Add These Juices to Your Next Mimosa Bar

Many people love a tasty, classic mimosa with orange juice and champagne, especially for brunch on a Saturday or Sunday early afternoon.

Glasses Of Tasty Mimosa Cocktail

But instead of spending money away from home like most Americans, you can create your own brunch scene right at home.

And if you’re hosting a brunch event and wanting to spice things up a bit, you may be wondering what other types of juices pair well with champagne.

We’ve already discussed the different champagne types that make the best mimosas.

But having different kinds of juices is also crucial for an excellent mimosa bar, and I’m here to help you select the best juice for mimosas so that you’ll know what to pick up from the store.

Or, if you have an at-home juicer, you can even squeeze some of the juices yourself! That way, you’ll get the freshest, most delicious tasting mimosas possible.

Try these juices with your next mimosa brunch, from classic OJ to unique pairings.

Orange Juice

As I’m sure you expected, orange juice is going to be one of the best juices for mimosas.

It’s a classic for a reason! Orange juice is refreshing and has a great sweetness to it that pairs well with bubbly champagne.

I also appreciate the intense sourness you get with certain orange juices that take away from the taste of alcohol and make mimosas all the more drinkable.

This combination of flavor and the ability to drink a lot of it makes it the best juice for mimosas if you’re looking to have a true boozy brunch!

Plus, orange juice is always readily available at any grocery store, so you don’t have to go out of your way to retrieve it.

Grapefruit Juice

If you’re looking for a tart and tangy juice to mix with your champagne, grapefruit juice is going to be your best bet.

It’s a bit more unique than orange juice but still has that classic sour mimosa flavor that everyone knows and loves.

I also really enjoy the bright pink-orange color of grapefruit juice, as it adds a more festive, feminine, and flirty appeal to the drink.

As such, grapefruit juice is an excellent mixer for the morning of a girl’s weekend or bachelorette party.

Mango Juice

Who doesn’t love mangos? Mangos are by far my favorite fruit, and if you can get great, freshly squeezed ones in your location, you have to give mango mimosas a try!

Mango has a combination of peach, orange, and cantaloupe flavors in one single fruit, which is perhaps why I enjoy it so much.

The sweetness of the mango shines through and pairs well with the champagne.

It’s a fun tropical twist on a classic drink and is perfect for a summer mimosa bar. I also appreciate the orange color is similar to orange juice mimosas, which gives it that classic look that’s hard to say no to.

Pomegranate Juice

For a unique and slightly more sophisticated mimosa, pomegranate juice is an excellent choice.

Pomegranate juice is tart and sweet and has a lovely ruby red color. It’s perfect for holiday mimosa bars or whenever you want to add a bit of luxury to your brunch beverage.

I find that pomegranate juice can be a bit sweet for my taste, so I like to mix it with another juice like grapefruit or cranberry to balance it out.

Alternatively, you can make the pomegranate-to-champagne ratio smaller, which will also produce a lovely pink color.

But if you have a sweet tooth, pomegranate juice mimosas are probably perfect for you!

Peach Juice

Sweet, fresh peach juice is another fantastic choice for mimosas. Just like mango, it’s a great summery twist on the classic drink, also called a bellini.

I really enjoy the sweetness of peach juice, as it pairs well with the bubbly champagne.

It also has a lovely yellow-orange color that’s perfect for summertime or springtime mimosas.

Both yellow and white peaches can pair well with champagne. I’ve been referring to the yellow one, which tastes slightly acidic.

But if you want more delicate and floral notes, try white peach juice instead.

And of course, you can always go with both!

Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is similar to pomegranate juice in terms of both color and tartness. Thus, it also makes excellent mimosas for the festive holiday season. 

However, its combination of sweet, sour, and mildly bitter flavors makes it particularly appealing with dry champagne.

I also appreciate that cranberry juice mixes well with other alcohol, such as vodka. This mixing versatility makes it a go-to choice for day parties in which mimosas will be just one out of many drink options.

Cranberry juice also has health benefits, as it’s high in vitamin C and antioxidants.

Additionally, no added sugar is necessary given its punchy, sour flavor. So if you’re looking for a slightly healthier option, cranberry juice mimosas are a fantastic choice.

Pineapple Juice

Pineapple juice is another excellent sweet mixer for champagne, especially if you like the more tropical taste in your alcoholic beverages.

I think pineapple juice goes well with everything, even more so than cranberry juice. In addition to champagne, you can mix it with vodka, rum, and gin.

That said, it’s the best choice for a mixed drink if you have a party that will include both champagne and other alcoholic beverages.

Plus, given pineapple’s intense sweetness and tartness, you don’t have to purchase a juice with added sugar. It’s actually best if you blend the pineapple pieces yourself to get the freshest flavor.

How To Set Up Your Mimosa Bar

Making an at-home mimosa bar is easy! Once you’ve chosen your juices, you’ll only need a few more things for a cute set up.

Put some bottles of bubbly on ice, and put out champagne flutes or other glasses for your mimosas. You can display the juices in their original bottles, or get matching carafes for a cleaner look – make sure you label each juice!

Once you have your champagne and your juices out, consider adding extra touches and garnishes! You could put out orange slices or other fruits to put on the rim of your glass.

For a holiday mimosa, consider cranberries and herbs like fresh rosemary for a wintry garnish. You could also use fresh mint.

Other popular additions include edible glitter for some extra sparkle in your sparkling wine, edible flowers, or festive straws.

Finish your DIY mimosa bar with some cute signage or fresh flowers and you’re ready for some delicious brunch cocktails!

As you can see, you don’t have to stick with orange juice every single time you want to have mimosas! 

Other juice flavors, such as pineapple juice, cranberry juice, pomegranate juice, and more, are excellent options for mimosas due to their sweetness, tartness, and varying colors. 

An additional benefit to including a variety of mixers for your mimosas is that you and your friends can also use them for other drinks and cocktails. These drinks are versatile and pair well with vodka, gin, and even rum. 

So the next time you’re hosting a brunch or throwing a party, consider making mimosas with something other than orange juice. Your guests will surely enjoy the change in flavor, and no one will be disappointed!

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