The Best Smirnoff Ice Flavors To Try 

Smirnoff Ice is a product from the vodka company Smirnoff. These ready-to-drink malt beverages are perfect for parties.

Smirnoff Ice Original and Screwdriver

Full of flavor, they’re a staple of cookouts and kickbacks. With over two dozen varieties currently available, there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy a Smirnoff Ice.

Determining the best Smirnoff Ice flavors means taking into account their flavor profile on their own.

However, some of the varieties that didn’t make this list take on new dimensions and should then be used in mixed drinks.

Should your favorite have not made the list, understand that this list is based on popularity.

Smirnoff Ice Flavors

Check out the most popular flavors of Smirnoff Ice to sip on, or to ice your friends with.


The original Smirnoff Ice is a delightful lemon lime fusion that epitomizes refreshment.

Crisp and delicious, Original Smirnoff Ice has been the fan favorite of the lineup for decades, despite the constant innovation of new flavors by the brand.

To understand the loyalty fans have to this citrusy malt, you’ll have to try it for yourself.

Personally, I like to sub in Original Smirnoff for mixed drinks that usually employ a lemon-lime soda. This adds an extra punch to boozy treats that can’t be beaten.


Crisp and dry, this malt has all the markings of a mature beverage while still delivering on sweet fun.

Raspberry Smirnoff Ice has an arid taste to it that makes this simple fizzy malt feel as decadent as any mixed drink on a penthouse balcony.

Pair with hard lemonade for a boozy treat.


If mimosas are for mornings and screwdrivers are for evenings, this imitation is for a late afternoon refreshment.

Screwdriver Smirnoff Ice serves up that orange taste that’s so easy to crave.

Fizzy and bursting with citrus, Screwdriver Smirnoff Ice is a great way to enjoy the sensation of a Screwdriver without the vodka hangover.

Pink Lemonade

This pink lemonade blend features sour lemon, tart raspberry, and sweet strawberries for the perfect trifecta of flavors for a picnic or sporting event.

Pretty in pink, Pink Lemonade Smirnoff is fizzy summer in a bottle. Use Pink Lemonade Smirnoff Ice in sangrias to create a uniquely tart flavor profile.

Black Cherry

Sweet tooth havers rejoice. Black Cherry Smirnoff Ice features the signature sultry sweetness of the fruit of its name while retaining that adult taste that makes malts so desirable.

Tangy sharpness accompanies the saccharine taste of black cherries to make this beverage balanced and delightful.

Triple Black

This crystal-clear lime malt beverage is a play on the Original variety of Smirnoff Ice.

Triple Black Smirnoff Ice is a sophisticated citrus drink guaranteed to refresh the dull palate.

Triple Black Smirnoff Ice pairs wonderfully with gin to create a mixed drink of incredible depth and character.

Red White & Berry

Patriotism has never tasted so good. Red White & Berry Smirnoff Ice impresses at every turn with a fruity, berry taste that excels at barbecues and cookouts.

Perfect for the July heat, a cooler full of Red White & Berry Smirnoff Ice is sure to fit the theme.


There’s no doubt that grape-flavored products flop more often than not.

It’s hard to nail the refreshing grape flavor without derailing into the medicinal territory.

Grape Smirnoff Ice delivers, althouhg it’s far from the most popular. Each sip is reminiscent of the childhood joys of chugging cold grape juice on a sweltering July day.

If you like grape soda, this might be the flavor for you.

Peach Bellini

Bursting with sophistication and class, Peach Bellini Smirnoff Ice is spring in a bottle.

Fizzy peach lingers on the tongue with each sip. Savoring the flavor of Peach Bellini Smirnoff Ice is easy, as each taste demands appreciation.

Pair with Rumchata to craft the perfect peaches and cream for the early days of spring.


Enjoy the salt and lime tang of a margarita with none of the tequila hangovers.

Margarita Smirnoff Ice is a tangy, tasty malt beverage with citrus bursting at every sip.

Enjoy with a lemon and lime soda to bring out the fullness of the flavor.


Nothing says summer like biting into a ripe, juicy mango.

Enjoy the taste without the mess with this fizzy and fruity Mango Smirnoff Ice.

Mango Smirnoff Ice is a great palate cleanser between heavier drinks, flushing away any bitterness with sweetness.

Try it after a shot of whiskey to maximize enjoyment.


Ready for a tropical treat? Pineapple Smirnoff Ice brings the summer heat with an acidic punch sure to wake up your fun side.

Sweetness delights the tongue as the acid of the pineapple gently stings.

Mix Pineapple Smirnoff Ice with coconut liquor for the perfect pina colada drink.


Bursting with summery berry flavor, Strawberry Smirnoff Ice is ideal for picnics and concerts.

Sweet and tangy, the strawberry taste is refreshing and delicious.

Pair Strawberry Smirnoff Ice with a homemade sangria for a festival of fruity delight.

Strawberry Smirnoff Ice also tastes great with a dash of whipped cream vodka to create berries and cream effects.

Hurricane Punch

This New Orleans classic evokes tastes of the wildest of bashes and fiestas.

Fruit punch flavor is turned up to maximum in this delicious take on the unsupervised punch bowl at prom and parties.

Sip or slam Hurricane Punch at beaches, at cookouts, or late into a summer night.

Green Apple

Green apple isn’t a common flavor in the alcoholic beverage industry.

A single sip of Green Apple Smirnoff Ice confirms why, which is that it’s hard not to go overly sweet and acidic with green apple. I prefer a hard cider over this beverage every time.

Crisp and acidic, this drink is reminiscent of autumn and pairs well with cider and pie.

Watermelon Mimosa

This brunch-ready beverage features not only deliciously summery watermelon but also hints of prosecco.

Sophisticated and sunny, Watermelon Mimosa Smirnoff Ice is the perfect early-day beverage.

This entry in the Smirnoff Ice lineup is best paired with a relaxing morning and a stomach full of orange french toast.

Final Thoughts

No matter your preference, there is a variety of Smirnoff Ice ready for you to enjoy.

These fizzy, fruity, ready-to-drink malt beverages are sure to delight and refresh while providing a gentle buzz.

Whether sipped on their own or serving as a precursor to a night of heavier fare, you’ll be glad you started with cracking open a Smirnoff Ice.

If you enjoy these drinks, check out the best Smirnoff vodka flavors to make your own cocktails with.

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