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Top 10 Whiskey Stones to Use for the Perfect Chilled Drink

Enjoying a fine glass of scotch after a long day is a favorite pastime of many. However, lovers of whiskey know the struggle of trying to chill their whiskey without watering it down. An ice cube works, yet it dilutes the bold flavors of your favorite drink. 

glass of whiskey served with whiskey stones

Instead, many are turning to whiskey stones. And for those liquor lovers, finding the best whiskey stones are crucial to have the best drinking experience. 

Finding the perfect whiskey stones for you can take some time. Consider the points listed above as you search for the best whiskey stones. 

To get you started, here are 10 of the best whiskey stone sets. The list includes options in stainless steel, granite, soapstone, and other materials, so take some time to explore which one will work best for you. 

1. Kollea Chilling Whiskey Stones

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A stainless steel option, the Kollea Stainless Steel Reusable Chilling Whiskey Stones claim to have been one of the first whiskey stone sets on the market. With that longevity, they have maintained a budget-friendly price of less than $20. 

These ice cube alternatives come with tongs to complete the set. A huge perk is that they are dishwasher safe, freeing up more of your drinking time by cutting down your cleaning time. These are also great for various drinks, including vodka, white wine, and the obvious whiskey. 

With a 45-day money-back guarantee and a two-year warranty, you really can’t go wrong with these whiskey stones. They are a great starter set for the drinker looking to try out this new trend. 

2. Teroforma CLASSIC Whiskey Stones

product shot of teroforma classic whiskey stones

Teroforma’s CLASSIC Whiskey Stones soapstone option features light-gray cubes that definitely earn their right to be on the list of the best whiskey stones. Teroforma claims they are the original whiskey stone maker. They are handcrafted in one of the oldest soapstone mills in America, creating a sense of permanence and history with the brand and the product. 

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This product is another budget-friendly option, with a six-piece set costing $16 and a nine-piece set coming in at $20. They come in a carrying bag. They recommend chilling them for about four hours before use. Still, then you can enjoy your favorite adult beverage at the optimal chilled temperature. 

3. Areaware Geometric Whiskey Stones

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For the drinker who likes something a little different, we have the Areaware Geometric Whiskey Stones. Described as avant-garde, these are distinctly unique statement pieces with a purpose. The Brooklyn-based company features four silhouettes for their stones: rectangle, cylinder, sphere, and pyramid. 

Because they come in neutral shades, they’ll match any vibe your home might embody. Available in both soapstone or marble, they measure 2.75” long, 1” wide, and 2.27” high. One thing to note about your Areaware Geometric Whiskey Stones, they are hand wash only. 

4. Brotec Round Granite Stones

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Simple and sophisticated, the whiskey stones from Brotec are simple disc-shaped stones that come in a package of six. These granite stones will last you a lifetime with the proper care and use. 

One great feature is that they come with their own display tray and two coasters. So naturally, they are a complete set. All you need is the whiskey! Keep them in the freezer so they’re always ready when you need them. The company recommends that you freeze them for several hours before using them. This set is another option that you can only hand-wash. Simply rinse and air dry them after each use. 

5. Uncommon Goods On The Rocks Set

If you love everything you own to have a story, you need the Uncommon Goods On The Rocks Set. These are some of the best whiskey stones because they are made from hand-collected stones collected along New England’s beaches. They also use recycled materials in their manufacturing. 

Measuring a 1.5” diameter, these stone discs come with their own wooden tray, as well as two tumblers, perfect for the drinker looking to expand their glassware collection along the way. A favorite feature for many is that each stone is completely unique due to the handmade and recycled nature of the rocks. 

6. Balls of Steel Whiskey Stones

When speaking about the best whiskey stones, no list is complete without mentioning the whiskey stones from Balls of Steel. These are some of the highest-quality stainless steel whiskey stones on the market. They claim to be able to keep your drink cold for up to one hour, and you only need to freeze them for about an hour and a half. 

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At 3.2 oz and starting at $30, these whiskey stones don’t just contribute to your perfect end-of-the-day wind-down routine. They also support a great cause. With each purchase, some of the profits go towards cancer research. So, not only are you fighting a warm drink but buying this product means you’re also fighting cancer. 

7. Teroforma MAX Large Whiskey Stones

a picture of teroforma max large whiskey stones

The most significant difference between the Teroforma MAX Large Whiskey Stones and the Teroforma CLASSIC Whiskey Stones is the size. As the name would suggest, the Teroforma MAX Large Whiskey Stones are big. These are 1-⅜” cubes, coming in sets of two. 

Because they are larger, they should, in theory, chill your drink more and faster. At $22, these are another budget-friendly option if you’re thinking about trying whiskey stones and want the most bang for your buck. 

8. Amerigo Stainless Steel Whiskey Stones

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Another stainless steel option is the Amerigo Stainless Steel Whiskey Stones. Embodying simple elegance with the impact of cooling technology, Amerigo Stainless Steel Whiskey Stones feature rounded edges. That means no more scratches on your favorite glasses. 

The Amerigo Stainless Steel Whiskey Stones set comes with two coasters, tongs, and a freezing tray. With everything you need for a great drink, you won’t regret your purchase. 

9. Rabbit Whiskey and Beverage Chilling Stones

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Rabbit Whiskey and Beverage is a trusted name you should know when it comes to the best whiskey stones on the market. Their 1.5” cubes are large, able to chill your drink in seconds. Though they are ideal in rocks glasses, they will work in any tumbler so that you can enjoy your favorite adult beverage anytime. 

They come in their own storage case, and the best part is they are dishwasher safe—no more spending time at the sink rinsing and washing when you simply want to relax. If you are gifting these whiskey stones to someone, consider the custom engraving option, as well, for a special touch. 

10. Eliska Whiskey Cubes

Do you love the best? Then you need the Eliska Whiskey Cubes. These smokey gray cubes, made from locally sourced Brazilian quartz, will be the stunning conversation piece your bar cart needs. Hand-sculpted and exuding a sense of luxury, these are the whiskey stones your friends will notice. 

Simply chill the Eliska Whiskey Cubes for about four hours before using them. Then, handwash the stones by thoroughly rinsing and air drying. If you already know you love whiskey stones and want to upgrade your set, the Eliska Whiskey Cubes are for you. 

What Are Whiskey Stones?

Simply put, whiskey stones are an alternative to ice, usually shaped as cubes or spheres. You can typically find them in stainless steel, soapstone, and sometimes granite options. 

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Do Whiskey Stones Work?

One of the significant benefits of whiskey stones is that they won’t melt. This way, you never have to worry about your drink becoming watery when you chill it with a whiskey stone. Though there is a big question on the minds of many who consider them: do they actually work?

The simple answer is yes! However, lower-quality ones don’t work well and won’t sustain the chill for long. That being said, some top-notch products can bring the temperature of your drink down by as much as 52° Fahrenheit. 

They work through a transfer of heat. It’s simple chemistry – the whiskey stones will absorb the warmth of your drink through the chemical transfer of heat. The cooling period is shorter because they don’t melt like ice. This quicker process is especially true when talking about granite or soapstone whiskey stones. 

What Material Is Best?

Typically, the best cooling happens with stainless steel balls. Still, their cooling process does take some time, so don’t expect an instantaneously chilled drink. Even though the stainless steel material works well to drastically lower the temperature, you risk having a slight metallic taste in your whiskey. 

Soapstone and granite won’t lower the temperature as much as stainless steel whiskey stones, but they will cool it faster. They also provide a particular aesthetic and ruggedness that draw many in. The other important factor is that they are non-porous, meaning flavors of your drinks can’t find their way in, and the aroma won’t adhere to them. 

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