11 Popular Flavored Vodkas To Try

If you’re a vodka lover, you know that there are endless possibilities for flavors. From the traditional to the unique, there’s a vodka out there for everyone. And with so many options available, it can be hard to know where to start.

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Flavored vodkas sometimes get a bad name because of poorly made flavored vodkas.

The best flavored vodkas are now as high-quality as the finest competition vodkas. Flavored vodkas are a great way to add additional flavors to your favorite cocktail.

I tried as many flavored vodkas as I could get my hands on and these eleven beat out all the rest.

If you’re looking for some flavor inspiration, here are eleven of the most popular flavored vodkas that you should try.

Belvedere Ginger Zest Vodka

The combination of ginger and vodka works. This particular vodka from Belvedere is smooth with a slight sweetness and a kick of ginger.

It’s perfect for making Moscow Mules or any other ginger-infused cocktail.

Belvedere takes pride in its vodka, and the Ginger Zest is no different. It has no additives, is kosher certified, and abides by the strict Polish regulations that govern vodka production.

I love the combination of ginger, lemons, and grapefruits in this flavored vodka. 

It retains the smoothness of vodka but with a more complex flavor. This is truly an outstanding vodka and perhaps my favorite on this list. I promise you won’t be disappointed if you give this vodka a try.

Effen Cucumber

If you’re a fan of cucumbers, then you’ll love Effen Cucumber Vodka.

This vodka is light and refreshing and has a subtle hint of cucumber flavor. It’s perfect for making summer cocktails, and it’s also great on its own.

My favorite part of cucumbers is how refreshing they are. The burst of freshness when you bite into a cucumber is unparalleled. Effen has taken what makes cucumbers great and infused it into vodka.

Effen Cucumber features fresh notes and a refreshing finish. It is a great way to add a new flavor to your favorite summer cocktail or vodka martini.

I also love a cucumber vodka with soda water and a lime wedge.

Ciroc Coconut Vodka 

Ciroc is one of my favorite brands of vodka. I’ve tried many of the other flavored Ciroc vodkas, but their new Coconut vodka is perhaps my favorite.

If you’re looking for a delicious flavored vodka, look no further than Ciroc Coconut. This vodka is made with French grapes and natural coconut flavor, resulting in a smooth, light, and refreshing spirit.

With summer right around the corner, I’ve been on a tropical cocktail kick. I love the flavor of coconut, but I often find that coconut water or creme does not mix well with cocktails.

Ciroc Coconut Vodka is different. This vodka infuses the perfect amount of coconut flavor into cocktails. 

Ketel One Citroen Vodka

If you’re a fan of citrus flavors, you’ll love Ketel One Citroen.

This vodka is made with real lemons and limes, giving it a refreshingly tart flavor. It’s perfect for sipping neat or adding to your favorite cocktail.

Ketel One Citroen is my favorite citrus-flavored vodka. It starts with high-quality Ketel One vodka and is infused with four different types of lemons and two different types of limes.

The result is a vodka with a citrus kick and a refreshing finish.

The lemons and limes used also give this vodka a slight sweetness, a pleasant surprise. And like all good vodka, it is a smooth finish.

I personally love Ketel One Citroen with a splash of tonic water or mixed with some juice.

Absolut Berri Acai Vodka

If you’re looking for delicious flavored vodka, you’ll want to try Absolut Berri Acai.

This vodka is infused with the taste of acai berries, giving it a unique and refreshing flavor. It’s perfect for making cocktails or enjoying on its own.

The Acai berry is a superfood that I would not normally associate with vodka. At first, I was not optimistic, but I was pleasantly surprised by this flavored vodka.

The fresh blueberries, pomegranate, and acai mixture create a delightful blend of flavors and a smooth finish. Off all the flavored vodkas on this list, this was my favorite to drink on the rocks.

If you prefer cocktails, this flavored vodka mixes well with ginger beer, juice, and lemon. Don’t be afraid to experiment. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Grey Goose Le Melon Vodka

There’s a reason Grey Goose Le Melon is one of the most popular flavored vodkas on the market – it’s simply delicious.

The melon flavor is light and refreshing, making it the perfect vodka for summertime drinks.

This made my list of the best flavored vodkas for their outstanding flavor and how refreshing it was. I love melons but have found melon-flavored vodka underwhelming in the past.

Grey Goose completely dominated the competition with Le Melon. Le Melon specifically uses the essence of the Cavaillon melon from the south of France.

The Cavaillon melon gives this vodka distinct honey sweetness with some melon, banana, and pear notes.

Smirnoff Pomegranate Vodka

Smirnoff’s Pomegranate Vodka made my list of the best flavored vodkas because of its fascinating combination of flavors.

I was expecting just pomegranate, but Smirnoff blended pomegranate with citrus, honey, and some floral notes to create this flavored vodka.

It does not have the sweetness that some of the other vodkas on this list have, but that allows the pomegranate flavor to shine through. I loved this vodka as a mixer.

Hanson of Sonoma Meyer Lemon

The Meyer Lemon is a hybrid of citron and mandarin. They are sweeter and have less acid than traditional lemons.

Hanson of Sonoma used this quality to great effect in their Meyer Lemon flavored vodka.

Many flavored vodkas blend citrus flavors to avoid getting too strong a flavor. This is not the case with the Hanson of Sonoma Meyer Lemon.

This vodka is the perfect blend of sweetness and tartness, and the lemon flavor is not too overpowering.

After making a hard lemonade with it, I added this vodka to my list of the best flavored vodkas. One sip is all you will need.

Finlandia Grapefruit

I am not usually a fan of grapefruit, but I enjoyed Finlandia Grapefruit.

The grapefruit notes in this vodka give a cooling sensation on the tongue and a crisp finish. Although I would not recommend drying this vodka on the rocks, it makes outstanding cocktails.

Finlandia Grapefruit makes an outstanding mule.

Mixing the grapefruit with ginger beer and some lime juice brings out the refreshing qualities of this vodka. It will be a challenge to have just one.

Stolichnaya Razberi

Razberi is the Russian word for raspberry. Stolichnaya Razberi lives up to its name with its delightful raspberry flavor.

Unlike some of the other vodkas on this list, Stolichnaya Razberi is not overly sweet.

The raspberry flavor is well balanced with the vodka. The result is a delicious flavored vodka that can be enjoyed on the rocks or in cocktails.

I enjoyed this vodka in a cosmopolitan. The tart of the cranberry juice and the sweet of the orange liqueur complemented the raspberry flavors of the vodka perfectly.

Check out other top-rated raspberry vodkas if you like a berry cocktail!

Three Olives Loopy

Three Olives Loopy is a fun and fruity flavored vodka. The flavor is a combination of loops cereal and fruit punch.

It may sound like an odd combination, but it works. The cereal flavors are not too overpowering, and the vodka has a pleasant sweetness.

This vodka is perfect for making fun and festive cocktails.

I made a Loopy Bird by mixing Three Olives Loopy, orange juice, and grenadine. The Loopy Bird was a delicious and festive cocktail perfect for summertime celebrations.

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