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9 Recommended Flavored Tequilas to Try

Tequila is the perfect party alcohol for a fun game night in or a wild night out. With so many different Tequila brands, cocktails, and flavors, if you’re new to the liquor or are unsure of what you want to try, it can be overwhelming. 

Double shots of tropical tequila with pineapple juice

Whether you’re looking for shots or a delicious drink to sip on, every different flavored Tequila offers a unique experience.

Options like coconut and mango can make a tropical drink even more authentic, but jalapeno-infused tequila can give you spice in your alcohol. 

Below you’ll find a list of the best-flavored Tequilas from different brands and of a variety of tastes. Based on the descriptions you can decide if they seem like something you’d enjoy or maybe not so much, and if you’re on the fence, at least give them a try.  

These flavored Tequilas are delicious and a must-try. Drop by your favorite liquor store, or try out an online alcohol delivery service, to bring one – or all – of these bottles home today. 

1800 Coconut Tequila

1800 Coconut Tequila is made with one hundred percent blue agave, so not only is it strong, but it pairs well with other tropical flavored drinks with its coconut infusion.

It also works by itself for those who enjoy the natural rich taste of Tequila and coconut.

1800 Tequila is a popular and well-respected brand that has been harvesting blue agave and following the same recipe for close to 200 years.

Their Coconut Tequila is made with natural ingredients and offers something crisp and flavorful to your palate.  

This is a more common option in Tequila and can be found at most liquor stores, but definitely worth the purchase. Don’t let its commonality fool you- the taste of this tequila is top notch. 

21 Seeds Valencia Orange Tequila

The 21 Seeds Valencia Orange Tequila is refreshing, bold, and unique in its flavor.

It is the only orange flavored tequila on our list, but it claimed its spot with how delicious it is on the rocks and in a summer cocktail

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21 Seeds is a company that prides itself on smooth fruit and vegetable-infused Tequila.

What’s best about his orange-infused drink is how delicious it is as a stand-alone drink or with a simple addition of club soda. Reviews rage about its quality in taste and smoothness. 

I personally think 21 Seeds Valencia Orange Tequila is the perfect alcoholic beverage for summer.

Dulce Vida Pineapple Jalapeno Tequila

When you’re looking to make the perfect spicy margarita, Dulce Vida Pineapple Jalapeno Tequila is one of the best options for liquor.

It’s infused with blue weber agave, and with not only jalapeno but natural pineapple, giving it the perfect mix of sweetness and spiciness. 

With less than 100 calories, it’s no secret Dulce Vida uses natural ingredients in their tequila.

They harvest, distill and age their tequila with attention and care, earning them several awards as a company. 

With jalapeno and pineapple flavors, it makes a delicious margarita and doesn’t need any other strong flavor involved. 

Playa Real Pineapple Tequila

Playa Real Pineapple Tequila has all the sweet minus the spicy.

This tequila is hand-crafted and goes through a triple distillation process, giving it a strong flavor and smooth consistency.

It’s perfectly paired with club soda, pineapple juice, or other juices depending on your preference.

Playa Real Pineapple is an 80-proof, one hundred percent blue agave tequila that is as clear as the waters and sky of Mexico.

Playa Real is a tequila for the locals and for those who want to appreciate the beauty of tequila. Its taste can transport you to Mexico and help you feel the sun on your skin.

Rock N Roll Mango Tequila

Rock N Roll Mango Tequila is flavorful with infused mango and hints of caramel, leaving a sweet and delicious drink on the rocks and in a cocktail.

With its golden color and a bottle that is as fun as the drink, and its mango flavor was the first premium flavored tequila on the market

The Rock N Roll Tequila brand promotes all of its products in packaging that is the shape of a guitar.

Their tequila is created with Blue Weber Agave in one of the most successful areas to grow agave in the entire world. 

Because it’s from this location, and the agave is hand-picked, this mango tequila is premium. 

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Dano’s Dangerous Pineapple & Jalapeno Tequila

Dano’s Dangerous Pineapple & Jalapeno Tequila is an award-winning one hundred percent agave Blanco Tequila.

With fresh pineapple and jalapeno, this tequila is another example of the perfect balance of sweet and spicy. Smooth and tasty, this tequila goes well on its own or in a Margarita.

With Pineapple and Jalapeno being Dano’s first attempt at an infused tequila, they aspired for a smooth and enjoyable drink and his friends and family enjoyed it.

Now, thousands do around the world, including me. This tequila is one of my favorites.

Tanteo Blanco Pepper-Infused Tequilas

Tanteo Blanco Pepper-Infused Tequilas are one of the more unique infused flavors on our list.

Made entirely with Blue Weber Agave Blanco, this spicy tequila is best in a cocktail or Margarita.

The pepper infusion makes the perfect complement for citrus and berries. 

What makes Tanteo Tequilas so special is the number of people that come together to make it happen.

Tanteo Tequila works with close to a hundred agave-growing families, their products are genuine and made with care. Their other flavors are similarly spicy, one of their specialties.

YaVe Mango Blanco Tequila

YaVe Mango Blanco Tequila is another mango-infused flavor on our list made with pure agave in Mexico.

With mango being its only flavor, it pairs well with tropical cocktails and fruits like coconut and pineapple, or on its own depending on your preferences.

YaVe believes their tequila carries the spirit of Mexico’s volcanic waters, or in the city where dreams are different, pointing out that their tequila is for everyone.

Their phrase is to unlock the possibility for all those who wish to taste their fresh, smooth mango tequila.

Hornitos Lime Shot Tequila

Hornitos Lime Shot Tequila is a lime-infused tequila with a hint of salt that makes the perfect sweet and sour base for a classic margarita.

It’s made of blue agave tequila, so it also offers a crisp and refreshing drink on the rocks. Either way, served cold, the lime flavor is perfect for any occasion.

Having made tequila since 1950, Hornitos is a well-respected brand that makes its tequila with traditional and high standards.

They don’t just sell the alcohol but spread the symbol of innovation of not just their company, but the evolution of the tequila we drink and love today.

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