Detroit Indian Restaurants You Need to Try

There is something about Indian food that makes my heart happy.

I think it is the combination of spices you cannot find anywhere else in the world or in any other cuisine.

indian restaurants in detroit serves chicken tandoori

The moment I smell Indian food, I start drooling, and my stomach grumbles.

I experienced this when I was in Detroit and went on an Indian food journey.

I tried out all the Indian restaurants I could find and came up with a list of the best Indian restaurants in Detroit.

Star of India

180 W Nine Mile Rd, Ferndale, MI 48220
Phone: 248-546-5996
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The Star of India is north of the Detroit River, near the corner of Allen Street and West Nine Mile Road in the Ferndale.

It is a bit north of Detroit, but I promise it is worth the drive. The Star of India is a casual restaurant with an extensive menu.

The first thing you will notice when you open the menu is that so many options can be a bit overwhelming.

But don’t worry, the waitstaff is knowledgeable and can guide you to the best dish for your taste buds.

I ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala, and it was terrific. The chicken was so tender that it melted in my mouth, and the sauce had the perfect balance of spices.

I also ordered the garlic naan, which is a must-try. The naan was fluffy and had the perfect amount of garlic flavor. If you are looking for a great Indian meal, you must go to the Star of India.

Aahar Indian Cuisine

35564 Grand River Ave, Farmington Hills, MI 48335
Phone: 248-473-4500
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Aahar Indian Cuisine is in the city of Farmington Hills, which is about 30 minutes outside of Detroit. Even though it is a bit of a drive, the food is worth it.

The restaurant’s atmosphere was very inviting, and the staff was amiable. The restaurant prides itself on serving authentic Indian food with the freshest ingredients.

I ordered the Aloo Bajji and the Vegetable Samosa. These two vegetarian dishes are fantastic and are the best I have had outside of India.

The Aloo Bajji is a potato fritter coated in a chickpea batter and fried. The Vegetable Samosa is a pastry stuffed with potatoes, peas, and spices.

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These dishes were so good that I could not stop eating them.

Detroit Masala

4154 3rd Ave, Detroit, MI 48201
Phone: 313-656-4681
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Detroit Masala is in the heart of Detroit on Third Avenue. The restaurant itself is small, but it has a big personality.

The staff was welcoming and helped me understand everything on the menu. The menu at Detroit Masala is extensive and has something for everyone.

I ordered the Butter Chicken and the Saagwala. The Butter Chicken was very rich and creamy. The chicken was cooked perfectly, and the sauce was to die for.

The Saagwala is a spinach dish cooked with spices, which is so flavorful. I also ordered the Garlic Naan, one of the best I have ever had.

If you are looking for a great Indian Food while in Midtown, stop at Detroit Masala.

Gift of India Restaurant

34425 Grand River Ave, Farmington, MI 48335
Phone: 248-886-6004
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Gift of India Restaurant is in the city of Farmington, which is about 30 minutes outside of Detroit.

The restaurant is just south of Heritage Park and is the perfect place to stop after working up an appetite on a summer day.

The menu at Gift of India is a twist on traditional Indian food. They serve traditional Indian dishes on rolls, burritos, rice bowls, and pizza.

I recommend the Lamb keema pizza because the delicious spice and the tender lamb go perfectly with the fantastic pizza crust.

I recommend trying various menu items because all the combinations are delicious.

Madras Masala Restaurant

328 Maynard St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Phone: 734-222-9006
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Madras Masala is in Ann Arbor, about 45 minutes from Detroit. The restaurant is on Maynard Street, the main street in downtown Ann Arbor.

The best thing about Madras Masala is that they have a lunch buffet. For $10, you can get all-you-can-eat Indian food.

The buffet has a great variety of food, which is all very fresh. I highly recommend the lunch buffet if you are looking for a great Indian Meal on a budget.

You don’t have to choose a single dish and can try all the delicious food.

Small World Kitchen

111 E Kirby St, Detroit, MI 48202
Phone: 313-744-7280
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Small World Kitchen is in the Renaissance Center in downtown Detroit. The best thing about Small World Kitchen is that they serve great Indian food at a very reasonable price.

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The lunch buffet is only $7 and has a wide variety of food. I highly recommend the vegetable biryani and the bean curry.

Biryani is a rice dish that is loaded with vegetables and spices. The bean curry is a flavorful dish made with black-eyed peas.

Both of these dishes are very filling and make for a great lunch. If you are looking for a quick and easy Indian meal, then Small World Kitchen is the place for you.

Pink Garlic Indian Cuisine

26661 Coolidge Hwy, Oak Park, MI 48237
Phone: 248-808-6495
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Pink Garlic is in Oak Park, about 15 minutes from Detroit. The best thing about Pink Garlic is that it has a menu covering all of India. The dishes encompass the entire nation.

I highly recommend the Mango Chicken and the Goat Vindaloo. The Mango Chicken is a sweet and spicy dish loaded with flavor.

The Goat Vindaloo is a traditional dish from Goa, India, a curry made with goat, potatoes, and spices.

Both dishes are very hearty and will leave you feeling full and satisfied. If you are looking for an Indian restaurant in Oak Park, don’t skip Pink Garlic.

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