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7 Popular Raspberry Vodkas to Try  

If you’ve never tried flavored vodka, you’re missing out on an essential part of mixed drinks. Adding a little bit of fruit flavor to any drink will create a more subtle flavor and greater profile of the drink. It’ll sweeten up pure vodka for beginners and make for a more enjoyable shot! 

Vodka brand Absolut Vodka bottles made in Sweden

Raspberry vodka is a classic flavor and works well in all kinds of drinks. Personally, I love a vodka lemonade with raspberry vodka–it tastes like a raspberry lemonade from my childhood.

Raspberry vodka also works in drinks like sex on the beach, mojitos, vodka sunrises, and any fruity vodka drink. 

However, you must pick out the good raspberry vodka. Cheap vodka might be decent in some mixed drinks but is generally pretty syrupy and sweet.

Of course, you can try blue raspberry, which has a slightly different flavor and a very blue color.

Try some of the raspberry vodkas below, and you won’t regret the sweet decision!

Absolut Raspberri

Absolut is the top vodka producer in the world. It’s the favorite of bartenders and connoisseurs alike and doesn’t disappoint when it comes to flavored vodkas.

The raspberry flavor sits on top of the crips, clean vodka taste. It doesn’t mask the alcohol or hide it at all. Instead, it enhances both the raspberry and vodka flavors. 

This is my top choice for taking raspberry vodka shots or sipping vodka straight. In my opinion, the flavor is just perfect–not too much raspberry to drown the vodka.

It’s refreshing. Also, if you like the Absolut Raspberri, you have to try the Absolut Red Berry.

It has a little more mixed berry flavor but is amazing when mixed with cranberry juice! 

Smirnoff Raspberry

Smirnoff is one of the most popular vodka brands for a good reason: the base vodka is some of the smoothest, crispest vodka for the price.

It’s one of the least expensive nice vodkas (trust me, there are some not-nice cheap vodkas out there), so it’s accessible to everyone and delicious. 

Smirnoff has a huge variety of flavored options, but their signature flavor is raspberry.

The raspberry vodka has a sweet and tart raspberry flavor backed up by the signature vodka zing. Smirnoff Raspberry tastes very strongly of raspberry, so this is the perfect mixer alcohol.

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Try it in any traditional vodka drink for a fruity twist! 

Ciroc Vodka Red Berry

Ciroc is one of the few vodka brands that creates its alcohol completely from grapes.

This process takes away some of the tang of the alcohol. To many people, the absence of the “rubbing alcohol” taste is a plus.

The red berry flavor makes the grape vodka even sweeter and makes this especially fruity vodka. 

Be careful with this one! It’s very sweet, and when mixed with fruit juice, you might not be able to tell there’s alcohol in it.

Ration the aunties, or it could be a holiday get-together to remember. Ciroc is one of the sweetest vodkas on this list, so don’t get carried away! 

Stolichnaya Razberi

Stolichnaya Razberi, or Stoli Razberi, offers a sweet raspberry flavor without losing the natural dryness of vodka.

If you don’t want an overly sweet raspberry flavor, consider this as flavored water, but for vodka.

You can taste the raspberry, but it doesn’t come across as too sweet. It’s perfect for mixing into a fruity cocktail of your choice.

Stolichnaya Razberi uses natural raspberry essences and infuses those into the vodka itself. Instead of adding a flavoring, they infuse the vodka with real raspberries.

Then the alcohol is filtered and prepared the usual way. It’s the same crisp, clear Stoli vodka with just a touch of natural raspberry sweetness. 

Three Olives Raspberry Vodka

Vodka is usually made with potatoes.

However, Three Olives vodka is made with old English Wheat and distilled multiple times to create a clear, beautiful vodka taste (this is your warning if you’re gluten-free).

Moreover, it is a unique brand that makes unique, darker vodkas with a heavier flavor.

However, the heavier flavor is not necessarily a bad thing. It can add richness to mixed drinks that is hard to beat (the original Three Olives Vodka was made for vodka martinis).

Three Olives Raspberry Vodka takes this depth to a new level with smooth, almost wine flavors. It is amazing in a raspberry martini or to sip on! 

Svedka Vodka Blue Raspberry

These are all well and good, but how about raspberry’s wild cousin, the blue raspberry?

Although it doesn’t exist in nature, blue raspberry flavoring adds a little bubblegum sweetness and lemon tartness to the traditional raspberry taste.

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It’s delicious in candy and flavorings, so you can bet it’s delicious in vodka! 

Svedka is a party vodka. Svedka blue raspberry vodka means the party just started. This is because the brand is not too expensive, tastes amazing in mixed drinks, and works well on its own.

It also has fun flavors! The sweetness and sourness of raspberry vodka are kicked up a notch (and turned blue!) in this classic vodka. 

New Amsterdam Raspberry Vodka

Another iconic vodka brand, New Amsterdam’s tall square bottle is a staple in many liquor stores.

They sell several very popular flavored vodkas, and one of the best-selling is the raspberry vodka.

They also sell large bottles, making them popular among those (like me) who like to stock up. 

Overwhelmingly, people like this vodka as a summer drink. It works well in a frozen cocktail or over ice because the flavor is fresh and cool.

The raspberry is sweet but not syrupy and lingers on the tongue. However, the quality of the underlying vodka is what sells in New Amsterdam. 

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