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10 Must-try Reposado Tequilas

Tequila brings up images of terrible margaritas and shots at college parties with salt and lime. It’s also the source of many claims like “I will never drink tequila again” or “bad things happen when you drink tequila.” 

reposado tequila shots with limes

Often, tequila is looked down on as a lesser liquor, yet tequila offers a complex range of flavors derived from a unique plant known as agave.

Once distilled, a blanco (white) tequila is then aged for a minimum of two months in oak barrels to create the Reposado Tequila – a complex liquor. 

A Reposado Tequila has aged anywhere from two months to eleven months. The tequila absorbs flavors and aromas from the oak barrels during that time.

The result is a unique blend of citrus from the agave plant and rich vanilla, herb, and sometimes cocoa or caramel from the barrels. When jumping into Reposado tequila, it’s best to start with an affordable bottle. 

Best Reposado Tequilas

I’ve put together a list of the top Reposados that any tequila aficionado needs to try. So, without further ado, here are the best Reposado tequilas for appreciating an excellent liquor.   

Don Julio Reposado

Don Julio carries one of the most well-known names in tequila.

The Reposado, however, has a distinct flavor that’s different from the Blanco or Anejo varieties.

This particular tequila has much more character and body, making it perfect for sipping as opposed to shots or cocktails. 

Don Julio Reposado is one of the best out there! The primary flavor is agave. As a cooked ingredient, the agave releases a sense of fruity fragrance.

Once the tequila distills, the liquor is aged in ex-bourbon barrels to provide a further infusion of complex notes like vanilla, tropical fruits, and spicy oak.  

Fortaleza Reposado

Fortaleza Reposado is a double distilled tequila using agave from the Tequila Valley.

After fermenting in open wood tanks and distilled in copper pots, the Fortaleza Reposado separates into hand-blown glass bottles for distribution.

The Fortaleza Reposado has a citrus, vanilla, apple, earth, and cinnamon flavor, thanks to American oak barrels.

This Reposado has a citrus, caramel, butter, cooked agave, and sage aroma, unique among tequilas. It’s complex and delicious. 

Casamigos Reposado

Casamigos Reposado is one of my favorite reposado tequilas.

It’s simple, clean, and aged for seven months to provide an excellent sipping experience. The flavor profile is smooth and is reminiscent of caramel flavors. 

Casamigos Reposado is popular because its flavor is relatively light.

However, it’s also quite sweet, making hardcore tequila aficionados think twice about this Reposado.

Regardless, this oak-heavy tequila is an excellent option on its own or as a base for top-shelf cocktails.  

Clase Azul Reposado 

I personally love the bottle that Clase Azule Reposado comes in. It’s a decanter style with beautiful accents hand-painted by Mexican artisans.

But the aesthetic comes at a price, as it is definitely on the higher end. As a result, it’s a special occasion only kind of tequila.

When poured, the Clase Azul Reposado is a rich golden color worth admiration and smells of rich vanilla and spice.

The Clase Azul Reposado has a rich flavor, fitting the elegant bottle, and hits the pallet with notes of cooked agave, vanilla, and spices.

It finishes with more vanilla to compliment the sweet aromas and initial sips. Sipping Clase Azul Reposado neat or on the rocks is ideal, as the complex flavors edge toward the Anejo side. 

El Tesoro Reposado

Blue Weber agave makes up the base of this Reposado, and El Tesoro has a legacy of hand-crafted tequilas.

Fruity and floral are the best ways to describe the flavor, and it carries a distinct herbal note which makes them unique. 

El Tesoro Reposado tastes as good as it smells, and those fruity flavors include mango and papaya. Then, as the taste subsides, coconut and fresh flowers wrap up the experience.

It’s complex and excellent in high-end cocktails or by itself. 

Herradura Reposado

Herradura markets its Reposado as the first Reposado tequila. Herradura Reposado doesn’t have the deep golden texture of some of the other Reposados on this list, but it’s still an excellent pour.

As with most Reposados, agave is a predominant flavor, as are caramel, vanilla, and earth notes. 

I prefer this tequila in higher-end cocktails like the La Ciudad, which uses Herradura Reposado, vermouth, chili liquor, and chocolate bitters.

Despite the complex pallet, Herradura Reposado feels rather sweet and, therefore, not as pleasant as a sipping tequila. It’s more suitable for making cocktails.

Adding this tequila to a Manhattan gives the classic drink an elegant feel. 

Roca Patrón Reposado

A standard Patron Reposado is fantastic, but taking the extra artisan step brings out the flavor in the Roca Patron Reposado.

To craft a Roca tequila, distillers use the ancient Tahona process, which involves volcanic stones to squeeze the agave liquid from the plant for use in tequila. 

One of the most complex tequilas on this list is a distinct step up from a standard Patron bottle. Hints of oak, ginger, caramel, and ginger complement a golden tequila that’s perfect on its own.

Although, it also gives a richer taste to cocktails. Occasionally, I will sneak some into a premium margarita with Gran Manier instead of triple sec. 

ArteNom 1414 Reposado Tequila

An excellent Reposado tequila sits in a somewhat unassuming bottle with a relatively light, straw-colored hue.

The ArteNom 1414 Reposado is an elegantly clean tequila with notes of oak, sweet vanilla, and spice. It has some burn, but it isn’t overwhelming. 

This high-quality tequila ages in ex-bourbon barrels. The ArteNom 1414 Reposado is an excellent sipping tequila, but I prefer it in cocktails to tame the bite.

Margaritas are perfect, as are Mules and Palomas. 

123 Organic Reposado Dos

Not only is the tequila distilled from organic ingredients, but it also occupies a sustainable, hand-blown recycled glass bottle.

It has a complex pallet, including notes of peppers, mint, and citrus. Each number, uno, dos, tres, corresponds to the age of the tequila. For example, the Reposado is numbered “dos.”

Despite its lighter color, 123 Organic Reposado Dos has a complex, full flavor that doesn’t overwhelm an inexperienced tongue.

It’s excellent for sipping, but it really shines in cocktails. If you do end up sipping, I recommend it on the rocks to mellow out some of the complexity. 

Mijenta Reposado 

Much like 123 Organic, Mijenta is committed to sustainable practices.

The brand uses a collective principle to craft its Reposado tequila ages in somewhat unique French oak and French acacia casks alongside American oak barrels.

Magenta Reposado is triple distilled and aged lightly for notes of agave and oak. 

Magenta Reposado feels sweeter than more complex tequilas but is no less satisfying. As it hits the pallet, Mijenta Reposado has toffee, honey, cocoa, vanilla, jam, and orange flavors.

It’s incredibly smooth and great for sipping, my favorite method of enjoying this Reposado. It’s sweet without being overboard and is perfect served straight.   

Best Reposado Tequilas

  1. Don Julio Reposado
  2. Fortaleza Reposado
  3. Casamigos Reposado
  4. Clase Azul Reposado 
  5. El Tesoro Reposado
  6. Herradura Reposado
  7. Roca Patrón Reposado
  8. ArteNom 1414 Reposado Tequila
  9. 123 Organic Resposado Dos
  10. Mijenta Reposado 

Final Thoughts

Tequila is just as complex as bourbon, whiskey, or scotch. However, it shouldn’t be mistaken as a one-horse liquor, as there are many types of tequila. 

From bright Blancos that are more simple to the Ultra-Anejos that are aged for three years to develop complex, almost emotional flavors, there’s a tequila for everyone. For a more straightforward yet delightful tasting experience, a Reposado is the perfect mix of sweet and aged. 

Reposados such as Roca Patron and Clase Azul Reposado push the boundaries of artisan tequila to the max, extracting complex flavors made for sipping. Others, like Herradura Reposado and 123 Organic Reposado Dos, are made for high-end cocktails. 

Regardless of how you enjoy it, Reposados are an excellent tasting experience. The minimum of two months required to craft a Reposado is the perfect length of time to soak up fantastic oak flavors while retaining notes of agave and citrus that tequila is famous for. 


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