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Our Top 10 Vodka Brands for Shots 

Every drinker has a strong opinion on vodka. Many people either love it or hate it with no in-between.

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There are tons of different vodka brands, so it’s unfair to judge this liquor all at once without giving a variety of vodka types a chance.

Additionally, vodkas have specialties. Some vodkas are better for mixing (especially flavored ones), others are best for sipping (only if they are the highest quality), and others still are best suited for taking shots.

Here is a list of the best vodka for shots so you know what to grab at your next party.

Try taking shots with these smooth vodkas. We found vodka at different price points, so anyone can indulge in a shot!

Grey Goose VX

Grey Goose VX is a great vodka for shots because of its nuanced flavor.

It has a smooth taste that goes down easily and packs an impressive punch that sends tingles down your spine.

Grey Goose VX is best enjoyed on its own as a shot, but if you’re looking for something more unique, I recommend chasing it with a bottle of ginger beer. 


You can always count on Belvedere to get the party started and make it last!

Because of its highly agreeable non-taste, Belvedere is a great vodka to take in a shot.

It is smooth, almost tasteless, and doesn’t leave an unpleasant aftertaste like other brands.

Not to mention, it’s created in the oldest vodka distillery in the world!

Russian Standard

Russian Standard is one of the most popular brands of vodka for shots.

This Russian vodka has a slightly sweet taste that makes it great for taking straight as a shot.

It is smooth and easy to drink, even at its higher proof. 

Tito’s Handmade Vodka

Tito’s is an American classic. This Austin-born vodka is made from corn and has a subtly sweet taste that creates the perfect balance when taken as a shot.

In addition to taking shots, I like to mix Tito’s Handmade Vodka, especially with ice-cold lemonade, to complement its subtle sweetness. 

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Hangar 1

Hangar 1 is an excellent vodka if you’re looking for something slightly higher in proof than Grey Goose VX or Belvedere.

It is distilled in California, and the brand offers straight vodka along with many unique and delightful flavors.

I like to follow my Hangar 1 shots with an easygoing sip of club soda or Sprite.

Hanson of Sonoma

Hanson of Sonoma is a vodka brand that prioritizes using organic ingredients.

Their meticulously crafted small batches make for some high-quality nights.

This level of quality in a vodka shot also decreases the chance of a hangover, so I always go for it when I’m taking more than one shot a night.

Aermoor Vodka

Aermoor is a small batch of vodka that distills from rye, wheat, and barley.

It has a smooth taste with a hint of sweetness that is perfect for taking as a shot.

I like to chase Aermoor Vodka shots with iced tea, as it’s the perfect combination of sweet and refreshing.

Prairie Organic Vodka 

Prairie Organic Vodka is a great choice for vodka shots because the company makes it organic in the United States.

GMO-free corn is the source of this perfectly distilled liquor, making it rich and smooth, which I enjoy taking a shot of before heading out to town.

Kirkland French Vodka

Kirkland French Vodka is the best vodka for shots if you’re looking for a quality product at an affordable price.

Costco created this vodka to rival Grey Goose, and it does not disappoint!

If you’re looking for a vodka that won’t cost an arm and a leg, Kirkland French Vodka is your drink of choice. 

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Absolut is one of the most iconic and recognizable vodkas on the market.

It has a smooth and clean taste that goes down easy and is perfect for taking as a shot.

I like to enjoy an Absolut shot with a splash of cranberry or orange juice.

Check out our favorite Absolut flavors if you like this brand!

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