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14 Gifts Any Whiskey Connoisseur Will Love

Whiskey connoisseurs might always appreciate a bottle of their favorite beverage, but that doesn’t mean it’s always the best gift to buy. It can feel uninspired, you risk getting the same gift as everyone else, and it’s hard to pick the perfect quality.

If you’ve ever experienced the mild horror of realizing everyone bought whiskey, and yours is the cheapest bottle, you’ll understand the need for variety.

Thankfully, whiskey drinking is enhanced by making it into an experience. Whether it’s a decanter or a tumble, a coaster or a cocktail bitter, there are many potential gifts that are just perfect for the whiskey lover in your life. With the help of this guide, you can pick a present as delightful as a glass of the finest single malt.

1. Glencairn Whiskey Glass Set of 4

These glasses are the ultimate gift for any whiskey lover. Glencairn has mastered the art of whiskey drinking, and the elegant curve allows you to inhale the aroma, enhancing every sip. They’re known as the “Official Whiskey Glass” for very good reason. The short base stand lets you swirl the whiskey, releasing more of that incredible scent. The tulip design is absolutely spot on, ensuring nothing gets wasted for a full-body tasting experience.

If your loved one doesn’t already own a set of Glencairn glasses, then this is the ideal gift. They’re classy, but usable. Not something that needs to sit behind glass cabinets, this will truly improve every single sip of whiskey.

Each glass is also made of lead-free crystal, and they’re safe to go in the dishwasher. 

2. LSA International Decanter 60 fl oz

LSA International makes some of the best drinkware around, and this decanter is no exception. Craftsmanship is inherent to the brand, and the handmade, mouth blown glass decanter is a testament to quality. For someone who only buys the finest whiskey, this decanter is the perfect place to house it.

The design may be simple, but it’s almost guaranteed to look good on a table or in a cabinet. Filled with amber whiskey, the curve of the neck and balanced sides have a vintage simplicity. The heavy stopper completes the look, and adds weight to the design.

Something about pouring whiskey from a decanter just feels right. It makes the drink into an occasion, and is sure to impress any guests having an after dinner beverage. 

3. FirsTime & Co. Gardner Industrial Bar Cart

For the whiskey lover with an eye towards design, this bar cart is an absolute must. Its simple elegance balances the old and the new, for a finish that fits any home. With two levels, there’s plenty of room for a couple of bottles, and a handy place to store snacks. It’s also compact, just 32.25×13.29.75, so can be stored easily in the house.

People often make the mistake of assuming bar carts are only useful for entertaining. To be fair, they are absolutely ideal at a dinner party. Being able to situate a drinks cart allows for quick service, convenient storage, and a heavy dose of style. But they’re also incredibly useful around the house. The open sides of this cart displays your finest bottles of whiskey, and they’re handy to grab when you want a drink.

4. S’Well Teak wood Ice Bucket and Tongs

While some whiskeys are perfect at room temperature, others need that cool chill of ice. If you know a whiskey drinker who prefers it “on the rocks”, then this ice bucket might be the perfect fit.

S’Well are probably best known for the work they’ve done revolutionizing the world of reusable drinks bottles. This ice bucket takes the same heaping of ingenuity, a dash of style, and incredible functionality. The teak wood design looks gorgeous, and it cleverly disguises the triple-layered and vacuum insulated construction. It keeps drinks cool, AND looks cool while doing it. Handy tongs are included, and everything is made of BPA and BPS-free food grade stainless steel.

A whiskey lover may never have considered the necessity of an ice bucket before, but even the most hardened of “neat” drinkers will find themselves wanting to add ice.

5. Amazon Brand Tufted Leather Armchair

Any whiskey lover will tell you that a good glass needs to be savored. And how do you do that without a good chair? The ideal chair for whiskey drinking is deep and soft, with a classic finish. This Amazon Brand has nailed the brief. Help yourself to a glass, and sink straight into the cushions, as the sweet burn of whiskey warms you from the inside.

Contemplating the layers of a complex whiskey is not an easy task. It requires careful thought, consideration, and a solid backrest. This chair provides all three. The large arms even give a space to rest a hefty glass while each sip dances across the tongue.

Stylish and sleek, any room will welcome the addition of this chair. Relax into it on a stormy day with a large pour of whiskey, and be at peace with the world.

6. Thirstystone Brand Desert Sand Coaster

The first step to drinking a glass of whiskey is enjoying it with your eyes. It may not sound essential, but if you’ve ever enjoyed the sight of amber whiskey sloshing in the base of a heavy glass, you’ll understand. Whiskey is an experience for all the senses.

These gorgeous sandstone coasters are just the base a fine glass of whiskey needs. Each one is made of natural sandstone, with completely unique patterning. The stone does all the work necessary for the design. Undulating waves with subtle coloring emphasizes the natural movement of whiskey. At half an inch thick, they have heft and weight to support even the largest of tumblers.

Balanced on these 4-inch wide coasters, any whiskey becomes a centerpiece. The natural cork backing makes them safe on the table, and great for everyday use. And the simple design is adaptable for almost every household. Elegant without being showy.

7. LIITON Grand Canyon Whiskey Glass Set

As much as seeing the whiskey swirl is part of the experience, so is enjoying the weight of it in your hand. The heft of a good tumbler makes even the cheapest bottle feel important.

Your favorite whiskey drinker will love these LIITON Grand Canyon glasses. The cut design of the Grand Canyon looks classy, and elevates the glass into something special. It also serves a purpose. The unusual surface aerates the whiskey in the glass, unleashing all of that delicious aroma and flavor.

The heavy weighted bottom sits perfectly in the hand, and can handle any alcohol, including cocktails. Each glass weighs over 1 pound, with thick sides to keep the liquids insulated.

For the whiskey drinker whose tastes run classic, but who enjoys a touch of the curious, tumblers don’t come more beautiful than this.

8. Luxardo Maraschino Cherries

Sugar, bitters, water, whiskey, and a cocktail cherry – a simple recipe for an impressive drink. Although it’s hard to improve on classic whiskey, sometimes an Old Fashioned just hits the spot. To make it perfect, there’s nothing like the Luxardo cherry. 

Luxardo maraschino cherries are some of the best cherries out there, and no cocktail set is complete without them. The brand was founded in 1821, and the sweet tang of these cherries has been a cocktail staple ever since.

They stay firm, unlike other cocktail cherries, which turn to mush in the syrup. They also aren’t too sweet. The syrup keeps some tang, for a deliciously complex taste. Whiskey drinkers can also enjoy them with a Manhattan, where they soak up the alcohol for a final bite that’s rich in flavor. 

This 1 pound tub is a solid size, containing roughly 50 cherries. 

9. Strongwater Cocktail Bitters Sampler Set

Cocktail bitters are an essential addition to any home bar. If you know a whiskey connoisseur who doesn’t own a set, then this is the perfect gift. Strongwater have created a fun and playful bitter collection, with diverse flavors for making incredible cocktails.

Included in the set are: Tart Cherry Bourbon Bitters, Citrus Bitters, Old Fashioned Aromatic Bitters, Rose & Sage Bitters, and Lavender Mountain Wildflower Bitters. What can be done with them? Mix it up and experiment!

The heady flavors of whiskey can hold up to a lot, and bitters are perfect for invention. In the Strongwater set, each bottle comes with a delightful stopper, for perfectly balanced drinks.

Strongwater puts quality into their bitters, with real fruit and herbs forming the unique flavoring. They’re all handcrafted, non-GMO, gluten-free, and made with no added sugars. They’ll brighten the spirits of both the drink and the drinker!

10. Stanley Classic Flask, 8 oz

We can debate all day about where’s the best place to enjoy whiskey, but it’s hard to deny that under the stars, by a crackling campfire, is somewhere near the top. For that, a whiskey drinker needs a flask.

The Stanley Classic is, undoubtedly, a classic. Sometimes designs just get it right, and that’s exactly what’s happened here. The perfect size to fit into any pocket, this hip flask is timeless. An ideal gift for a whiskey drinker who enjoys time outdoors.

The design is practical as well. The wider mouth opening makes sipping easy, and the curved back design is molded to the shape of the body. Strong and durable, it’s also lightweight to carry.

We like the wine red, but all the other colors are fantastic, and make for a surprisingly personal present. Combine this with a plastic funnel, for the most thoughtful of gifts.

11. Walker Edison Margot Drinks Cabinet

Every whiskey lover with a few good bottles will enjoy showing off their collection. If you’ve ever been to a dinner party where the host has insisted on explaining to you all the drink options available, it’s because they’re trying to show off. Gift them this gorgeous drinks cabinet to make bragging easier.

The simplicity of this design is beautiful, and it allows the best bottles to really stand out on the shelf. The glass front keeps everything that bit safer, without hiding anything away.

Quality labels deserve a chance to be seen and appreciated, even when they aren’t being drunk. There’s even room for a decanter and some tumblers, without creating a cabinet that’s too large. The shelf supports up to 30 pounds, which is more than enough for a couple of decent bottles.

12. Frolk Whiskey Decanter Set

For the newbie whiskey drinker, this decanter set has everything necessary. Inside the wooden gift box are two large whiskey glasses, a 34 oz decanter, eight stainless steel whiskey stones, a velvet freezer bag, and two slate coasters. It’s so good even seasoned whiskey drinkers will be appreciative.

To enjoy whiskey, all you really need is taste buds and a nose. However, if you want to savor whiskey, there are a few things that can help.

The decanter will aerate to release flavor, the heavy tumblers provide heft, and whiskey stones keep the drink cool without diluting. This makes good whiskey great, and can turn drinking the best whiskey into a special moment.

There’s just one thing not included in this otherwise complete set: whiskey. Pick up a bottle of the good stuff, and you’re sure to be the favorite gift giver.

13. Anthon Berg Single Malt Scotch Whiskey Chocolate

The obvious present to give to a whiskey lover is a bottle of whiskey, but there are a few problems with that plan. First, whiskey can be expensive, and no one wants to risk buying a bad brand.

To guarantee gift-giving quality, you may be paying more than you like. Second, each whiskey is different, and it’s hard to know exactly what someone likes. Imagine buying a peat whiskey for someone who prefers oak. They might never forgive you.

Enter: the most classic of gift options. The box of chocolates. But these aren’t just any type of chocolate. Anthon Berg chocolates combine rich dark chocolate with complex whiskeys for an indulgent, yet sophisticated, treat.

Each of the 10 chocolates contains real single malt Scotch whiskey in a liquid center. The chocolate isn’t mixed into the whiskey, so each flavor is clear and bold. The perfect present for a whiskey lover who is a little tricky to buy for.

14. Star Wars Death Star Silicone Ice Cube Molds

Do you know someone who loves both whiskey and Star Wars? If so, then this is the best present around. These silicone molds create Death Star shaped ice cubes that both look good, and serve a surprisingly useful function.

The large circular shape melts slowly, keeping the drink cold, without becoming diluted. Every whiskey drinker has experienced the pain of adding too much ice, only to end up with a horribly watered down drink.

The solid ice created by the Death Star mold quickly chills the drink, but slowly loses form. Drop one into straight whiskey, or mix up a couple of cocktails.

Even non-Star Wars fans will appreciate how useful these ice spheres are. The rounded silicone shape makes releasing the ice easy, so there’s no time spent frustrated, whacking the tray against the kitchen counters. Instead, the drinker, the drink, and the ice, will all keep their cool.

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