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Top 6 Absolut Vodka Flavors to Try

Sweden consistently ranks in the top three most eco-friendly countries in the world. It follows then that Sweden’s premier spirit company, Absolut Vodka, touts its vodka as being “one source and one community.”

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Originating in 1879, Absolut Vodka has been serving Europe for over 140 years. It began U.S. operations in 1972.

Absolut Vodka oversees every aspect of its products, sourcing the wheat from Sweden’s bountiful Ahus farms to utilize in a carbon-neutral distillation process in its Ahus village distillery. They even use recycled glass to create every Absolut Vodka bottle.

In addition to an eco-friendly philosophy, Absolut Vodka is a creative and progressive company that’s constantly inventing colorful and flavorful new vodka products.

Its line of flavored vodkas includes numerous fruit, herb, and spice-infused varieties.

Best Absolut Vodka Flavors 

It was hard to choose a precious few, but I have managed to narrow my list of the best Absolut vodka flavors to the six items below. 

Absolut Raspberri

Sweden is known for its strawberry fields and berry-laden forests, so this proudly Swedish company delivers a fan favorite with Absolut Raspberri.

Using raspberries soured from Swedish forests, Absolut Raspberri has a strong aroma of wild raspberries that translates to a pop of berry flavor with every sip.

There’s no sugar added to any Absolut flavored vodka, so you get a strong berry flavor and a subtle sweetness that’s low in calories.

My favorite vodka cocktail to make with Raspberri vodka is a Raspiroska, which entails a simple mixture of:

  • Absolut Rasperri
  • Simple syrup
  • Whole raspberries

By macerating the whole raspberries with simple syrup, you enhance the raspberry flavor and add a delightfully seedy texture to this Nordic summer cocktail.

Absolut Mango

Mangos are decidedly not a Swedish crop, but they’re too delicious a treat to exclude from the Absolut Vodka’s flavor repertoire.

The Absolut Mango flavored vodka uses Alphonso mangos, the sweetest Indian-native variety, to impart a delicious tropical taste.

The infusion and distillation process manages to concentrate the flavor without adding too much sugar.

Absolut Mango lends well to sweet, spicy, and sour cocktails. You can make it sweet by using Absolut mango in a cocktail that mocks a tequila sunrise with cranberry juice, orange juice, and mango.

I like the idea of a spicy mango cocktail, so I tried Absolut’s suggestion for a Spicy Mangotini with:

  • Absolut mango
  • Absolut peppar
  • Lemon juice
  • Mango puree
  • Simple syrup
  • jalapeno

Absolut Citron

One of Absolut’s first flavored vodkas and the muse behind the famous Cosmopolitan cocktail, Absolut Citron is a lemon-flavored vodka.

Absolut Citron has been Absolut Vodka’s top-selling product since it launched in the 1980s. 

Absolut Citron uses the freshest, highest-quality lemons and lemon peel to impart a tart and bright flavor that has become the mainstay flavored spirit on any professional mixologist’s shelf.

Versatility is the basis of Absolut Citron’s appeal. You can use it for lemon drop martinis, spiked lemonades, sangrias, and many other cocktails. 

Since it inspired Cosmopolitan, I had to try it out for my next girls’ night cocktail party.

Absolut Pears

Pears are a special fall and winter treat in the Northern Hemisphere, and their delicately sweet, juicy, and soft flavor and texture profiles make for a delightful drink infusion.

Absolut Pears use real pear juices to create a classy and elegant flavored drink. Absolut recommends combining it with ginger beer to bring out the pear flavor.

I took the suggestion a step further by using Absolut Pears as the spirit for a Moscow Mule with:

  • Lime
  • Ginger beer
  • Absolut Pear
  • Simply syrup
  • Ice

If it’s pear season, you can always puree fresh pears to make a pear martini.

Absolut Vanilla

An exotic and sensual choice, Absolut Vanilla uses fresh vanilla beans from Madagascar with undertones of caramel, toffee, and bourbon.

Despite its reputation, there’s nothing plain about vanilla vodka. It’s an essential aromatic flavoring agent for every dessert under the sun. 

Absolut Vanilla manages to utilize its strong and unique flavor for a sweet alcoholic treat. If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll love Absolut Vanilla. It’s the perfect flavored vodka for a White Russian. 

My favorite use of Absolut Vanilla is in an Espresso Martini, with:

  • Absolut Vanilla
  • Espresso Kahlua
  • Vanilla pod- garnish
  • Coffee bean- garnish

You’ll get a trifecta of rushes with alcohol, sugar, and caffeine.

Absolut Apeach

Peaches are the fleeting and beloved taste of summer. Absolut Apeach pioneered the peach vodka flavor, debuting this peachy variety in 2005.

It has since become the go-to one-stop-shop beverage for summer cookouts.

It’s often hard to pinpoint the ripeness of a peach. Taking a bite too early means a hard, tart bite, while waiting too long creates a mealy, flavorless bite.

With Absolut Apeach, you get a perfectly ripe peach taste every time.

The most popular way to enjoy Absolut Apeach is as a tasty spike for your sweet tea. There’s no better drink to pair with a plate of barbecue!

Best Absolut Vodka Flavors 

  1. Absolut Raspberri
  2. Absolut Mango
  3. Absolut Citron
  4. Absolut Pears
  5. Absolut Vanilla
  6. Absolut Apeach

Final Thoughts

Absolut Vodka is the gold standard for flavor, sustainability, and innovation. They support local agriculture by using Sweden’s famous winter wheat. Their state-of-the-art distillation process leaves no carbon footprints. Their all-inclusive philosophy champions creativity and community.

Absolut Vodka is a centuries-old company that pioneers new and long-lasting trends, including the burgeoning flavored vodka scene.

They have created over a dozen flavored vodkas, from obscure spices and botanicals to classic fruits. My list of the best Absolut Vodka flavors offers tried and true favorites like Citron as well as novel varieties like vanilla and pear.

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Written by Brian Nagele

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