Where to Grab Breakfast in Detroit

Most of us probably took breakfast for granted when we were younger. Then we got a little older and realized how fantastic the meal was.

breakfast spot in detroit prepared waffles

Hash browns, sausages, omelets, pancakes, waffles, fruits, and so on make unique and satisfying combinations.

In a city with a diverse population like Detroit, it comes as no surprise that the culinary scene is rich and offers a little bit of something to everyone’s taste.

On my last trip there, I discovered some incredible places to satisfy my breakfast craving.

So, without further ado, here’s my list of dining spots where you can enjoy the best breakfast in Detroit.

Dime Store

719 Griswold St #180, Detroit, MI 48226
Phone: 313-962-9106
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You know a restaurant is good when they serve breakfast and brunch food and have a full beer and cocktail menu.

That is not just because Dime Store has won several accolades for Detroit dining.

You can find Dime Store in the historic Chrysler House, where each dish is a work of delicious art.

My favorites include the Cheesesteak Benny and the Chicken Club sandwich.

I am not the biggest fan of banana pudding, but the Banana Pudding Waffle turned out to be excellent.

I heard one patron say that Dime Store is like a warm hug, and the homey atmosphere, plus the incredible food, make that statement quite accurate.

Honest John’s

488 Selden St, Detroit, MI 48201
Phone: 313-832-5646
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Honest John’s knows you sometimes crave high-quality breakfast food late at night.

That is why they are open until 2 a.m. every day, with a Late Night menu that does not skimp on any delicious classics.

No matter what time of day, I like to get the Monte Cristo sandwich, funnel cake fries, or the Fruity Pebble French toast.

The Grilled Chicken sandwich, Chicken and Waffles, or the Patty Melt always satisfy for something a little more savory.

They also keep the lighting low inside the restaurant, which is comforting on a Saturday morning after enjoying a late Friday night.

The Hudson Cafe

1241 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48226
Phone: 313-237-1000
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When I have a serious craving for brunch, I always go to the Hudson Cafe. I have tried a variety of menu items, and they all have amazing presentations and astounding flavors.

Besides, any place with Red Velvet Belgian waffles has a lot going for it. You also cannot go wrong with Hudson’s atmosphere.

They have classic touches like a blackboard with the day’s cocktails on them, plus warm lighting and comfy seating.

Still, I always come back for the variety, stretching from waffles to eggs benedict to sandwiches to vegan items. It is hard to decide what to get, but it is always a delight.

Avalon Café and Bakery

1049 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48226
Phone: 313-285-8006
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The Avalon Cafe and Bakery keeps things simple with ongoing specials and classic breakfast delights that rank among the best in Detroit.

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You can see the specials and menu items on the blackboard behind the counter, and you instantly feel at home.

The lemon ricotta pancakes are great for something sweet, but the melts are also fantastic, with the veggie and tuna melts being the standouts.

I like the biscuits and gravy with the Cider House smoked bacon if you like savory brunches. Plus, the portions are pretty large, so it is hard to leave the cafe feeling hungry.

For drinks, I recommend the lemon lavender mimosa, which is zesty but still relaxing to drink.

Their outdoor patio is pretty spacious, so you can dine outside with your dog.

Cadillac Square Diner

101 Cadillac Square, Detroit, MI 48226
Phone: 313-974-6923
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Sometimes, you need breakfast a little later, and Cadillac Square Diner can serve you until 8 p.m. from Monday to Friday.

I like this particular diner because of the variety in their food because it includes classic breakfast staples, but they also have gyros and stir-fry for more international appeal.

The Greek omelet with pancakes is a particular favorite of mine.

If you like your portions large, you may like this place.

Whenever I get an omelet with one side, it is challenging to leave feeling hungry. Although, the egg and cheese croissant is a good choice for something a little smaller.


1326 E Jefferson, Detroit, MI 48207
Phone: 313-259-0922
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The Clique may not look like much, but it is an excellent place for homey cooking when close to downtown Detroit.

The sandwiches are pretty hearty and come to you toasted, and the raisin bread French toast with pancakes is a favorite.

Try the corned beef hash or meatloaf sandwich. Both have huge portions and lots of flavors.

The chicken apple sausage skillet with pancakes is a great balance of salty and sweet.

Plus, any restaurant where you can watch the cooks work behind the bar is fun.

Louie’s Ham & Corned Beef

3570 Riopelle St, Detroit, MI 48207
Phone: 313-831-1800
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Louie’s has some crazy hours: 6 a.m. until 5 p.m., so you can get your breakfast fix as early as you need.

This could be your place if you are an omelet person since they have more omelets than any other breakfast item.

The sandwiches, on the other hand, come packed with meat. You can add cheese to make an even more satisfying and delicious meal.

I like to get the corned beef and pastrami Reuben sandwich with a side of chili fries for extra flavor. Their salads are not bad either.

When in that mood, I like to get the fried chicken salad or the grilled chicken salad.

Rose’s Fine Food and Wine

10551 E Jefferson, Detroit, MI 48214
Phone: 313-822-2729
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Rose’s has a limited breakfast menu, which only includes paninis and a few sweet items.

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The most apparent breakfast choice is the egg and cheese panini, but I sometimes like the Kimchi Braised Pork panini.

They have a vegan raspberry pop-tart and a raspberry oat bar if you need something light and sweet.

If you need special, home-baked bread, Rose’s has a terrific sourdough loaf with which I love making grilled cheese sandwiches.

There is a pretty outdoor patio to enjoy if you want to sit a while. It also allows you to enjoy some of Rose’s drinks, both alcoholic and non.

Rose’s even makes cakes for special events, which are scrumptious and beautifully decorated.

Ham Shop

330 Monroe St, Detroit, MI 48226
Phone: 313-965-0088

Ham Shop is your stop for traditional American and Greek breakfast food. It might look a little ragged on the inside, but the main attraction is the food, which comes in reasonable portions.

I like to get the chicken stir fry for a fun way to eat veggies. The three-meat omelet with potatoes and toast makes a yummy breakfast, as does the corn beef hash.

I cannot forget the spinach and cheese omelet with chili cheese on the hashbrowns. One downside is that they are only open until 3 p.m.

It can also get a little busy if there is an athletic event going on nearby.

Cannelle Detroit

45 W Grand River Ave, Detroit, MI 48226
Phone: 313-694-9767
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Cannelle is one of my favorite stops for sweet things, whether for breakfast or just a craving. They have some savory sandwiches that still have a slightly sweet touch.

Their cakes are such works of art you almost would rather look at them than eat them. They have fancy French names, making them even lovelier.

Canelle carries some pretty fantastic bread that they make fresh daily. Like Rose’s, I like going in to pick up fresh loaves for sandwiches or just plain toast.

I especially like the Italian and baguette bread. Their croissants are pretty delicious, too, ranging from sweet to savory.

I like getting the ham and asiago croissant for a quick snack and raspberry chocolate for a sweeter occasion.

Connie & Barbara’s Soul Food

13101 W McNichols Rd, Detroit, MI 48235
Phone: 313-862-5240

With a name like that, you know what you are getting into. I like the breakfast with grits, eggs, pancakes, and bacon because a simple breakfast can do wonders.

The salmon patties and salmon croquettes are not bad either. They even have a jukebox in the corner if you are in the mood for some oldies.

You might even see Connie and Babara themselves come out from the kitchen, who are both lovely ladies.

One interesting thing is that if you order toast, it will already come out with butter and jelly.

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I usually prefer to do that step myself, but I cannot fault them for going the extra mile.

Grille 39

5801 Southfield Fwy, Detroit, MI 48228
Phone: 313-336-3340

When you crave breakfast food, especially when staying in a hotel, it is great to have a buffet on hand.

There are a few basics on hand, but there is not a whole lot beyond that. Grille 39 might be best for people who prefer simple, fast breakfasts.

They are open for dinner, but I believe the best items on their menu are served for breakfast. However, the white fish sandwich, the sangria salmon, and the cheesecake are pretty good.

The cream of mushroom soup makes a nice, quick bite to eat.

Iggy’s Eggies

34 W Grand River Ave #2, Detroit, MI 48226
Phone: 313-986-1174
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Iggy’s Eggies doesn’t try to be a classy American diner or make crazy creative choices with food. Instead, you’ll find plenty of egg sandwiches, delicious grilled cheese sandwiches, and tomato basil soup.

Remember that Iggy’s Eggies is a walk-up place, so you place your order at the window.

I enjoy the variety of Iggy’s sandwiches, which you can get on a biscuit, a brioche bun, or an English muffin with bacon or sausage inside.

Add a side of hashbrowns or French toast sticks to the sandwiches, and it’s a satisfying but not gut-busting breakfast.

I will also quickly recommend the Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich for something a little different.


1509 Broadway St, Detroit, MI 48226
Phone: 313-855-2757
Visit Website

Walking into Karl’s feels, located in the Siren Hotel in downtown Detroit, feels like walking into a warm hug, thanks to the cozy bar setup and the classic checkered floor.

There is even a jukebox to pick your favorite song while you eat.

Though they don’t have an extensive breakfast menu, you can tell the dishes have been carefully chosen to cover a broad range of tastes.

If you’re looking for something delicious and fulfilling, their Full Irish and Full Mediterranean are packed with eggs, meats, and other savory ingredients to provide you with an energy boost to start your day.

Moreover, their menu also includes one of my favorite duos when I want to grab a quick bite in the morning, Yogurt & Granola made from fresh berries.

Kuzzo’s Chicken & Waffles

19345 Livernois, Detroit, MI 48221
Phone: 313-861-0229
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Kuzzo’s, named for the special word that means “term of endearment for a friend,” prides itself on some excellent chicken and waffles.

You can get different combinations of the two things, such as one waffle and two chicken wings or vice versa.

The waffles have different flavors, with the red velvet ones standing out most. Sometimes, the chicken is a little dry, but the onion and gravy sauce makes it quite appetizing.

If you are not in a chicken and waffle mood, you can get one of their omelets, breakfast combos, or sandwiches.

I love the Bruh’s Big Breakfast sandwich for the hot honey biscuits and the great combination of eggs, cheese, and homestyle potatoes.

While you eat, you can enjoy the eclectic pieces of wall art.

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