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11 Popular Svedka Vodka Flavors to Try

Most people assume that the best vodka comes from Russia because, let’s face it, they’re known for excellent vodka. Svedka is a Swedish vodka company that launched its first product in 1998, making them a little newer to the spirits industry.

SVEDKA Vodka rainbow portfolio

But Sweden has been perfecting vodka for centuries. 

Even though Svedka came onto the spirit scene later than some other prominent vodka brands doesn’t mean they’re not a popular choice for vodka drinkers.

This 80-proof vodka brand is known for its unique and delicious flavors and brightly colored, eye-catching bottles. 

Best Svedka Flavors

Whether you’re looking for a new cocktail to try, a gift for someone’s housewarming, or whatever other reason, you can’t go wrong with any of the best Svedka flavors. 

SVEDKA Cucumber Lime

Not everyone is a huge fan of cucumber, but even those who don’t like cucumbers or cucumber-flavored things will love the Svedka cucumber lime vodka.

You’ll be able to spot this product on the shelves thanks to the bottle’s dark and bright green shades. 

The cucumber lime vodka is the perfect summer vodka because it’s refreshing and light. The lime isn’t overpowering, which is excellent because the vodka isn’t too tart.

My favorite way to enjoy this vodka is with some soda water, lime juice, and plenty of ice. It’s a great vodka cocktail to sip on and allows the vodka to be the highlight of the drink. 


I can’t talk about Svedka without mentioning their classic vodka. This product is what put Svedka on the map in the spirit industry.

Their classic vodka is 80-proof, and as far as affordable vodkas go, it’s incredibly smooth to drink. Some people even enjoy sipping in on the rocks; it’s that smooth. 

While flavored vodkas are a little more fun, classic vodka is versatile. That’s why I love this one so much.

Mix it with your favorite soda, juice, or anything you want, and it will taste delicious.

This is a classic flavor or non-flavor, but it is a must-try when looking for a new vodka to add to your home bar or try at a restaurant.


Another one of Svedka’s best vodka flavors is its citron flavor.

The bottle is bright yellow and features a crisp lemon and lime flavor.

I love this vodka because while it has everything you’d expect from a lemon-lime flavored product, it has a subtle sweetness that helps round it out. 

The sweetness comes from the small addition of pineapple and clementine flavors. It’s a great summer vodka, but you can enjoy it whenever you want.

I love it mixed with a little bit of Sprite or on the rocks with ice. It’s even great in any flavor of lemonade. 

SVEDKA Raspberry

A classic vodka flavor that many companies produce is raspberry.

Svedka’s raspberry vodka is one of my favorites because there’s just something tasty about a good raspberry vodka.

I appreciate how simple this vodka is and that it lets raspberry be the star of the show without any additional flavors tossed in.

While some Svedka flavors are great to drink on the rocks, I think this one is best for mixed drinks and cocktails.

You can add it to something simple like Coke or Pepsi to great an alcoholic raspberry Coke or Pepsi. It’s even great if you want to make a chocolate raspberry martini. 

SVEDKA Strawberry Lemonade

Svedka is known for blending flavors into their vodka flavors, and this strawberry lemonade vodka is one of their best-sellers.

Even with the natural tartness of the lemonade flavor, it has a sweetness that makes it an incredibly easy vodka flavor to drink, whether on the rocks or as a cocktail. 

There are so many things you can do with this vodka, which is why it’s one of the best, besides the tasty flavor.

If you’re a fan of cosmopolitans, then you’ll love using this vodka instead for a strawberry lemonade cosmopolitan martini.

You don’t need to make anything fancy to enjoy this, though. It’s excellent in Sprite or with some soda water too.  

SVEDKA Blue Raspberry

Anything blue raspberry flavored reminds me of childhood, so the fact that Svedka has a blue raspberry vodka was music to my ears.

You’ll be able to spot the bottle on the shelves easily, thanks to the bright blue and pink colors on the bottle. 

Some people like to enjoy this vodka flavor on the rocks, but personally, I think mixing it in a cocktail is best.

It tastes excellent with Sprite, soda water, and other sodas, but if you want to try something delicious, you can make it like a mojito.

Just use the blue raspberry vodka instead of rum. It’s even better topped with fresh blueberries and raspberries.

SVEDKA Clementine Flavored Vodka

With dozens of delicious vodka flavors, it’s hard to narrow down which ones are the best, but the Svedka clementine-flavored vodka was one of their best.

Unfortunately, this flavor is discontinued and not sold in stores anymore. So, savor every last drop if you have a bottle of this. 

The clementine vodka was sweeter than some of the other orange vodkas on the market, which is why it was so popular.

It didn’t have that bite you get in the back of your throat with tart vodkas. It was delicious on the rocks and with any fruit juices.

With so many people disappointed that the flavor is discontinued, who knows, maybe it will make a comeback. 

SVEDKA Mango Pineapple

Mango and pineapple are two fruits that pair together beautifully, so it’s no surprise that Svedka capitalized on this flavor combination.

Svedka’s mango pineapple vodka makes you feel like you’re sipping a tropical cocktail on a beach far, far away, even if you’re at your pool at home or a bar down the street. 

This is one of those vodkas that you can chill in the freezer, pour over some ice and enjoy the smoothness.

If you’re not the type to enjoy vodka on the rocks, the cocktail options with this vodka are almost limitless.

Svedka has a cocktail called a water lily that features this vodka with elderflower liqueur, lime juice, and simple syrup that’s heavenly. 


Peach vodka is lovely because it goes with almost everything.

You can add it to juices like orange juice, pineapple juice, grapefruit just, and more, or add it to your favorite soda for a refreshing twist.

I love Svedka’s peach vodka because the peach flavor is tasty but not overpowering.

I love using it to make a version of a peach bellini. You can mix a bit of the peach vodka into the peach nectar before adding it to the processo for a unique take on a bellini.

A great refreshing way to drink Svedka’s peach vodka is with some soda water, lime juice, and fresh peaches inside.

SVEDKA Pure Infusions Strawberry Guava

Vodka infusions are newer concepts on the market compared to traditionally flavored vodkas, but Svedka’s pure infusions of strawberry guava need to be on your list of vodkas to try.

If you enjoy flavored vodkas but don’t want the fruit or other flavor to overpower the classic vodka taste, then you’ll love this. 

The strawberry and guava flavors in this vodka are subtle, making it perfect for mixing into juices and not turning out too sweet.

I recommend trying this vodka infusion with soda water and lime juice for a refreshing taste. If you don’t like soda water, it’s also great in almost all sodas. 


Last but definitely not least, we have Sveda’s Rose vodka.

Rose is a unique flavor because it’s vodka, but it has 5% rose wine. Rose wine gives it that beautiful light pink shade that you can spot it quickly when you head down the vodka aisle in your liquor store.

The flavor profile in this vodka features hints of pineapple and strawberry. 

Putting it in the fridge to chill before serving is ideal. Since it has that small amount of wine, sipping it on the rocks is typical.

You can mix it with whatever you like, though. The subtle strawberry and pineapple notes make it perfect in orange juice, Sprite, soda water, and other colas.

Best Svedka Flavors

  1. Cucumber Lime
  2. Vodka
  3. Citron
  4. Raspberry
  5. Strawberry Lemonade
  6. Blue Raspberry
  7. Clementine Flavored Vodka
  8. Mango Pineapple
  9. Peach
  10. Pure Infusions Strawberry Guava
  11. Rosé

Final Thoughts

There are dozens of vodka flavors out there from several brands. But these from Svedka have to be some of the best available.

While they feature classic flavors like blue raspberry, peach, and citrus, they also have unique flavors that other vodka brands haven’t yet created. 

Whenever the occasion strikes, these Svedka vodka flavors will make delicious cocktails and are sure to impress anyone you’re serving them to.

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