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Our Favorite Cheap Vodka Brands to Drink on a Budget

No spirit is quite versatile as vodka when you’re looking to have a good time, whether out on the town or entertaining friends at home.

Smirnoff Vodka, in both green apple and original red label variants

There are just about a limitless number of cocktails that you can make with this clear delicious elixir. 

However, getting good vodka can be tricky. You want something smooth and crisp, not something that tastes like old aftershave. 

Top shelf vodkas are great. They have a distinctive taste and smooth finish, but if you’re looking to have a good time without spending a ton, let us show you the best cheap vodkas. 

This list features some of the best cheap vodkas that will make you think twice about reaching for a bottle of Grey Goose. 

Smirnoff Vodka

Smirnoff is probably the best-known vodka on the list.

Smirnoff Bottles on an Ice Background

They claim to be the world’s number one vodka, and by name recognition, they are probably correct. It’s also extremely affordable, making it a great budget vodka brand.

Smirnoff has a long history of making fine spirits. The story of Smirnoff goes back to 1864 when P.A. Smirnov established the brand. The vodka is now distilled and bottled in the United States. 

In 1941 Smirnoff created the iconic Moscow mule. A deliciously refreshing concoction made with Smirnoff vodka, ginger beer, and lime wedges.

This cocktail took off in the vodka world and is still popular today. 

Smirnoff is an excellent vodka for making all sorts of cocktails, from bloody Mary’s to screwdrivers and everything in between. But if you’re looking for a real treat, try a classic Smirnoff Moscow mule. 


Svedka is an extremely popular budget vodka brand, and for good reason. Svedka Vodka is reliable crisp and well-rounded.

SVEDKA Vodka rainbow portfolio

The vodka is distilled four times, and fresh spring water is used during production for ultimate purity and flavor.

Of course, while Svedka has excellent traditional vodka, the brand is best known for fun and creatively flavored vodkas that make great bases for cocktails.

The wide variety of fruit flavors, such as blue raspberry or mango pineapple, can be a unique twist on otherwise basic vodka cocktails


Skyy Vodka is smooth and reliable. It also comes at a conveniently low price, making it an ideal home bar item.

Several bottles of Skyy Vodka on display at a local grocery store

Skyy Vodka has a light and neutral flavor that makes it a flexible and adaptable base for any cocktail you desire.

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This vodka has a nice peppery flavor, making an otherwise unremarkable taste much more memorable.

While Skyy couldn’t be called an adventurous vodka choice, it is a good quality vodka for a reasonable price and provides an excellent drinking experience. 

Spirytus Rektyfikowany

Spirytus Rektyfikowany, made by the Polmos company, is a famous Polish rectified spirit.

A rectified spirit is an alcoholic beverage with an extremely high concentration of ethanol. This highly concentrated and purified alcoholic beverage has an ABV of a whopping 95%. 

This is one of the most popular rectified spirits on the market, with an extremely pure and smooth taste.

To be clear, rectified spirits are not meant to be consumed neat—that would be akin to drinking hand sanitizer! Instead, use Spirytus Rektyfikowany as a base for cocktails or homemade flavored liquors.


Pinnacle is another extremely popular budget vodka brand.

Although the average price is quite low, Pinnacle regularly receives awards and accolades from the vodka industry. This vodka is smooth with a slightly sweet undertone.

Like other inexpensive vodka brand competitors, Pinnacle offers a wide range of signature flavored vodkas.

One of the most well-known Pinnacle flavors is Pinnacle Whipped, which is a fantastic flavored vodka for dessert recipes.

Pinnacle’s fruit flavors, such as pineapple or orange, are also excellent for creative and original cocktail recipes. 

Finlandia Vodka

Finlandia vodka is distilled in Finland under the land of the midnight sun.

The company claims that the vodka is distilled with glacial spring water for clarity and smoothness.

The grain used in Finlandia is a special kind of barley called Suomi especially suited to grow in the Finnish climate. 

Drinking Finlandia on the rocks isn’t for everyone. It has a bit more of a burn and tastes a little stout. While Finlandia is not as smooth as Tito’s, it does make a fine mixed drink. 

Finlandia makes a great bloody Mary or white Russian. Keep a bottle around for when you want to make some cocktails with a kick. 

Deep Eddy Vodka

Another newcomer to the vodka world is Deep Eddy Vodka.

Also distilled in Texas, Deep Eddy takes its name from the oldest swimming hole in Austin. Deep Eddy is a surprisingly smooth vodka perfect for sipping. 

In addition to their traditional vodka, Deep Eddy makes several excellent flavored varieties. Their flavors include ruby red grapefruit, lemon, lime, orange, peach, cranberry, and sweet tea.

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These flavored varieties are perfect for chilling in the freezer and serving as shots. 

You don’t have to stick to drinking Deep Eddy straight. Their line of vodkas makes a variety of tantalizing concoctions. One of my favorites is the Deep Eddy Texas Madras.

Made with Deep Eddy orange vodka, cranberry juice, club soda, and mint leaves, this is the perfect drink for relaxing by the pool.  

New Amsterdam Vodka

New Amsterdam vodka is distilled in Modesto, California, and is actually a brand E&J Gallo.

Famous for their wines, E&J Gallo ventured into the vodka business by launching New Amsterdam in 2011. 

New Amsterdam has classic vodka along with a wide array of flavored vodkas. Their classic vodka is smooth enough to make a great martini. But their flavored vodkas are great for making mixed drinks. 

With twelve different flavors, the options for mixed drinks are almost limitless. New Amsterdam features a bargain price with a top-shelf taste.

I definitely recommend keeping a couple of bottles of this in your bar. 


UV vodka is one of the more budget-friendly vodkas out there. While I wouldn’t recommend it for drinking on the rocks, it does make a fine mixer. 

UV is another brand that features classic vodka and multiple flavors. You can even get their 103 proof if you’re feeling the need to get tipsy quickly. 

With the orange and vanilla flavors, you can create a nice dreamsicle cocktail. With cheap vodka like UV, you can pick up a few bottles and try several different mixers.

Although I have to say, I’m not sure I’m brave enough to try the Sriracha chili pepper flavor.


Sobieski is a quality vodka from Poland. Named after a famous Polish King, this vodka is the real deal. Sobieski has a long history in Poland, dating back to 1864. 

Over 150 years of craftsmanship show through in this fine spirit. Sobieski is smooth and can be drunk straight or on the rocks.

It is a bit on the dry side but not overly dry. This is one of the best cheap vodkas available. 

While the original is an outstanding choice, Sobieski has ventured into making flavored versions. In my opinion, though, you can’t beat the classic. 

When looking for the best cheap vodkas, look no further than the list above.

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While these vodkas may be cheap in price, they are by no means lacking in flavor and quality. You’ll be surprised at the quality you get for the price. 

If you’re looking for a good sipping vodka that’s great for a martini or on the rocks, I recommend the Sobieski and Deep Eddy.

If you want some great vodka to make mixers, you can’t beat the variety of flavors from UV and New Amsterdam. For the classic Moscow mule, don’t overlook the Smirnoff. 

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