the burn!

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire

Sometimes you want a fiery kick to your Jack and Coke. With Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire, you get that combination of warmth and heat you’re looking for.

This cinnamon liquor is a blend of cinnamon liqueur made with real cinnamon and Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7. 

This liquor starts smooth and leaves you with a blazing cinnamon spice finish. It’s also great paired with an icy cold hard cider to compliment the flavor while kicking the ouch down a notch.

If you’re looking for a more complex take on a classic, try it with cherry or vanilla-flavored soft drinks or something like Dr. Pepper. 

St. George Spiced Pear Liqueur

St. George Spirits have been operating for over 40 years. When they began in 1982, there were few distilleries in the country, and St. George pioneered the craft distillery.

The St. George Spiced Pear Liqueur is a pear brandy or eau de vie, which translates to “water of life.”

The best pears in season are chosen for this process, which extracts all the flavor and aroma of the fruit, creating a full, authentic pear flavor.

Cinnamon and cloves add a warm spice to the pear sweetness. 

Delicious on its own, in a margarita, or added to compliment cider or a delicate pear cocktail, this spiced pear liqueur is my favorite one to open when I want something spiced but not spicy, sweet but not cloying. 

Tickle’s Dynamite Cinnamon Moonshine

Moonshine is an art, a science, and a slice of history. Tickle’s Dynamite Cinnamon Moonshine from Sugarlands Distilling Co. in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, honors the craft and legacy of moonshine.

Their moonshine comes in glass jars for authenticity and fun!

This cinnamon liquor is sweeter and less spicy than cinnamon whiskey, capturing the sugary but clean taste of hot cinnamon candies. 

Tickle’s Dynamite Cinnamon Moonshine is bright red, and while the look alone will interest your guests, wait until you serve it alongside a charcuterie board of flavors, it pairs with best like pork, apples, and chocolate. 

Check out some moonshine cocktails to try with this!

Goldschlager Cinnamon Schnapps

Everyone was all about Goldschlager Cinnamon Schnapps when I was first introduced to it in college.

Not only does it have that sweet syrupy but fiery hot flavor you want in cinnamon schnapps, something halfway between youthful and sophisticated, it had a fancy flair!

Not dark or bright red like other cinnamon liquors, Goldschlager is clear with genuine flakes of gold floating around it.

Nothing cheers me up like a clear glass full of shining flakes of gold spinning in the light of my living room!

I don’t like to hide my Goldschlager, so when I mix it, I usually use a clear lemon-lime soda or unsweetened sparkling water with a cranberry or orange flavor. 

Kahlúa Cinnamon Spice

Kahlúa is my go-to coffee liqueur, so I was excited to discover the Kahlúa Cinnamon Spice cinnamon liquor.

This liquor takes inspiration from a Mexican coffee beverage, “Cafe de Olla,” made from a blend of coffee, cinnamon, and brown sugar. 

The cinnamon in Kahlúa’s Cinnamon Spice is not overpowering but gives that bright, warming spice I look for in winter beverages, something to add a touch of heat but not a full-on inferno.

It is fantastic in hot chocolate or mocha made on my home espresso machine. 

Jagermeister Spiced Liqueur

Jagermeister can be a divisive liquor to bring to the party. Made from 56 herbs, blossoms, roots, and fruits, it definitely tastes herbal.

While some people, myself included, love that flavor, others think the licorice or anise flavor tastes too bitter or medicinal. 

The Jagermeister Spiced Liqueur is a little more approachable, with cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, and saffron to add some sweet warmth to the liquor that tempers and compliments the herbal flavors. 

This is an excellent addition to holiday drinks or lonely holiday activities like wrapping presents or writing Christmas cards. 

Cinnamon Spirits 

  1. Bird Dog Hot Cinnamon Whiskey
  2. Fireball Cinnamon Whisky
  3. Jeremiah Weed Cinnamon Whiskey
  4. Peligroso Cinnamon
  5. Sinfire Cinnamon Whisky
  6. 8 Seconds Honey-Cinnamon Whisky
  7. Cannella Spirits
  8. Chicken Cock Cinnamon Whiskey 
  9. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire
  10. St. George Spiced Pear Liqueur
  11. Tickle’s Dynamite Cinnamon Moonshine
  12. Goldschlager Cinnamon Schnapps
  13. Kahlúa Cinnamon Spice
  14. Jagermeister Spiced Liqueur

Final Thougts

Try these cinnamon liquors to make some tasty cinnamon flavored cocktails!

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