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10 Most Popular Ciroc Vodka Flavors 

Become the life of the party with Ciroc vodka. Ciroc is modern vodka, made from French grapes instead of potatoes or grain, giving it a smooth, pleasant flavor.

A bottle of Ciroc Pineapple Vodka and a pineapple cup

Not only is this vodka tasty, but it also comes in a variety of tasty flavors to really mix up the night!  Ciroc Vodka was founded in 2013 by famous rap music icon, P-Diddy himself and remains one of the most popular vodkas today. In addition, it’s been said that since Ciroc Vodka is distilled using grapes instead of potatoes or grain, you’re less likely to get a hangover after consuming a beverage containing this vodka than other potato-based ones.

So, with that being said, let’s explore the top 10 best Ciroc flavors, starting with French Vanilla and finishing with refreshing white grape. 

French Vanilla Cîroc

French Vanilla is a staple flavor for both coffee and vodka, so it only makes sense that this one would top the list for the best Ciroc flavors as well. French Vanilla blends well when mixed with carbonated sodas, chocolate flavors, and of course, coffee flavors too. I personally love it mixed with vanilla coke or root beer! So, if you’re looking for a taste that most everyone will love, french Vanilla is definitely a good choice. 

Mango Cîroc

Another fabulous flavor that Ciroc offers is Mango. Mango Ciroc is perfect for fruity flavor fans and blends well with many other fruity flavors. You can easily blend Mango Ciroc with tropical fruit juices or white soda flavors for a delightful, fruity taste. Also, Mango goes well with fresh fruit, so if you enjoy alcoholic smoothies on a hot summer day, Mango may be the perfect flavor for you.  Mango Ciroc is also a great addition to a traditional Mai Tai, a vodka tonic, or even lemonade for a tangy yet sweet summer cocktail. 

Pineapple Cîroc

While we’re on the subject of tropical flavors, Pineapple Ciroc is another tasty tropical flavor you just have to try. Pineapple mixes well with fruity, tropical flavors. Some of my favorite mixers for pineapple Ciroc include fruit punch, coconut rum, and if you’re feeling really sassy, mix it with the Mango flavor of Ciroc with some pineapple juice for a refreshing summer cocktail.  You might also want to try adding Pineapple Ciroc to Limeade. The tangy pineapple combined with the crisp lime and zesty mint gives the perfect flavor profile for anyone that craves a good pineapple cocktail. 

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Red Berry Cîroc

Another tasty flavor to try when exploring the best Ciroc flavors is Red Berry. This flavor, in particular, has been a favorite among vodka lovers for a long time, and for a good reason. The smooth yet flavorful taste gives this flavor such a unique flavor profile. It’s a blend of raspberry, strawberry, and other berries and blends nicely with fruit juices and fresh flavors.  Try the Red Berry Cosmo, made with 1.5 parts Ciroc Red Berry Vodka, two parts cranberry juice, and a squeeze of lime, shaken and poured over ice. Another yummy cocktail that includes red berry vodka is the Red Berry Punch. The Red Berry Punch contains three simple ingredients: red berry vodka, cranberry juice, and tonic water, so it’s super simple to make! 

Summer Watermelon Cîroc

Enjoy a taste of summer with the Summer Watermelon Ciroc flavor. This is a refreshing flavor that will undoubtedly become a fan favorite after just one sip. Honestly, this flavor is so smooth and tasty; it stands well on its own, but mixing it with other flavors really adds to the exciting flavor profile.  Summer Watermelon Ciroc goes well with seltzers and anything fruity and fresh. One tasty cocktail recipe that comes to mind is the Summer Watermelon Spritzer. This drink mixes Summer Watermelon Ciroc, cranberry juice, lemonade, and soda or tonic water, creating a fruity, refreshing summer cocktail.  

Apple Cîroc

You can’t have a list of the best Ciroc flavors without including Apple. Apple Ciroc is a popular fall flavor and blends nicely with sweet, cinnamon flavors. I enjoy a glass of warm apple cider mixed in with a dash of Apple flavored Ciroc. You can also pair it with caramel vodka, apple juice, and pineapple flavors.  A popular cocktail using Ciroc Apple is the classic Appletini. Mix Apple vodka with freshly squeezed lemon juice and simple syrup for a truly delightful and refreshing taste. Another tasty cocktail you can make using the Ciroc Apple flavored vodka is Ruby Apple. The Ruby Apple cocktail contains 1 ounce of Ciroc Apple vodka, 1 ounce of Aperitif white wine, and a splash of fresh pink grapefruit juice. This is a great cocktail to sip outside on a breezy fall day while relaxing outside with friends. 

Coconut Cîroc

Coconut Ciroc is another excellent flavor of Ciroc vodka. It tastes great on its own, but you can really get the most out of the flavor by combining it with tropical fruit flavors such as pineapple or mango.  Coconut Ciroc makes the perfect addition to a classic Mai Tai or a pina colada. I also like adding coconut-flavored vodka to seltzer water with a splash of fresh pineapple or mango for a fun, tropical twist to a traditional vodka soda.   Try this CocoLoco cocktail recipe for a new twist on things. This cocktail includes Coconut Ciroc, coconut water, pineapple juice, and freshly squeezed lime. You know what they say; you put the lime in the coconut and mix it all up. That’s precisely what this recipe does, and it is tasty! 

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Peach Cîroc

What could be better than a sweet Georgia peach? When discovering the best Ciroc vodka flavors, I’d be remiss not to include peach. Ciroc Peach is a tasty flavor of vodka that goes well with almost anything fruity. Blend it with peach schnapps and soda water for a bubbly, peachy cocktail. Peach Ciroc also blends well with orange juice, fresh citrus fruits, and Champagne. Try this delicious yet simple recipe for a Peach Bellini and get the full flavor of Ciroc Peach. 

Summer Citrus Cîroc

Summer Citrus Ciroc is a great tasting flavor of vodka that also blends well with citrus fruits. Its smooth and tangy taste makes it the perfect addition to any summer drink. Mix it with lemonade and iced tea for a spiked Arnold Palmer, or try it with cranberry juice and pineapple for a tropical twist. This flavor is also great for your poolside sangrias with friends!  Try the Summer Citrus Spritz cocktail. This cocktail combines Summer Citrus Ciroc, club soda, Champagne, and cranberry juice and is served in a highball glass. Your friends and family will go crazy over this unique, flavorful blend! 

White Grape Cîroc

The White Grape Ciroc is most definitely considered to be one of the best Ciroc vodka flavors. Its smooth, juicy flavor is cut with floral undertones giving this flavor of vodka a truly unique flavor profile. The white grape flavor blends nicely with soda water, grapefruit juice, Sprite, and Champagne.  Try this fancy recipe for the White Grape 75. The White Grape 75 combines 1.5 ounces of Ciroc White Grape vodka, four ounces of Champagne, a sugar cube, and two dashes of Angostura bitters. This cocktail will impress even your finest of guests. 

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