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Top 10 Inexpensive Gins Under $30

Although gin is not as expensive as whiskey or cognac, there are some types that cost up to $50 per bottle. Fortunately, most of the best gins on the market are relatively reasonable, costing less than $30 on average. From New Western to London dry gin to exotic spirits from France and Japan, the best cheap gins represent a wide range of styles. 

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Gin is a vital ingredient in many traditional cocktails, from the regular martini to more sophisticated concoctions, so these bottles are a must-have for every home bar. Here are some of the best inexpensive gins you can buy:

Gordon’s Gin

gordons gin

Distilled by: Cameronbridge Gin Distillery 

Alcohol by Vol.: 40%

Prominent Flavors: Juniper, citrus, and spice.

Gordon’s gin has a long and illustrious history in England, dating back to 1769, so it knows how to manufacture a superb gin. What else do you need to know about the UK’s No. 1 gin since the 19th century? If you need any further proof, it was also James Bond’s favorite gin. 

Gordon’s has a crisp pine aroma on the nose, as well as pleasant citrus notes of grapefruit peel and lemon zest. Gordon’s has an uncanny ability to strike the perfect balance between all the ingredients. All the flavors you’d anticipate are present, yet none of them is overbearing. The intensity of the juniper is mild, as is its sweetness.

Hints of spice like cardamom and coriander provide depth, while a faint ethanol burn lets you appreciate the gin. This gin has four equal parts: citrus, juniper, alcohol, and spice. It tastes exactly like a superb London dry gin should, yet it’s still dirt cheap, considering its quality.

Citadelle Gin

citadelle gin

Distilled by: Maison Ferrand 

Alcohol by Vol.: 44%

Prominent Flavors: Anise, cinnamon and juniper. 

The terroir of France lends this gin a wonderful balance of juniper and citrus, making it ideal for adding to basic cocktails.

Alexandre Gabriel of Maison Ferrand Cognac and Plantation Rum distilled this gin. It’s distilled in pot stills similar to those used in the production of cognac, which is understandable considering its history.

Plymouth Gin

plymouth gin and tonic

Distilled by: 

Alcohol by Vol.: 41.2%

Prominent Flavors: Coriander, lemon peel, and juniper.

Plymouth Gin is probably the best gin to use in cocktails for folks that dislike gin. Almost everybody that tastes it loves it. This traditional southwestern England gin makes the perfect addition to any gin cocktail

Glenmore Gin

glenmore gin
Source: Drizly

Distilled by: Sazerac Co.

Alcohol by Vol.: 40%

Prominent Flavors: Spice, juniper, and citrus.

Glenmore gin is another of the cheapest gins, with a 750 ml bottle costing well under $10, and you couldn’t do much better for mixing gin and tonics at a pool party. This one has the essence of a traditional London dry gin, but its distinguishing feature is that all of its flavors are muted. 

The balanced character of crisp citrus, juniper, and spice flavors, with a moderate quantity of residual sweetness, is a good aspect to some lovers of the gin. Others believe Glenmore lacks assertiveness, describing it as great-tasting but too mellow and lacking enough character to stand out.

Tanqueray Rangpur

Tanqueray Rangpur bottles

Distilled by: Diageo Plc. 

Alcohol by Vol.: 41.3%

Prominent Flavors: Juniper, lime, and lemon.

Tanqueray Rangpur gin is probably the most citrus-based gin available, and it’s also one of the most delicious. It’s a fantastic match for lime, which makes it an excellent choice for a classic gin and tonic

13th Colony Southern Gin

Distilled by: Thirteenth Colony Distilleries

Alcohol by Vol.: 41%

Prominent Flavors: Cinnamon, florals, juniper, and spices. 

This one from the 13th Colony distillery is priced to sell well. You’d think a gin from a small distillery would have a more distinct taste than mass-produced brands, and you’d be right in this case. 13th Colony gin has an intriguingly unique blend of woody and floral notes, with spice and a dash of what tastes like cassia bark and cinnamon. 

This gin tastes sweeter than many other gins, with peppercorn spiciness, juniper, and florals. It definitely has what we call a vegetal feel to it. It’s a gin that may be useful in a variety of situations, but it’s not as well-balanced as some of the others on this list. 

Whitley Neill Blood Orange Gin

Distilled by: Whitley Neill

Alcohol by Vol.: 43%

Prominent Flavors: Juniper, blood orange, and cassia bark. 

The Neill family has been making gin since 1762, which is quite evident in the taste of their gins. This is a great gin to try if you’ve never tried a Whitley Neill gin before. It tastes like oranges and juniper, and gives a summery feel. 

Suntory Roku Japanese Gin

Suntory Roku Japanese Gin

Distilled by: Suntory

Alcohol by Vol.: 43%

Prominent Flavors: Yuzu, sansho pepper, and juniper. 

This gin is light, fresh, and flowery, and tastes great with ice or your favorite tonic.

Roku is a product of Suntory, which is popular for its whisky brands Hibiki and Yamazaki as well as Japanese vodka..

Roku translates to 6 which indicates the Japanese botanicals that mixes with more traditional flavors, to give this unique gin. 

Mr. Boston English Market Gin

Mr. Boston English Market Gin

Distilled by: Sazerac Co. 

Alcohol by Vol.: 40%

Prominent Flavors: Juniper, coriander, lemon, and lime. 

This gin is a lighter and milder version of London Dry gin, with subtle hints of the current western style.

Mr. Boston is a little more botanical-focused, with hints of lemon-lime flavor, coriander, and juniper. It’s milder to taste and has a more bearable alcohol taste than many others.

Mr. Boston isn’t the most aggressive or unusual of these brands, but it’s certainly one of the most well-balanced and mildest. Because it is so cheap, it might be the best pure value of the bunch.

Bluecoat American Dry Gin

Distilled by: Bluecoat Gin

Alcohol by Vol.: 47%

Prominent Flavors: Pepper, juniper, and lemon. 

Bluecoat is the gin to reach for if you want to mix a refreshing drink. Its versatility makes it a true American behemoth. It’s always worth mentioning Bluecoat American Dry Gin.

It is essentially responsible for the development of the American gin style. It has a lovely citrus flavor and works well in many drinks.

You don’t need the most expensive gin to make your favorite cocktails. These inexpensive gins are all less than $30 for a standard 750 ml bottle, and they taste great!

The best cheap gins are all you need to stock your liquor cabinet or bar cart. Pick one from our list, or tell us about your favorite budget gin in the comments!

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