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9 Tasty Flavored Whiskeys To Drink

A classic American favorite, there’s nothing quite like a good whiskey.

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Some aficionados prefer a straight sip, taking in all the complexity of the aging process and natural textures. Smooth, spicy, or sweet, there’s a lot in a base whiskey to like. 

However, others want a little dash of something extra.

Whiskey blended with a nutty or desserty finish elevates a glass to be more interesting—and is usually more palatable to the novice drinker. Though some can get overly sugary, it’s easy to pair them with mixers to attain that perfect balance. 

Read on to discover our list of the best flavored whiskey. You never know when you might find a new favorite! 

This lineup ranks whiskeys based on taste, finish, complexity, style, and value. Several have a sweet edge, though a few give spiciness for that special flavorful kick. 

Knob Creek Smoked Maple

If you’re looking for a whiskey to enjoy after dinner on a summer evening, look no further.

Knob Creek doesn’t mess around with their flavorings, presenting a complex blend that incorporates a bonfire smoke aura. 

I find this one a bit too sweet on its own. I recommend toning it down with a couple of ice cubes or cutting it with some water unless you want that full-on dessert experience.

The heavy flavor doesn’t require anything else on top, so keep it uncluttered from other mixers. 

Though the primary flavor is maple, it also carries hints of vanilla and caramel for a well-rounded dessert finish. Oh—and don’t miss the color! I could stare into this amber beauty all night. 

Crown Royal Canadian Vanilla Whisky

The famous smoothness of Crown Royal takes on a new profile with the addition of Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla.

In my opinion, this one is the best flavored whiskey out of all Crown Royal’s blends, as the vanilla is enticing but not overpowering. 

The texture of the Vanilla Whisky is thick, so it can stand to be diluted a bit if that’s not your thing.

Flavor-wise, it’s perfectly sweet by itself but can also hold its own against mixers like orange soda, peach schnapps, or other fruit juices. If you don’t mind deviating from classic cocktail recipes, try whipping up a Vanilla Old Fashioned.

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Besides the vanilla, there are strong notes of butterscotch and creme brulee, making this an ideal dessert whisky. There’s also a delicious oakiness that lingers well after the sip dissolves. 

Dewar’s Highlander Honey

Originating in Scotland, this sweet pour includes citrus and caramel tastes along with the primary honey flavor.

It’s light and tame on the tongue but with just enough of an interesting splash to pique my interest. 

If a bit artificial and lacking the depth of some other sweet whiskeys, that’s precisely what makes it so drinkable.

This is an excellent choice for a novice sipper, as well as a great mixer with other flavors that might be too much for the stronger flavored whiskeys. 

With its rich honey flavor with undertones of cinnamon, Dewar’s Highlander Honey makes a delightfully comforting Hot Toddy.

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George Dickel Tabasco Barrel Finish

Want a unique twist on a Tennessee whiskey? Put it in a barrel with three-year-aged Tabasco peppers and let it absorb the heat for 30 days.

Then, infuse a Tabasco sauce directly into the mixture for a finished product that’s brilliantly spicy

The liquor filters through maple charcoal for a sweet-smoky fusion; then, the kick of pepper sauce adds one dynamic level up.

I’m more of a mild girl myself, so this isn’t my first choice of a flavored whiskey.

But when taken as a shot, it’s an interesting experience—as long as you don’t mind feeling like someone kicked you in the mouth. 

Jim Beam Bourbon Kentucky Fire Whiskey

For someone (ahem, me) who prefers a more subtle spice, Jim Beam offers an alternative to the Tabasco choice above.

There is a bit more sophistication here, with an intentional blending of fiery, sweet, and smoky.

The balance is impressive, and the uses varied, as it works just as well as a sipper as it does a shot. 

The Kentucky Fire’s primary flavor is cinnamon spice rather than pepper.

This allows for a warmer, sweeter, and more mellow mouthfeel, perfect for those late autumn nights when you want a strong personality in your whiskey glass. 

Check out other cinnamon whiskeys if you enjoy this one.

Bird Dog Peanut Butter

Any peanut butter whiskey is going to have to compete with Skrewball, the originator of that flavor.

However, Bird Dog gives them a run for their money with a blend that’s a little less punchy and easier on the taste buds of newbies. 

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The sweetness is there without becoming saccharine and combines well with notes of caramel and vanilla.

This peanut butter whiskey is a lazy summer’s drink—even better if you add raspberry or banana liquor or sip it next to a BLT sandwich. There’s seemingly no end to the mixer possibilities here. 

Best of all, this brand and flavor are accessible to any drinker. So keep it on your shelf for entertaining company who may not appreciate a straight whiskey. 

Jameson Orange Whiskey 

This citrus treat boasts zesty aromas and a clean finish, delivering on both.

Jameson crafts a marvelous merger of personality that goes well with lemonade but also sips just fine on its own. 

I find the Orange too strong of a flavor for a “real” whiskey drinker. The website even calls the whiskey part an undertone!

It’s perhaps best saved for someone trying to branch out from a vodka-soda or fruit seltzer rather than appealing to a seasoned whiskey aficionado.

However, if you’re simply looking for something new, it’s worth a try to experience the masterful blending process. 

Crown Royal Peach Whisky

Crown Royal Canadian Whisky makes the list again with their peach flavored whisky.

I love a sweet fruity flavor paired with oaky whiskey flavor, and the Crown Royal Peach is a great flavor combination. It’s made with real Georgia peaches, so there’s no artificial peach flavor.

You can sip this whisky straight, or mix it with lemonade for a refreshing summer beverage.

There are plenty of whisky cocktails you can make with this peach flavored whisky!

Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey

Another peanut butter whiskey on the list, Skrewball offers plenty of unique flavor.

If you haven’t tried peanut butter whiskey yet, this is your sign to try it. This bottle offers a little salty sweet flavor, but it’s as smooth as your favorite whiskey brands.

I think it’s worth trying Skrewball peanut butter whiskey straight first, but there are plenty of creative cocktail ideas you can make as well.

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  1. All very good choices, I’ve had 98% of these and agree. Also worth a mention are the exceptional Evan Williams flavored bourbons of Apple, Peach, Honey and Cherry.

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