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Our Favorite Apple Flavored Whiskeys to Try

Whether the weather stays hot or cold, you probably need something unique to rejuvenate your warmth beyond the normal. Something that gives your soul an unflavored spirit, possibly more tang to go with the season.

apple whiskey cocktail with apple garnish

If you are looking for a diversified drink, go for nothing less than the best apple whiskey brands.

Apple flavored whisky is what you reach when the weather drops, adding sweetness to your palate. Undeniably, it’s more adventurous to sip your crisp blend spirit that offers hints of cinnamon, caramel, nutmeg, or vanilla.

Check out this exclusive guide we have tracked down the best apple whiskey brands.

Jim Beam Apple Bourbon Whiskey

The Beam family has produced Jim Beam Bourbon whiskey since 1795.

Seven generations later, they have persisted in family values of making fine wine. It’s a robust spirit used as a base for a delicious rendition with apple.

Their wine is renowned with irresistible aromas of apple cider, vanilla, and cinnamon making it overwhelmingly sweet.

Jim Beam Apple Bourbon Whiskey is the perfect combination of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey and apple liqueur.

That results in a fresh burst of crisp green apple flavor and warm bourbon finish that you can enjoy straight, on the rocks, or with a lemon wedge and club soda.

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Apple Whiskey

If you are desirous of fresh and rewarding taste, a blend of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey and flavors of crisp green apples gives the best choice.

Made of real apples, apple whiskey is one of the best apple brands to sway non-whiskey drinkers while impressing connoisseurs.

With the unmistakable character of Jack Daniels, there’s a taste of warm toffee and caramel to balance the not, particularly spice-forward spirit.

A unique in-house apple liqueur is usually blended with Old No. 7 in Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Apple Whiskey.

With this one, you can compellingly sense Jack’s character of boldness in this drink, especially in cocktails Like Jack Apple Mule or Jack Apple Fizz.

The 70-proof, 35% ABV has a refreshingly smooth taste, perfect when relaxing at home or sharing moments with friends.

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Bird Dog Apple Whiskey

Opting for the Bird Dog Apple Whiskey from Bowling Green, Kentucky, is the best decision if you want a higher kick of flavored spirit than usual.

This blend is 80-proof, and it’s delivered on all fronts, including an attractive color, fruit apple, and cinnamon notes. But it’s the finish that complements apple whiskey while getting the bourbon base that demands a follow-up sip.

As a uniquely-flavored Bird Dog Apple Whiskey bursts on the nose with a ripe apple scent, the succulent palate of many apples follows.

It has a mentionable smooth finish with sweet apple zest fades into the bourbon, leaving lingering cinnamon.

These nostalgic scents liken this cocktail to pouring a fresh-baked apple pie into your glass.

J Seeds Apple Cider Whiskey

The familiar burn of corn whiskey is a finish brought along with cinnamon applesauce, capturing the essence of J Seeds Apple Cider Whiskey.

There’s a palate offering a balance between the sweetness of crisp apples and the smoothness of aged whiskey. It’s a sweet-tart delight not overwhelming and is easy to drink neat or lighten up a cocktail.

Johnny Seeds or Johnny Apple seed is purported to have made this drink accidentally. While cleaning out his uncle’s distillery in Kentucky, he mixed in some apple cider made with apples from a Washington orchard.

The resultant drink entered the state fair and won first place, seeing as it’s equally good mixed, neat, cold, or hot.

Rattlesnake Rosie’s Apple Pie Whiskey

It’s a carefully crafted corn whiskey made of New York cider, vanilla, brown sugar, and cinnamon.

The results are moonshine with a refined apple pie to its taste and several awards to its name. In Rattlesnake Rosie’s Apple Pie Whiskey, you have a 70-proof dessert whisky blend that’s heavily spiced to add depth.

The whiskey holds an intense nose of peach with hints of creaminess in bourbon apple taste. Its expression is 100% corn whiskey from Iron Smoke Distillery and locally made apple cider.

It’s a fresh take on the apple pie shine recipes with its aromas of molasses, cinnamon, barrel char, and vanilla. Apples dominate the finish, but baked apples, pie crust, fruitcake, and waffles notes.

Serpent’s Bite Apple Cider Whisky

Distilled with a combination of rye and corn, a signature blend of apple cider gives the Canadian Serpent’s Bite Apple Cider Whisky aroma notes of red, freshly pressed apples.

Over the whisky, the finishes are undertones of ripe pear and spices to bring an overall taste that’s surprisingly crisp.

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You can imbibe in one of the best apple whiskey brands neat or use it to mix a base shooter to realize the fullness of its smooth finish fully.

Serpent’s Bite Apple Cider Whisky is blended during distillation and not after. It’s then infused with apple cider flavors which give the 70-proof, 35% ABV liquid a smooth texture.

The delectable layer of flavor reminisces the fall season and appeals to whiskey and apple cider lovers.

Crown Royal Regal Apple

A hand-selected whiskey is infused with fresh, natural Regal Gala apple flavors to give the Crown Royal Regal Apple Whisky.

It’s a remarkably entertaining Canadian blend with undertones of oak, cinnamon, and spicy vanilla that’s vigorous enough to be the life of the party.

Its nose has smooth apple quality and balance, while the core gives off creamy caramel sweetness.

As one of the best apple whiskey brands, being finished in plump apple notes but remains buoyant with full-body lasting whisky flavor. It’s distilled and matured to perfection at Crown Royal’s distillery in Gimli, Manitoba, overlooking Lake Winnipeg.

The 70-proof whisky enhances cocktails such as the cranberry juice entendre called CrownBerry Apple.

Piehole Apple Pie Canadian Whiskey

With a nose like actual apple pie, baked crust, hints of clove, and vanilla spices, Piehole Apple Pie Whiskey delivers a slightly crisp and buttery aroma.

The flavors nail the taste of sliced apples but finish in a strong base spirit with tones of re-used charred oak barrels. As a pet peeve, the whisky bottle comes in the 1940s or 50s era theme art style for a bold, fun label.

The Piehole Apple Pie Canadian Whiskey has more surprises in flavor combinations, which interact with aspects of angostura bitters.

It holds up well on ice with or without dilution, tending to stay attenuated with the spirit’s weight despite the refreshing sweetness. As one of the best apple whisky brands, the apple-flavored liqueur is aged four and eight years.

Catch Fire Apple & Cinnamon Whisky

The flavors of Canada are ingrained in this balanced and expertly blended apple and cinnamon-nosed fireball whiskey.

catch fire whiskey bottle

Catch Fire Apple & Cinnamon Whisky is perfectly smooth and has a velvety natural fruity flavor that delights every sip.

Its lush cinnamon fierceness sets you ablaze while the spirit lingers with aromas of vanilla and touches of caramel.

You can enjoy Catch Fire Apple & Cinnamon Whisky neat or on the rocks. The cinnamon and freshly baked apple flavors mix well with various aperitifs to concoct cocktails with spicy notes.

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Ellington Reserve Apple Whisky

Ellington Reserve has a larger than usual rye content, which gives this expertly crafted apple whiskey a crisp yet juicy nose balanced with a warm finish.

The Ellington Reserve Apple Whisky has a rich, smooth aroma typical of apple juice, pear, vanilla, and peach. Its thin flow makes for a satisfying swallow due to the luscious apple skin and core aromas.

The Ellington Reserve Apple Whisky is one of the best apple whisky brands because of its vibrant, delicious blend.

They’ve made it with juicy fresh peaches that satisfyingly interact with the smooth whiskey you want in every one of your cocktails.

Stillhouse Apple Crisp Whiskey

Distilled four times, copper still and charcoal filtered gives spirit 100% corn whiskey base, a large part of Stillhouse Apple Crisp Whiskey.

Initially launched and sold as moonshine, this apple liqueur comes in a stainless-steel package that reminds you of a lighter fluid can. Its aroma is cinnamon-baked apples behind the corn whiskey back.

Stillhouse Apple Crisp Whiskey has a thick syrupy feel, and flavor builds to tart crisp apple and sweet spice peaks.

Noses of vanilla are also detectable, while the warm finish carries the taster of corn, caramel, and a mild forbidden fruit sting.

I have tasted a lot of whiskies, but none leaves lingering memories like the apple-infused varieties listed above. If you’re looking for a flavored whiskey with less sweetness and more spice, check out our favorite cinnamon whiskeys!

While whiskey has been captivating since its inception, lately blended flavors are in demand more than ever before. Several brands have elevated approaches from traditional spirits into classic cocktails.

The best apple whiskies are enhanced with a fresh ripe apple balanced with the sour or bitter rye and bourbon flavors.

The best apple whiskeys are unsurpassed, with little sweetness but the right amount of sour to the spirits burn. So, as temperatures drop, try one of the most trusted soothing apple whiskeys to go for this season. 

These also merge well with other aperitif mixes and reminisce of mild, faintly sweet charred oak barrels. If you’re drinking straight from the bottle, the best apple whisky brands will leave your palate in sizzle and still satisfyingly warm your belly.

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