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14 Best Tequila Brands to Drink

No other drink screams party quite like Tequila. Whether you are ordering drinks at the cocktail bar or having friends over, you might be on the hunt for the best tequila that money can buy. After all, you always want to impress your friends. 

best tequila brands

Tequila is great because it is a really versatile drink. You can add it to a mixer and sip it, likewise you can serve it in a shot glass alongside lime and some salt if you really want to celebrate. There are lots of different ways that you can serve this drink, and that is why so many people like to have a bottle in their liquor cabinet. 

But, sometimes you fancy something a little more special than just your standard Tequila, and that is why you might be looking for the best Tequila available. In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of 14 of the best tequilas to drink. So, to find the best one for you, keep on reading. 

Finding the ideal tequila might be difficult with so many variations available. The selections that made the cut had the richest flavors, unique characteristics, and a silky smooth finish. You’ll have to try a few of these to figure out which one you like most.

1. Clase Azul

Some people associate cost with quality. So, something that costs a lot of money must automatically be very good. If you are one of these people, then Claze Azul is the perfect Tequila for you, because it is expensive

All you have to do is look at a bottle of Clase Azul to see that it screams rich. It comes in a very expensive looking bottle, and when you sip it, you will realize that it tastes expensive too. When you find out the price, you will realize that this is because Clase Azul is expensive, with the cheapest bottles costing more than $100 each. The most expensive bottles of this tequila can cost up to $30,000.

This tequila has an alcoholic percentage of 40%, but with its cost, it is likely that this is a tequila that you will want to sip. It is expensive, and a lot of people will not justify spending this much money on alcohol. But, sometimes the more expensive options are the best. So, if you want the best tequila, this is the one to try. 

2. Don Julio 1942

Another luxurious choice when it comes to tequila is Don Julio 1942. This tequila is expensive because it is not produced in bulk. Instead, Don Julio 1942 is hand-produced in small batches, to ensure that every single bottle is special. 

Just like with Clase Azul, Don Julio 1942 looks rich from your very first glance at it. It comes in a decadent bottle, and it tastes outstanding. The special thing about Don Julio 1942 is that it is aged for a minimum of 2 years. This ensures that the flavor will be strong, and that it will always taste out of this world. 

Don Julio 1942 has a slightly lower alcoholic percentage than Clase Azul, with just 38% ABV within a bottle. This is partly what makes it slightly cheaper. Generally speaking, Don Julio 1942 costs between $60-100 per bottle, so it is still a pricey tequila, but it is a lot more affordable than the last option which we looked at. So, if you want an expensive drink, but don’t want to break the bank entirely, this is the drink to buy.  

3. Patron Reposado

If you drink tequila regularly, then you have probably heard of Patron. Patron tequila is undoubtedly one of the most famous manufacturers of this drink, and they are one of the most popular brands too.

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If you want to drink a lot of tequila, then Patron Reposado is not the best choice for you, and that is because it is sold in small bottles. A lot of the time, when you drink tequila, you drink it to get drunk. But, Patron Reposado is designed to be enjoyed. You shouldn’t drink this tequila in large amounts, instead you should have a single glass and drink it to enjoy it. 

Patron Reposado is actually one of the more alcoholic tequila options on this list, this is because it has an ABV of 42%. Everything in Patron Reposado from the alcohol itself, to the bottle and the stopper is hand-crafted, and this makes this drink very special. But, as is often the case, for top quality, you have to pay the price, So, you shouldn’t expect Patron Repasado to be a cheap option. 

4. Casamigos Anejo

Another great tequila for sipping is Casamigos Anejo. Just like the other options that we have looked at, this is a pricey option, but you are paying for top-quality tequila. So, it is definitely worth it. 

Casamigos Anejo is produced in small batches, and this is part of the reason it costs so much money. Compared to some of the other options we have looked at, this tequila is actually pretty reasonable in price. But when compared to most grocery store tequilas, it is on a whole other level. However, this is not a tequila that you want to throw back in shot glasses. This is a tequila that you should sip. 

This is a premium tequila, and that is primarily because the company was founded by George Clooney and Rande Gerber. From the bottle, you might not expect this tequila to be expensive, instead you might expect it to be organic. But the simplistic design of this tequila, and the fact that it has George Clooney’s signature on the bottle, means that it is actually rather expensive. But, for this award-winning tequila, it is definitely worth it. 

5. Milagro Reposado

Just by looking at the bottle of Milagro Reposado, you will be able to see that it is not on the same level as the other tequilas we have looked at. At least not in terms of cost. But, in terms of flavor, Milagro Reposado is right up there.

The best thing about Milagro Reposado is that it tastes outstanding, but does not carry the cost normally associated with tequilas that taste this good. Instead, Milagro Reposado offers outstanding flavor, while costing the same as any regular grocery store tequila. So for less than $30, you can get a bottle of tequila that tastes just as good as one that costs hundreds of dollars. 

The main reason why Milagro Repasado doesn’t cost too much is because the aging process is a lot shorter than the aging process for some of the other tequilas we have looked at. A shorter aging process means that the tequila can be sold quicker, and so the company can afford to charge less. The great thing about a tequila that costs this price is that you can enjoy it in many ways, sip it or throw it back as a shot, and it is guaranteed to taste great.  

6. Espolon Reposado

Next up, we would recommend giving Espolon Repasado a try. This tequila is a little different to the others we have looked at so far, and that isn’t because of the cost, instead it is because of the flavor. 

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Espolon Reposado is a unique tequila because it is flavored to taste like caramel. Alongside a strong caramel flavor, you will find light undertones of chocolate, and this creates a tequila that tastes unlike any other. This caramel flavor is reflected in the color of this tequila. Unlike most tequilas which are clear in appearance, this tequila has a golden hue to it, just like the color of caramel. 

Just like Milagro Repasado, Espolon Reposado is also relatively affordable for most people. It costs between $20/30 a bottle, which means that you can stock up on this tequila without breaking the bank. Some tequilas are perfect for hot summer days, but this option is just as good on cold winter days, and that is because the caramel flavor will warm you up. So, this is definitely one of the best tequilas which you have to try.  

7. Avion Anejo

Moving back up to the pricier options, next up, we would suggest giving Avion Anejo a try. This tequila is still a lot cheaper than some of the other options that we have looked at, but it does retail at around $50/60. 

Avion Anejo looks rather decadent. It has a light golden appearance, and it is just about as classy as you can get when it comes to tequila. One of the most popular things about Avion Anejo is that it has a lot of different flavors in it. Of course, agave is the strongest flavor in this drink, but you also get undertones of vanilla, leather, peach, caramel, and lots more. Every single sip of this tequila will taste different. 

The vast range of flavors found in Avion Anejo is partly caused by the aging process. Avion Anejo is aged for up to 44 months in large oak barrels before being transferred to smaller barrels and aged for a little longer. When it comes to tequila, aging is one of the most important parts of the process, so it is clear to see why Avion Anejo tastes so great. 

8. 1800 Cristalino

Nothing screams decadent quite like a crystallized bottle, and this is why 1800 Cristalino tequila looks rich from your very first impressions. With diamanté patterning and a large stopper, 1800 Cristalino looks like it should only be enjoyed as a treat. But the price says otherwise.

Despite the fact that 1800 Cristalino looks like it should be excessively expensive, it actually isn’t. It is by no means a cheap tequila, but it costs considerably less than some of the more expensive options which we have looked at. A larger bottle can cost more than $100, but it is still a lot cheaper than the thousands that you could find yourself spending on Clase Azul. 

The cost of 1800 Cristalino means that it is best served to sip. It shouldn’t be thrown back in a shot glass, you should appreciate every single sip of 1800 Cristalino, and all the great flavors that come with it. So, it is definitely one to try. 

9. Cazadores Reposado

Cazadores Reposado is something special, and it is easily one of the best tequilas that money can buy. This is partly because of the strong aroma that comes with it. A good tequila will smell great, and taste even better, and that is exactly what Cazadores Reposado does. 

This tequila has a dusty smell to it. Initially, this doesn’t sound that appealing, but it actually smells amazing. When you combine this smell with the subtle flavors (vanilla, pear, cinnamon) that make up the drink, it is outstanding. Due to the variety of flavors within this drink, every single sip tastes different, and this is what will keep you coming back for more.  Great for mixing margaritas on hot days.

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The best thing about Cazadores Reposado is how affordable it is. It costs less than $25 a bottle, and this means that you can enjoy it without breaking the bank. So, if you want an affordable tequila to enjoy when you have friends around, this is the one to buy. 

10. Casa Noble Joven

If you are having people around, then you will probably want a large bottle of tequila. But, if you are just looking to enjoy the occasional tequila at home, then a smaller bottle will easily do the job. In which case, Casa Noble Joven could be the perfect option for you. 

Some people like to collect pretty bottles, and the Casa Noble Joven bottle is the perfect one to add to your collection. It has a strong scent, and a strong flavor and this is because lots of ingredients are used in the manufacturing of this tequila. From classic agave, to added flavors like mint, citrus, and butter, there is something in this tequila for everybody. 

11. Herradura Reposado

Alternatively, if you want to drink a tequila that has a bit more history, then we would recommend Herradura Reposado. This tequila first launched in 1974, and it is clear to see why it is still popular today. 

Herradura Reposado is something special because it is aged for 11 months in oak barrels. This means that the oak of the barrel is infused into the flavor of the tequila, giving it a truly multidimensional taste. Herradura Reposado is affordable, but it looks and tastes expensive, and this is part of what makes it so popular. After all, this is an award-winning tequila, so it is definitely one to try! 

12. Azunia

Tequila is often viewed as a drink to enjoy on its own. But, if you want to enjoy your tequila alongside a meal, then Azunia is the perfect choice for you. We say this for so many reasons. 

Azunia does not produce just one type of tequila, instead they produce a variety of tequilas, all of which are designed to be drunk alongside meals. Their tequilas are designed to be packed with different flavors, and this is why they can so easily be paired with different foods. Azunia is authentic and delicious, and that is why it is one of the best tequilas that money can buy.  

13. Roca Patron

We’ve already spoken about one type of tequila produced by Patron, so we don’t really need to say much about this brand. Simply because we have already told you how great this company is. 

Roca Patron is another great product of theirs. It is produced in small batches, and because of this, the company is able to pay lots of attention to detail. This is probably why this tequila tastes so great. But the great thing about this tequila isn’t just the taste, it is everything about it. Roca Patron is a great all-round tequila, and that is why it is one of the best available. 

14. Tanteo 

Finally, let’s wrap this up with Tanteo tequila. Let’s wrap this up with this tequila because Tanteo is unconventional to say the least, and that’s what makes it so great.

If you are a big fan of tequila, then you have probably tried a lot of different makes. For this reason, you are probably looking for something a little different, and Tanteo is perfect for this purpose. It is a relatively new brand, and this means that they are innovative.

This innovation is mainly displayed through the wide variety of unique flavors of tequila that they make. From spicy flavors to chocolate flavors, there are lots of different options available from Tanteo. So you simply have to try them.  


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