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What to Mix with Fireball Whisky

When you first started drinking alcohol, you probably enjoyed more than one shot of fireball whiskey. Downing shots of this spicy whiskey is a rite of passage from childhood to adulthood, but at some point, you have to put down the shot glass and pick up the mixers instead.

Fireball tastes great as a shot, but it tastes even better when you add it to a mixer. Of course, finding the mixer that works best for you isn’t always the easiest task.

In this guide, we’re taking a look at some of the best mixers for Fireball, so to find the one for you, keep on reading.

If you have tasted Fireball before, then you will know that it is a brand of cinnamon whiskey.

It is produced by mixing Canadian whiskey with cinnamon flavoring and sweeteners to completely transform the original whiskey into something different.

Even though Canadian whiskey is used to make Fireball, it is actually produced in Louisiana, and it is popular all over the world.

Fireball is weaker than most whiskeys due to the addition of sweeteners to its ingredients list, even though you won’t be able to taste them.

But what is the best mixer for it? Let’s find out.


Learn which sodas best mix with fireball!


Fireball and Coke is perhaps the ultimate pairing.

fireball and coke in a glass

A regular whiskey and coke tastes great, but fireball and coke tastes even better, and this is because of the spices that are added to the fireball.

If you’re on a diet, you can swap out regular Coke for Diet Coke, and it will taste just as good! 

Lemonade and Grenadine

If you want to switch up your Fireball by adding it to a cocktail, then lemonade and grenadine are the way to go.


Add a shot of Fireball and a shot of grenadine over ice, then fill your glass to the brim with lemonade.

Garnish with a slice of lemon and enjoy, this drink is absolutely delicious. 

Ginger Beer and Apple Cider

If that cocktail didn’t seem right up your street, then this one might.

a bottle of ginger beer next to two cocktails

Fill a glass with ice, add a shot of Fireball and grenadine, then top up with ginger beer and apple cider.

This drink is full of flavor and very well-rounded, so it is definitely a mixer to try! 

Club Soda and Orange Juice

A classic mixer for Fireball is orange soda, but using club soda and orange juice creates a much fuller flavor.

Add a shot of Fireball to your glass, then fill it with club soda and orange juice in equal measures. Mix, then enjoy.

Hot Drinks

Warm up with these Fireball cocktails.

Honey, Tea, and Lemon

Fireball tastes just as good when it is mixed with hot drinks.

Add a shot of Fireball to a glass of tea flavored with honey and lemon, then mix.

You’ll find yourself with a delicious hot toddy to enjoy on a cold night. 


Adding Baileys to coffee is considered normal, but adding Fireball, not so much.

fireball and coffee mixed in a glass

That being said, coffee actually makes an outstanding mixer for Fireball. So brew your coffee, then add a shot of Fireball for a delicious, spicy coffee. 

Hot Cocoa

Finally, we would recommend using hot chocolate as a mixer for Fireball.

When you add Fireball to your hot cocoa, it can completely transform the flavor, and make it the perfect winter drink.

It is definitely one to try, and you won’t be disappointed.

If you’re not a fan of drinking Fireball Whisky by itself, then hopefully this guide helped give you some insight on what to mix it with.

Don’t miss out on this flavorful whiskey the next time you’re looking for something to mix up, hot or cold!


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  1. Actually, best soda to mix with Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey is Dr. Pepper! It has array of flavors that mix very well with
    the cinnamon flavor of Fireball.

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