33 Popular Cocktails To Order at a Bar

Who doesn’t love a good mixed drink? Drinking liquor straight or taking shots can be fun and exciting, but it’s nice to pour yourself a classic mixed drink every now and then.

Expert barman is making cocktail at night club

Plus, mixing liquor with juice, soda, bitters, or other complementary ingredients can help you customize your drink to meet your specific flavor preferences.

They also mask the taste of liquor, which is great if you’re not a huge fan of tequila, rum, vodka, etc.

Whether you’re looking for a refreshing cocktail on a toasty summer day or a warming drink to warm you up on a chilly winter night, here are some of the top mixed drinks for every occasion.

With this list, you have plenty of options to order at the bar.

Pair these cocktails with your favorite finger foods for a fun night out or a party at home!

33 Popular Cocktails To Order at a Bar

Expert barman is making cocktail at night club

If you don’t have a go-to order at the bar, you’ll find one on this list of the best mixed drinks to order. Choose from the most popular cocktails.

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    4. Enjoy!


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