Where to Get Pizza in Detroit

Detroit is a beautiful city in Eastern Michigan across the water from Canada. Some know Detroit as the city where Henry Ford started the first car assembly line, while others know it simply as Michigan’s largest and most populated city.

delicious serving of pizza served on a wooden board in Detroit

Whether you’re traveling to Detroit or another major city, there’s one thing you can count on: There are tons of delicious places to eat. With so many outstanding restaurants in Detroit, narrowing down what kind of cuisine you want can be hard. Pizza is one of those dishes that can please even the pickiest of eaters. Plus, you can add pretty much whatever you want to it and have a different kind every time. When you’re visiting Motor City, you won’t have to look hard for a delicious pizza. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic style, thin crust, or Detroit-style pie, there’s a pizzeria in the city for you and your friends to try.

Supino Pizzeria

2457 Russell St, Detroit, MI 48207
Phone: 313-567-7879
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There’s nothing better than a casual pizza place to enjoy a bite to eat on a Friday night. You’ll find this restaurant on Russell Street, in the Eastern Market neighborhood. Supino Pizzeria serves some of the best pizza in the town, surrounded by brick walls and other pizza lovers. Their menu is simple. It offers a select few appetizers such as antipasti and house salads, but their pizza menu is where they shine. They’ve divided their pie menu based on sauces. They offer red and white pizzas, making it that much easier to choose your preference. The best part is you can order by the slice! I loved their smoky white pie and city wing thing pie.

Buddy’s Pizza

Multiple locations
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You can’t go to Detroit and not visit Buddy’s Pizza. This pizzeria is a staple within the community and has been since 1946. They’re known for their delicious Detroit-style pizza, and they have some of the best pizza in Detroit. They have several locations throughout the city, including one near downtown. Buddy’s has a selection of pasta dishes and appetizers, but you’re here for the pizza. They offer 15 signature pizza recipes to choose from, or you can create your own pizza. You get to select the kind of crust you want when you make your own, but their original Detroit square crust is the way to go. Their super 6-mile pie is popular among visitors and locals. 


3171 E Jefferson Ave, Detroit, MI 48207
Phone: 313-259-7272
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PizzaPapalis was just an idea back in the 1980s. The owners set out on an adventure to find the best ingredients to make the best and freshest pizza. After venturing to Kansas, Wisconsin, Italy, and more, the first PizzaPapalis opened in Detroit in 1986. Their original location is in the Rivertown district, right near the Detroit River. One of the best things about this pizzeria is that they make their dough fresh every single day. They celebrate all types of pizza. From Detroit-style to Chicago deep dish and even thin crust, everyone will find something they love here. My friend and I shared their 313 Detroit-style pie and their deep-dish cookie for dessert. 

Pie-Sci Pizza

5163 Trumbull, Detroit, MI 48208
Phone: 313-818-0290
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If you’re looking for a pizza joint that is always searching for new ingredients and coming up with new recipes, Pie-Sci Pizza is the place to be. Pie-Sci Pizza is known for not only being tasty and serving traditional pizza recipes, but for their innovative ways of making pizza, always a new experience. You’ll find it less than a mile from Wayne State University. I loved Pie-Sci Pizza because they can accommodate most, if not all, dietary requirements. They have dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options. They offer everything from simple cheese pies to more complex flavor pallets. Some of their top creations include their BLT pie, buffalo bill, and lil’ kimchi. 

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4458 W Vernor Hwy, Detroit, MI 48209,
Phone: 313-757-4992
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PizzaPlex has quickly become a community staple. They’re not only known for their delicious pizzas but also their commitment to the Detroit community. PizzaPlex sits right next to Clark Par, which is East of Downtown. This casual but hip pizzeria is the perfect place to enjoy pizza and a cocktail with friends. Their menu has plenty of tasty pizza recipes as well as some lighter options, like Caprese salad. Some of their most popular pies are the Regina, Margherita, reverse Margherita, and Diavola. The reverse Margherita is pesto sauce topped with fresh mozzarella and cherry tomatoes. If your sweet tooth won’t stop screaming, the Nutella pie for dessert is delicious. 

Mootz Pizzeria & Bar

1230 Library St, Detroit, MI 48226
Phone: 313-243-1230
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While a hole-in-the-wall spot for pizza tends to be my go-to, there’s something about this modern pizzeria that had me intrigued. Mootz Pizzeria and Bar is stunning, even from the outside. It’s a slightly more upscale pizza joint right in the heart of Detroit. It’s the perfect place to try new drinks while eating your favorite pizza. You can order pizza by the slice or whole here, making it easy to try a little bit of everything if you want. The restaurant has plenty of non-pizza dishes, such as salads, cheese boards, and bruschetta. You have to try the signature Mootz cheesy bread and their hot Italian pie.  

Motor City Brewing Works

470 W Canfield St, Detroit, MI 48201
Phone: 313-832-2700
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Is there anything better than a hot pizza with a cold beer? I don’t think so. Motor City Brewing Works has become one of Detroit’s most popular brewing companies since opening in 1994. They have your typical brewery vibe: casual and welcoming. If you want to visit Motor City Brewing Works, you’ll want to head to Midtown. Motor City Brewing Works offers a selection of appetizers, salads, and delicious pizza. They have 15 recipes to choose from, or you can make your own. Whether you go with a BBQ pizza or classic cheese, you’ll want to try one of their locally brewed beers. Your server can help you pick the best beer for your meal.  

Major Tomato

6547 Allen Rd, Allen Park, MI 48101
Phone: 313-254-9146
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Major Tomato may not have been around as long as some of the other pizza restaurants in Detroit, but they know how to hold their own. Since 2014, Major Tomato has been a family-owned and operated business in the Allentown neighborhood. Other than great pizza, their sole focus is only to use organic ingredients with no GMOs or chemical additives. They have an excellent selection of classic and specialty pies for you to choose from. As with most pizzerias, you can build your perfect pie if you aren’t entirely satisfied with any of their options. I had to give their Gus and Spuds pie a try. It has asparagus, potatoes, bacon, rosemary, white sauce, and garlic aioli.

Loui’s Pizza

23141 Dequindre Rd, Hazel Park, MI 48030
Phone: 248-547-1711

I love a casual, family-friendly eatery, and Loui’s Pizza didn’t disappoint. It’s a comfortable environment where you and your friends can dine on pizza and other Italian specialties. Throughout the restaurant, you’ll find empty wine bottles used as decorations that add a personal touch. Loui’s is technically in Hazel Park, but it’s only 12 miles from downtown Detroit. The menu at Loui’s has plenty of Italian dishes that would please anyone. They serve Chicago-style deep-dish pizza, and it’s some of the best I’ve had outside of Chicago. The green peppers and ham pie were top-notch. The staff also rave about their meat lovers’ pizza

La Lanterna

1224 Griswold St, Detroit, MI 48226
Phone: 313-962-8821
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Who says casual dining can’t be trendy? La Lanterna has been a relaxed and stylish pizza spot in Detroit since 1956. The atmosphere is very casual, but you’ll feel like you’re in a fine dining restaurant with a marble bar and other elegant accents. The restaurant is directly across from Capitol Park, where you can get your meal and drinks to go and enjoy the fresh air. La Lanterna’s menu showcases several pasta dishes, appetizers, and melty pizzas. Many of their pizza recipes are a specialty but with classic ingredients. If you stop in, you’ll want to try the Bianca pie, which is white sauce and prosciutto, or the La Lanterna, which has mozzarella, sausage, onions, and peppers.  

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Grandma Bob’s Pizza

2135 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48216
Phone: 313-315-3177
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Grandma Bob’s Pizza needs to be on your list when you visit Detroit. Located in Corktown, this pizzeria has a unique decor. The walls are dark, with strings of lights reaching from one wall to another. Then there’s the deer head on the wall. It’s like no other pizza place in town. The menu at Grandma Bob’s has plenty of deep-dish pizzas, gluten-free pies, and a few starters. You may find it hard to decide on a pizza when you’re here because all of the recipes will have your mouthwatering. If you ask the staff, they’ll say that their deep-dish Hawaiian pie is ordered regularly. 

Cloverleaf Bar & Restaurant

24443 Gratiot Ave, Eastpointe, MI 48021
Phone: 586-777-5391
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Have you ever wondered where the Detroit-style square pie originated? You can thank Cloverleaf’s founder, Gus Guerra, for this kind of pie. His creation is the first Motor City square, and people from out of town and locals all love coming to enjoy the perfect pizza. If you want to eat here, you’ll need to head north of downtown to Eastpointe.Cloverleaf Bar and Restaurant has everything you could want from a pizza joint and bar. There’s calzones, pizza, wings, salads, and fantastic drinks. If you’re looking for a hearty pie, the cheeseburger or supreme pie will satisfy you. Don’t forget to check out their drink menu to wash down all the pizza. 

Tomatoes APizza

29275 W 14 Mile Rd, Farmington Hills, MI 48334
Phone: 248-855-3555
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In 1998, Neapolitan pizza was introduced to the Detroit area, specifically Farmington Hills. Tomatoes APizza creates fluffy, irregularly shaped crusts that make it stand out amongst the dozens of other pizzerias in the Detroit area. The Food Network Magazine has even named Tomatoes APizza the best pizza in Michigan. Besides the Neapolitan-style pie, another reason Tomatoes APizza stands out is their lunch buffet. It’s all you can eat pizza, salad, garlic bread, and dessert. If you can’t make it in for the lunch buffet, you need to try their Naples sampler. You’ll get ¼ classic pie, ¼ of a white pie, ¼ of a green pie, and ¼ fresh mozzarella.   

Jolly Pumpkin Detroit

441 W Canfield St #9, Detroit, MI 48201
Phone: 313-262-6115
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If you’re looking for another place to enjoy a craft beer while eating a piping hot slice of pizza, you need to check out Jolly Pumpkin. The atmosphere at Jolly Pumpkin is similar to other breweries. It’s super casual, but you’ll be able to sip on a high-quality beer while enjoying spending time with family and friends. This brewery is right across from Motor City Brewing in Midtown. Jolly Pumpkin has a fine selection of beer, salads, sandwiches, appetizers, and artisan pizza. For a brewery, they have a pretty large selection of pizza with nine recipes. The truffle, spinach and artichoke, and pork pie were all highly recommended by the staff. You can’t forget to order a craft beer to pair with your pizza. 

Sicily’s Pizzeria

3554 W, Vernor Hwy, Detroit, MI 48216
Phone: 313-554-0755
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Sicily’s Pizzeria was one of the many pizza joints popping up in Detroit in the 1980s. It landed in the Mexicantown neighborhood, West of downtown. This restaurant opened its doors in 1989 and was voted the number one Michigan-only pizza shop in Metro Detroit. When you walk into Sicily’s, you’re greeted by a casual environment and the sweet smell of dough, cheese, and pizza sauce.While you’ll find Detroit-style pie all over the city, you’ll find New York-style pies at Sicily’s. The dough at Sicily’s Pizzeria is the only naturally fermented sourdough pizza in the city. They have several specialty pies to choose from, and my friends and I decided to split the Wisconsin Delight. It’s a pie that features several kinds of cheese.

Niki’s Pizza

735 Beaubien Blvd, Detroit, MI 48226
Phone: 313-961-4303
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A Greek-inspired restaurant may not be the first to come to mind when you think of pizza, but Niki’s Pizza should be. Niki’s Pizza, also known as Niki’s Greektown Pizza, has some of the best deep-dish square pizza in the city. You’ll find this spot in the Greektown neighborhood. It’s been voted one of America’s top 25 pizza spots by GQ magazine. Niki’s Pizza serves all your favorite Greek dishes like a Greek salad, hummus, gyros, and kabobs, plus a selection of pizza. You can choose from ten different pizzas or order by the slice. I’m all for trying new things. Since Niki’s is also a Greek restaurant, I sampled the Greek pizza and their famous feta pizza. 

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Brass Rail Pizza Bar

18 W Adams Ave, Detroit, MI 48226
Phone: 313-964-0782
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Brass Rail Pizza Bar is the place to be during Football season or any time of the year. This family-friendly restaurant offers something for everyone in the family. During football season, you’ll find people watching the games on one of their 19 flatscreens throughout the restaurant. This place is the perfect, more modern sports bar. Plus, it’s a two-minute walk to Comerica Park.Even though most people come to Brass Rail for the pizza, they have plenty of burgers, salads, sandwiches, and other meals for those who aren’t in the mood for pie. If you are interested in trying some of their pizza, you can choose from their red sauce or white sauce recipes. The wakey wakey pie was delicious and had eggs, steak, home fries, bacon, and cheese.  

Shield’s Restaurant Bar Pizzeria

5057 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48202
Phone: 313-262-6087
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One of the oldest pizzerias in Detroit is Shield’s Restaurant Bar Pizzeria. Since 1937, Shield’s has been a core part of the city’s history. It’s a casual restaurant that you can bring the whole family to. The restaurant is bright with white floors and light wood walls. It’s right next to Wayne State University. Shield’s has more than just pizza, but their pizza is award-winning. So, you may want to plan on ordering pizza when you’re here. I started my meal with a refreshing Cesar salad and then moved on to the gold medal pie. This award-winning pie has cheese, banana peppers, Italian tomatoes, and sauteed garlic.  

Chicago’s Pizza

4650 Vernor Hwy, Detroit, MI 48209
Phone: 313-843-3777
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Sometimes all you want is a slice of pizza without having to wait super long. Chicago’s Pizza is the perfect no-frills pizza joint that offers counter service. They offer tables for you to enjoy your meal at, but you don’t need to wait for a server to come around and take your order. Chicago’s Pizza is in the Central Southwest area of town. Chicago’s Pizza offers pasta dishes, salads, burgers, classic pizza, and deep-dish pizza. If you can’t decide which pizza to get, I would recommend their original pizza or shrimp and crab meat deep-dish pie. The original pizza consists of pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers, and onions. The shrimp and crab meat deep-dish is a super unique recipe. 

1000 Degrees Pizza Salad Wings

5231 Anthony Wayne Dr, Detroit, MI 48202
Phone: 313-666-0044
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Another great option for pizza in Detroit is 1000 Degrees. This restaurant is family-friendly, casual, and fast. They take pride in being able to cook your pizza within three minutes, once the dough and all the ingredients have been added. They’re able to do this by cooking the pies at 1000 degrees. This is yet another spot for the best pizza Detroit has to offer, right near Wayne State University. While many pizzerias in Detroit focus on one style of pie, 1000 Degrees has two. You can order a New Roman-style pizza or authentic Neapolitan pizza. You have to try their wings as your appetizer, and you can’t go wrong with their classic New Yorker pizza. It’s an elevated cheese pie. 

Value Pizzeria & Deli

1127 W Warren Ave, Detroit, MI 48201
Phone: 313-832-1666

Value Pizzeria and Deli is an unassuming restaurant in a strip mall. Before you turn your head, you should know that they have some of the best pies in the city. You’ll find it in Midtown, on the Wayne State University campus. Don’t be surprised if it’s a little crowded when you arrive. Since it’s on a college campus, it’s a popular spot. You can order pizza whole or by the slice. They have a few different pizza recipes, but there’s something about their classic cheese or pepperoni pizza that hit the spot. 

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