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14 Best Tasting Bang Energy Drink Flavors

As one of the most popular energy drinks on the market, Bang comes in a wide variety of flavors. Not only can you find those like sweet iced tea, root beer, and chocolate, but the company offers many unique flavor combinations you wouldn’t otherwise consider.

Two cans of Bang Energy Drink

There are so many Bang Energy Drinks to choose from and so many new flavors coming out that it is hard to know which flavors are the best.

To help out with this task and assist others in choosing the best Bang options out there, I have personally taste-tested all the flavors offered.

Continue reading below to find out which are the best Bang Energy flavors and decide which you should spend your money on!

Black Cherry Vanilla

You are starting to see black cherry and vanilla come together more frequently in soda and flavored waters.

Now you can experience the combination in a Bang Energy Drink.

Having the pop of black cherry against the sweet and smooth backdrop of vanilla is such a refreshing and rejuvenating blend.

I love Bang’s Black Cherry Vanilla because it doesn’t have the overly sugared taste that other drinks have.

The drink goes down smoothly compared to those that are abundantly sweet, and it gives you a pleasant experience all the way through.

Rainbow Unicorn

You may not know what to expect when you come across the Rainbow Unicorn flavor of Bang Energy Drink.

When you take that first sip, you will quickly realize that it’s a medley of watermelon and bubble gum. But the real question remains – is watermelon and bubble gum something you want to drink together?

The answer is yes. Think of a juicy, flavor-bursting piece of your favorite childhood watermelon bubble gum.

Now that you have that in your head, transfer the memory to a can of Bang.

When you’re looking for a walk down memory lane in a more adult version, don’t hesitate to reach for a Rainbow Unicorn Bang.

Cotton Candy

Can you imagine the joy that would come about if you were to drink cotton candy in liquid form?

The thing is, you don’t have to imagine! Bang has its own version of a cotton candy drink that is exactly what you would hope for in liquid cotton candy.

I have noticed, as well as others who have tried the drink, that over time, the taste gets to be a bit too much.

This Bang flavor is one that you may want to drink half now and half later – just so you won’t become too overwhelmed by the taste. 

Power Punch

If you find the other flavors on this list a bit too much and are looking for something with a more subtle taste, then Power Punch from Bang is likely to be a good fit.

With a mixture of different fruit extracts, you get the taste of your favorite punch blend but without the tangy aspect.

While some don’t like this option, I personally feel that it’s a great one to have in rotation.

With all the exquisite flavors, sometimes it’s good to have one that does the job but has a little less of a puckering taste.

Peach Mango

Bang’s Peach Mango flavor is one of the top drinks in their offerings due to the authentic peach taste that comes with a hint of mango.

While the mango isn’t as strong as the peach element, you still get a bit of it in every sip.

One thing to keep in mind is that, as I mentioned in the Cotton Candy flavor, the Peach Mango can be a bit overwhelming if you drink it all in one sitting.

I prefer to split it up into two or three segments throughout the day. It keeps me energized and minimizes the feeling of the flavors being too much.

Cherry Blade Lemonade

In what is quite possibly the perfect summer drink, Bang’s Cherry Blade Lemonade delivers everything you could want in a refreshing beverage and more.

Many say, and I concur, that the taste is reminiscent of the highly popular Cherry Limeade at Sonic.

What could be better than having that at your disposal in your own refrigerator 24/7?

With the sharp yet not overbearing flavor of cherry and the background of a crisp lemonade, this is a Bang option that you can start and finish all in one sitting.

There is no need to portion it out and leave some for later; it won’t last that long!

Pina Colada

Who doesn’t love a classic pina colada? While the Bang version doesn’t come out to an exact match, it’s a good option when choosing which flavor of Bang is the best for you and your energy drink needs.

If you find that Cherry Blade Lemonade isn’t your jam in terms of a go-to summer drink, it’s a guarantee that Pina Colada will be.

One thing to remember is that this option isn’t an overly flavorful choice. It’s reminiscent of an actual pina colada but isn’t an exact match.

Therefore, it’s smooth going down and has subtle hints of the necessary flavors.

Sour Heads

If you’re a fan of the ultra-sour candy War Heads, you will love the Bang Energy Drink flavor Sour Heads.

The lip-puckering taste will catch you off guard but leave you wanting more. 

As a person who has had their fair share of the Sour Heads flavor, it is worthy to note that this kind isn’t for everyone.

It can be an overwhelming experience if you don’t thoroughly enjoy the sour taste, whether in candy or drinks.

However, it is something you should try at least once because it is likely that you will enjoy it – even if it’s just as an occasional flavor.

Blue Razz

We are all familiar with the flavor of blue raspberry when it comes to slushies.

You see them in gas stations, movie theaters, and theme parks. But how does it pan out when you’re looking for the best Bang Energy flavors?

I am here to tell you that it won’t disappoint. Everything that you have experienced in your past with gas station slushies will come into existence but in the form of a Bang Energy Drink.

The unique taste of raspberry will captivate your palette, and you will quickly want to fill your refrigerator with dozens of the Blue Razz flavors.

Candy Apple Crisp

The Candy Apple Crisp flavor of Bang Energy is one you see in the cooler or on the shelf, and think – how is this going to pan out?

You don’t often think about the combination of candy apple, apple crisp, and energy drink. 

But thankfully, the flavor creators at Bang Energy have a unique mindset because they incorporated all of these into a great tasting option.

If you are hesitant to try it out, much like I was, don’t be. You won’t regret adding this flavor to your rotation.

Strawberry Blast

With its vibrant military-inspired design, a can of Bang Energy Strawberry Blast will easily catch your eye on store shelves.

While it’ll quickly inspire you to pick it up to look into it further, you’re left wondering whether the flavor inside matches up to the high-quality packaging on the outside.

You will be happy to know that the Strawberry Blast flavoring is top-notch. It is immediately known as strawberry, but not in an over-the-top sense.

I find it sweet, with no sour aspect to it, having a fruit juice undertone that lends to the refreshing nature of the beverage.

Purple Guava Pear

If you like the Pina Colada flavor above but want to kick it up a notch, the Bang Energy Purple Guava Pear should be your next flavor purchase.

What you’ll recognize right off the bat is the authentic guava flavor. It’s unlike any other and gives an incredible tropical feel to the beverage.

When you look at my summer line-up of Bang Energy flavors, you will find plenty of tropical elements.

Purple Guava Pear is always one of the first ones I pick up for the days of endless sun and high heat that summer greets me with every year.

Star Blast

Another addition to my summer rotation is the ultra tropical Star Blast flavor of Bang Energy drinks.

With one sip, you will feel like you are sipping a specialty cocktail on the beach of the Caribbean.

I’m not sure how the flavor creators at Bang came up with the combination behind Star Blast, but they did a “bang-up” job!

One of the unique additions to Bang Energy Star Blast is the banana. Mixed with passion fruit, the end result reminds me of the tropical flavored Starbursts candy – but in beverage form.

Getting the energy boost in conjunction with a flavor profile that takes you straight to your favorite beach is a match made in heaven.

Purple Haze

One option we have not yet had on the list is grape.

Therefore, it seemed fitting to include Bang Energy’s Purple Haze on the list because it gives that grape flavor that many love and is one of the most popular drink options in Bang’s inventory.

The best way to explain what it’s like to consume Purple Haze is to say that it is comparable to drinking a can of grape soda but with an extra layer of grape flavoring.

While the artificial taste is a bit obvious, it doesn’t take away from the overall experience.

I often find myself reaching for this drink due to the unique grape flavor and even taste.

Many people are drawn to the various flavors that Bang Energy offers in its drink line-up. Often, you see the different types available on store shelves and are lost as to which one you should choose.

All of them look appealing, and you aren’t sure which are the best Bang Energy flavors.

This guide outlines the 14 best options for you to consider when shopping for your next Bang Energy Drink. While far more than 14 are favorable, we worked to narrow it down to a reasonable amount for individuals to try out.

While there are many energy drinks to choose from when you are shopping in stores and online, Bang Energy offers some of the most unique and creative flavor options for customers to choose from in their inventory.

What flavors have you tried? Which ones have you determined to be the best?

If you prefer a different brand, check out the most popular Monster energy flavors!


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  1. Lemon Drop and Raging Raspberry Hibiscus are my favorites. However they are super hard to find so I am often forced to purchase something else or do without. I find decreasing of the others listed to have a nice taste but they are overly sweet to me.

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