11 Classic British Cocktail Recipes We Love

From carefully mixed concoctions to the simple Boilermaker, British cocktails have spread across the pond and worldwide.

Refreshing Pimms Cup Cocktail

There isn’t one defining element that makes a cocktail British, like a particular spirit or way of serving drinks. Each drink has a unique flavor profile, providing options for different tastes. 

What these drinks do share is a place of origin. These classic cocktails have been enjoyed for decades, some even longer!

Some British cocktails have been used medicinally in the past with carefully curated ingredients, while others were created spontaneously.

No matter your preference, you’ll find something you’ll enjoy on my list of the best British cocktails.

Final Thoughts

Try these essential British cocktails, or try a popular British beer if you’re more of a beer drinker.

11 Classic British Cocktail Recipes We Love

Refreshing Pimms Cup Cocktail

Whether you’re visiting the UK or just looking for a new favorite drink, check out the best British cocktail recipes to mix up. These classic British cocktails are popular for good reason.

Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes


    1. Choose your favorite recipe.
    2. Gather the necessary ingredients.
    3. Prep and cook your recipe.
    4. Enjoy!

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