11 Popular Beers To Drink This Fall

Beer is one of the most popular drinks in the world, but it gets even more attention come fall every year. From the renowned Oktoberfest in Germany to various other beer festivals worldwide, the fall is arguably the best time to try out different beers.

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Whether you’re looking for mainstays or new fall-inspired beers, there are many great options.

However, as breweries get increasingly creative with various types of beers, it can be challenging to decide which ones to go for.

Best Fall Beers

As a fan of both light and dark beers and everything in between, I’ve compiled a list of the best fall beers that I’ve enjoyed the most and would highly recommend to anyone to try if given a chance.

Boulevard Tank 7 American Saison

Boulevard Brewing’s best fall beer is their Tank 7 American Saison.

The brewers wanted to create their take on a traditional Belgian-style farmhouse ale that would be perfect for drinking throughout the fall season.

The name is simple and comes from the seventh fermentation tank at the brewery. 

Tank 7 smells floral, citrusy, and yeasty, making it a delicious beer. The flavor notes feature grapefruit, peppercorn, and hoppiness.

It has an ABV of 8.5% and is one of those fall beers that pair well with almost anything you can imagine.

I enjoy sipping this one with dishes like mac and cheese and any herb-roasted meat. 

Cigar City Brewing “Maduro” Brown Ale

Cigar City Brewing is one of the largest Breweries in Florida. Stemming from Tampa, they have some of the tastiest beers throughout the state and southeast.

One of the best fall beers from Cigar City is actually one you can get year-round. It’s their Maduro Brown Ale

You can drink the Maduro year-round, but I think the flavor profile makes it taste the best in the fall.

It has hints of chocolate and espresso and is a dark brown color to resemble the color of cigars which play a huge role in Tampa’s history.

Despite being a darker color, the beer is light, with an ABV of 5.5%. This award-winning beer needs to be on your must-try list.

Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales Punkin Ale

A list of the best fall beers wouldn’t be complete without at least one pumpkin ale.

Dogfish Head’s Punkin Ale is one for all pumpkin lovers. Even if pumpkin isn’t your favorite, there’s something about this ale that makes it well worth trying.

Since its initial release back in 1995, it’s become one of the most popular pumpkin beers

Dogfish brewers brew the beer in pumpkin meat, brown sugar, and plenty of warm spices.

It’s crisp, delicious, and has an ABV of 7%. If you’re interested in trying the Punkin Ale, it releases every year on September 1st, but you’ll need to act quickly because it’s almost always out of stock by Thanksgiving.

Dupont Foret Saison

There’s nothing like an excellent fall beer from Belgium. The Dupont Foret Saison is a delicious fall beer if you’re a fan of Saisons.

Even if you don’t usually drink this beer style, it’s worth trying during the season.

The beer is brewed on a farm in Belgium and has all the classic characteristics people love from Dupont. 

The Foret Saison is the perfect combination of a blonde ale and spices. The spices are what make this Saison outrank its competition.

It’s a little citrusy, but the cloves’ warmth makes it the perfect fall beer. It has a golden brown appearance and an ABV of 7%. It’s not a heavy beer, making it great to enjoy with a meal.  

Great Lakes Brewing Oktoberfest

Even if you’re not a beer drinker, you know about Oktoberfest.

Breweries around the United States release their “Oktoberfest” beers during fall, but if you’re looking for the best Oktoberfest fall beer, Oktoberfest by Great Lakes Brewing is it.

The brewers created their version of a German Oktoberfest beer, and it’s always a huge hit. 

Oktoberfest by this brewery comes out every year on August 1st and lasts until it runs out, sometime during the fall.

This beer has everything you’d expect from this style. It’s hoppy and malty with an ABV of 6.5%.

This award-winning beer tastes great with just about any food, but I particularly love pairing it with pork, potatoes, and even pancakes. 

Left Hand Brewing Sawtooth

If you prefer a fall beer that’s not pumpkin or related to Oktoberfest, you’ll probably love Left Hand Brewing’s Sawtooth beer.

This amber ale has been a staple at Left Hand Brewing since its release in 1993. Everyone enjoys a well-rounded amber ale throughout the year, particularly in the fall. 

As you sip on this beer, you’ll taste plenty of hops, floral flavors, malts, and citrus. It has a lower alcohol content than some on this list, with an ABV of 5.3%.

If you don’t want to believe me about how good this beer is, take it from all the awards it has won.

It’s won several medals in the Great American Beer Festival and the Beer World Cup. 

Sierra Nevada Northern Hemisphere Harvest

As one of the most popular breweries in the United States, it shouldn’t be surprising that Sierra Nevada Brewing has a fantastic fall beer.

Their Northern Hemisphere Harvest is an original wet hop IPA that is perfect for those who love IPAs but want one that has a fall twist to it.

Unlike some fall beers on this list, this is a newer creation, initially released in fall 2020. 

The Northern Hemisphere Harvest is a deliciously hoppy beer with an ABV of 6.7%. The tasting notes of the beer feature rose, citrus blossom, and pine.

The pine is the perfect touch to make this IPA an incredible fall creation. 

Austin Eastciders Original Dry Cider

Breweries release dozens of ciders in the fall, but if you aren’t a fan of how sweet those brews can be, Austin Eastciders Original Dry Cider is the perfect fall cider.

It features that delicious apple flavor in classic ciders, but the brewers ensure they use European bittersweet apples to capture that dry taste. 

To help balance out the European bittersweet apples, they use American dessert apples to add a subtle sweetness.

This combination creates a crisp, dry cider to enjoy throughout the fall. This 5% ABV beverage pairs well with oysters, tacos, and cheeses.

I love this dry cider with a festive charcuterie board since it goes well with almost all kinds of cheese. 

Ayinger Oktober Fest Märzen

This list of the best fall beers wouldn’t be complete without mentioning an authentic German beer.

Ayinger is one of the most prominent breweries in Bavaria, and their Oktober Fest Marzen is recognized as one of the best fall beers.

Since Oktoberfest originated in Germany, you can’t get more authentic than their Oktober Fest Marzen. 

This seasonal beer features flavor notes of bread, caramel, and toffee. It’s the perfect combination of sweet and dry, making it a great beer to enjoy while chatting with friends or enjoying a meal.

It has an ABV of 5.8% and only comes out in the fall each year. So, be sure to get your hands on it while you can. 

Bell’s Best Brown Ale

Another year-round beer that makes a great fall beer is Bell’s Best Brown Ale.

Brown ales tend to make great fall and Winter beers because they’re a little heavier than the blonde and light ales you’d love in the warmer months. Even though it’s heavier than lighter beers, it’s not overwhelming. 

Bell’s Best Brown Ale is a well-balanced beer lighter than a porter or stout. It has plenty of malts and American hops.

Some fruity flavor notes are mixed in, but they’re very light, and the caramel flavors are more robust. This rich beer has an ABV of 5.8% and is decently carbonated.

Besides the taste, a great thing about this beer is that you can usually find it everywhere. 

New Belgium Voodoo Ranger Atomic Pumpkin Ale

If you know anything about craft beer, you know that New Belgium’s Voodoo Ranger is one of their most popular beers.

They took it a step further and created the Voodoo Ranger Atomic Pumping Ale for the fall season. 

The Atomic Pumpkin Ale has everything you love about pumpkin pie but in a beer. It has flavor notes of pumpkin, pumpkin spice, cinnamon, and cloves.

They even add a little habanero chili peppers to give it a slight kick. Don’t worry, though; it’s not overly spicy.

This fall beer has an ABV of 6.4%, and you can only get it in the fall while supplies last. 

Best Fall Beers

  1. Boulevard Tank 7 American Saison
  2. Cigar City Brewing “Maduro” Brown Ale
  3. Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales Punkin Ale
  4. Dupont Foret Saison
  5. Great Lakes Brewing Oktoberfest
  6. Left Hand Brewing Sawtooth
  7. Sierra Nevada Northern Hemisphere Harvest
  8. Austin Eastciders Original Dry Cider
  9. Ayinger Oktober Fest Märzen
  10. Bell’s Best Brown Ale
  11. New Belgium Voodoo Ranger Atomic Pumpkin Ale

Final Thoughts

Whichever activities and events you have planned for this fall, you can’t go wrong with sipping on one of these delicious fall beers.

From pumpkin ales to brown ales, these are the best fall beers out there right now. So the next time you’re at a store, get your hands on some of these beers and taste for yourself what makes them so great.

Did I leave your favorite fall beer out of this list? Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll make sure to check it out!

If you’re not a big beer drinker, check out some amazing fall cocktails instead!

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