7 Popular Peach Vodka Brands To Try

Mix these peach flavored vodkas into a sweet cocktail.

A good bottle of vodka should cater to your palate. It should be drinkable and electrifying. Whether you want a good after-dinner drink or to treat your friends to a perfect cocktail, there’s a broad range of vodka brands to try.

peach vodka martini with peach garnish

Brands have evolved, and it’s no longer only about the crisp, clear, and odorless vodkas. Recently, more brands have changed from using mediocre methods of producing vodkas.

Instead, they have adopted innovative processes that guarantee much better drinks.

They are adding flavors to make nice, smooth drinks. One of the best flavors they use is peach.

A peach-flavored vodka should have a fresh, juicy, and authentic taste. It should be versatile, allowing you to mix it with other drinks for a good cocktail.

Best Peach Vodkas

Wondering which is the perfect peach-flavored vodka for you? Wonder no more because here are the best peach vodkas to pick.

Ciroc Peach Vodka

Ciroc Peach Vodka is the third flavored drink from Ciroc, a French vodka brand established by Jean-Sebastian Robiquet.

Like the original Ciroc Vodka, Ciroc Peach Vodka is distilled from two different grapes – ugni blanc and mauzac blanc grapes.

The Eaux-de-vie from the Distillerie de Chevanceaux, France, is distilled five times to give a fresh, smooth flavor.

When making Ciroc Peach Vodka, the Eaux-de-vie is masterfully infused with peach flavors and other natural flavors. The distilled spirit and peach flavors yield a vodka drink with fresh and juicy flavors.

I think that a bottle of Ciroc Peach is one of the best peach vodkas for treating friends to a perfect dinner.

The fresh and fruity smell fills the air when you open the bottle, enticing taste buds for a sip. You can sip it alone or mix it with champagne to make a mouthwatering Bellini cocktail.

Belvedere Peach Nectar Vodka

This peach vodka is a flavored expression from Belvedere.

The brand is best known for using specific rye and water to create luxury Polish vodka.

When creating Belvedere Peach Nectar Vodka, the company uses a distinct maceration process to create a smooth concoction by mixing fresh peaches and Polish apricots.

Their peach vodka is the newest expression right from the company’s maceration and guarantees 100% natural flavors.

This peach vodka’s sweet aromas and flavors make it a perfect drink for refreshing your cocktails. Once you open the peach vodka bottle, you get a fresh and aromatic orchard smell.

I like that the aroma is rich in vanilla, flesh peach, almond, marzipan, and baked apricot. The drink is versatile, and you can mix it with a stick of cinnamon or freshly cut peach.

Absolut Apeach Swedish Vodka

Absolut Apeach Swedish Vodka from Absolut, a company established in 1879 by Lars Olsson Smith, is a popular flavored vodka worldwide.

However, the original Absolut Vodka faced competition from other flavored vodkas.

To beat the competition, Absolut created the Absolut Apeach Swedish Vodka in 2005. The flavored vodka is infused with peaches to create a delightful peachy spirit with a mellow peach buzz.

The drink has no added sugar, and its flavors are balanced, making it ideal for mixing cocktails.

Absolut Apeach guarantees a fresh, rich, and smooth mouthfeel, which is one reason that I like it. You can mix it with iced tea or add it to Prosecco to create a delicious peach Bellini cocktail.

Grey Goose Essences White Peach & Rosemary

Grey Goose takes pride in being one of the luxury vodkas. Giant names in sports and Hollywood endorse its base vodka.

The company uses a unique and traditional method to create a drink with a distinctive character.

Grey Goose Essences White Peach & Rosemary is a flavored vodka added to the family. The drink is made by adding the best white peach flavors to create soft and gentle aromas.

In addition, the peach vodka gets a naturally delicate taste from rosemary. As a result, the drink is light and vibrant, and you can effortlessly make a cocktail with lemon juice, grapefruit juice, or soda water.

Grey Goose Essences are lower in ABV than the original Grey Goose Vodka. That makes it a light drink to sip and serve and one of my favorites.

Seagram’s Peach Vodka

Seagram’s Peach Vodka is a flavored vodka from Seagram’s, an American brand best known for making high-quality spirits.

Seagram’s Peach is one of the best peach vodkas in the US made by adding peach flavors to the base vodka.

The base vodka is made from grains grown in Indiana and purified water rich in minerals. It’s then distilled five times before infusing with peach flavors.

Seagram’s Peach Vodka is soft and has balanced flavors so you can enjoy it in many different ways. On the palate, the drink guarantees a sweet and fruity taste.

It is my choice for any occasion and blends well with other drinks. When making cocktails, you can mix the vodka with fruit juice or plain soda.

Deep Eddy Peach Vodka

Deep Eddy is a vodka brand established in 2010 by Gary Crowell, Clayton Christopher, and Chad Auler.

Their original vodka is made of pure corn and purified water. The vodka is distilled ten times in a column still and filtered eight times through a proprietary system to give it a smooth finish.

To create Deep Eddy Peach Vodka, the company adds real juice from peaches and pure sugar cane.

Deep Eddy Peach Vodka has a smooth texture and a biting finish and guarantees a fruity and mellow flavor. I like it because it is free of processed sweeteners or fructose corn syrup.

The drink makes a perfect cocktail when you mix it with orange juice, lime juice, pure soda, or lemon juice.

Burnett’s Peach Vodka

Burnett’s vodka has been a popular drink in the USA since 2000.

The company uses a unique production process that involves distilling it four times and filtering it three times. The result is superior smoothness and versatility.

Burnett has over thirty natural flavored vodkas and sells more than one million cases a year. One of the brand’s favorite natural flavored vodka is Burnett’s Peach Vodka.

The company adds peach flavors to the base vodka, creating a crisp but fruity taste. You can make perfect cocktails for your friends by mixing the peach vodka with soft drinks.

One of my go-to cocktails is a mixture of vodka, cranberry juice, and club soda. You can also garnish the concoction with fresh blueberries.

Best Peach Vodkas

  1. Ciroc Peach Vodka
  2. Belvedere Peach Nectar Vodka
  3. Absolut Apeach Swedish Vodka
  4. Grey Goose Essences White Peach & Rosemary
  5. Seagrams Peach Vodka
  6. Deep Eddy Peach Vodka
  7. Burnetts Peach Vodka

Final Thoughts

You now have the seven best peach vodkas that you can try and see how they’ll work for you.

While there are many other flavors, peach flavor creates juicy, fresh, and authentic tastes. And if you want to make perfect cocktails to serve your friends, peach vodka won’t disappoint.

So, grab any of the above peach vodkas and enjoy their captivating charm!

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