8 Popular Tonic Water Brands To Use

Tonic water is a popular drink known to fight malaria in the past. Its popularity has continuously grown as its benefits and uses expand.

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The carbonated drink is typically combined with sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and quinine.

The quinine ingredient is sourced from cinchona tree bark and gives tonic water its bitter taste. This ingredient is also the key component to its possible health benefits.

Many believe tonic water to be useful for restless leg syndrome and leg cramps. Many drink the hydrating water alone or as a mixer for cocktails. It is a key mixer for a classic gin and tonic.

Some are bitter, some are sweet, and a few are sour. 

Whether you prefer tonic water on its own or as a mixer, I found these are the best tonic waters you will want to add to your list.  

Schweppes Tonic Water

Schweppes Tonic Water is the world’s original soft drink and has been around since 1783. It has garnered a long history due to its originality and great taste.

There are two flavors of tonic water – regular and zero sugar. The diet version has no calories, fat, carbohydrates, and protein, and has 105g of sodium.

It is smooth-tasting tonic water that can be served on its own or as a mixer. You can mix it up with citric juices such as orange, pineapple, and cranberry to enhance the flavor of the citrus carbonated drink.

For a cocktail, serve a glass of Schweppes tonic water with 1.5 oz of dry gin for a drink your guests will love.

Canada Dry Tonic Water

Canada Dry Tonic Water is the best option for anyone who enjoys tonic water on its own.

This tonic water is sweeter than others and is preferred solo. It is not too bitter or too sweet.

It is the perfect combination of bitter and sweet.

You can keep it simple and pour the tonic water into a glass of ice and add a slice of lemon for a refreshing drink.

Boylan Heritage Tonic

Sweet, bitter, and sour. Boylan Heritage tonic offers a unique taste with orange extracts added to the lemon and key lime flavor of tonic water.

The pairings with Boylan Heritage tonic water are more versatile. You can mix it up with gin, bourbon, or vodka for your preferred cocktail.

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It is great on its own, but it is even better mixed with a contemporary gin.

Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water

Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water is one of the best tonic waters. It is high-quality, unique-tasting tonic water that greatly differs from most tonic waters.

This tonic water is a blend of essential oils from herbs from the Mediterranean shores and the quinine is sourced from the ‘fever trees’ of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Elderberry, rosemary, and lemon thyme are added for a subtle, lighter, more fragrant tonic.

I mixed up ¾ cup of Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic water with ¼ cup of gin, topped it off with a slice of lime and this tonic water instantly became one of my top favorites.

Anyone who gives Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water a try will be hesitant to have any other tonic water.

East Imperial Old World Tonic Water

East Imperial Old World offers one of the most authentic tonic waters.

All key ingredients are natural and sourced from Asia. Unlike most tonic waters, there are no artificial colors or preservatives.

The ingredients in East Imperial Old World tonic water are New Zealand Spring Water, natural cane sugar, natural flavors from herbs & extracts, and an acidity regulator (citric acid).

Its natural ingredients provide a high-quality and healthier option with only 20 calories per 100ml.

This drink is known to pair well with anything or nothing at all. I first sipped on it alone, then mixed it up with gin and it was one of the best tonics I have ever tried.

Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. The Tonic Trio

For a variety of richer and bitter mixers, Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. Tonic is the choice.

The tonic trio comes in three different expressions – Classic Tonic, Elderflower Tonic, and Extra Bitter Tonic.

This set is convenient and perfect for those who like to mix up their flavors.

The elderflower tonic pairs best with tequila and dark spirits and the Extra Bitter Tonic is best for the classic Gin & Tonic.

My personal favorite is the Elderflower Tonic. It is an unusual flavor that thrilled my tastebuds with its herbal infusion.

Q Mixers Light Tonic Water

Another great option for a guilt-free tonic is Q Mixers Light tonic water.

With only 20 calories, this carbonated drink does not sacrifice quality taste to reduce calories or sugar intake.

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Its natural ingredients are carbonated water, organic agave, citric acid, ginger extract, chili pepper extracts, coriander, and cardamom. There are no artificial flavors added to this tonic water.

Q Mixers Light Tonic Water adds a subtle sweetness to the tonic flavor. You can enjoy a cocktail with gin, vodka, rum, or tequila.

Whether you prefer your tonic water alone or as a mixer, you don’t have to trade in a regular tonic for diet when it comes to Q Mixers Light tonic water.

Top Note Classic Tonic Water

Do you like your tonic water flavorful? The Top Note Classic Tonic Water is for you.

It comes in three flavors – Lime Peel, Slight Bitter, and Balanced Sweetness.

This tonic water is preferable to many others. It is made with real cane sugar and contains less sugar than typical tonic waters.

It has the same bitterness with a note of lime zest. It can be perfectly paired with gin or vodka.

I tried the suggested Gin Sonic, a cocktail made with Japanese Roku Gin. As many said, it has an elegant flavor with the perfect balance of sweet and bitter.

Stir up 1.5 oz of Suntory Roku Gin, 2.25 oz of Top Note Club Soda No. 1, and 2.25 oz of Top Note Classic Tonic in an ice-filled glass for a clean and crisp gin and tonic.

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