16 Best Sushi Restaurants in Denver

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Denver’s culinary scene has evolved to embrace the flavors of the Far East, and the city’s sushi establishments stand as a testament to this delightful fusion. With a rising wave of sushi enthusiasts and a growing appreciation for Japanese cuisine, The sushi restaurants in this city have risen to the occasion, offering a tantalizing array of sushi rolls, sashimi, and other Japanese delicacies. From traditional favorites to innovative creations that push the boundaries of culinary tradition, Denver’s sushi scene boasts something for every sushi lover. Whether you’re seeking the elegance of Omakase dining or a casual sushi feast with friends, our guide introduces you to the city’s top sushi destinations. Join us as we explore the world of fresh, artfully crafted sushi, where each bite promises an adventure in taste and an appreciation for the exquisite flavors of Japan.

Matsuhisa Denver Restaurant

98 Steele St, Denver, CO 80206
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Matsuhisa Denver Restaurant Denver
Source: Matsuhisa Denver Restaurant

Named after its skillful Chef Nobu, Matsuhisa Denver Restaurant is one place I recommend visiting if you’re looking for a sophisticated place to enjoy the best sushi in Denver. You can find it on the corner of Steele Street and East 1st Avenue, minutes away from the downtown area. This upscale and swanky sushi spot has three private dining rooms perfect for any large celebration. Taking inspiration from his global travels and Tokyo training, Chef Nobu’s menu offers a wide selection of sushi options. I recommend their salmon su miso sashimi, scallop tempura, yellowtail, and okra sushi rolls, or black cod. Don’t forget to treat yourself to their mochi ice cream!

Sushi Ronin Denver

Sushi Ronin Denver
Source: Sushi Ronin Denver

Overlooking 15th Street and Umatilla Street, Sushi Ronin Denver is a stylish restaurant perfect for indoor and outdoor dining. This intimate and lively destination prepares its sushi traditionally but also features other Japanese dishes. You can also head to their bar and lounge to sample their sake. In my opinion, you should try their chicken yakitori, gyoza, seasonal vegetable tempura, or jalapeno sashimi. Although Ronin Sushi’s Liquid Swords and Paper Crane cocktails are popular, their sake collection is the best. I recommend sampling their Demon Slayer “Onikuroshi,” Wandering Poet, and Tears of Dawn sake. It’s a great way to try something different yet enjoyable during your stay.

Sushi Den

1487 S Pearl St, Denver, CO 80210
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Sushi Den Denver
Source: Sushi Den

Next on my list is Sushi Den, one of Denver’s most prestigious sushi and Japanese restaurants for over 34 years. Nestled on the corner of South Pearl Street and East Florida Avenue, you can find it blocks away from Platt Park and the public library. Chef Toshi uses fresh fish from Fukuoka to create quality dishes for everyone to enjoy while at this sophisticated and warm restaurant. I believe Sushi Den offers the best sushi roll options for any avid sushi fan. Their best ones are Wagyu beef roll, lobster tempura rolls, negihama, and Rocky Mountain hand roll. If you prefer something gluten-free, order Alaskan halibut or Wagyu ribeye.

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Izakaya Den

1487A S Pearl St, Denver, CO 80210
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Izakaya Den Denver
Source: Izakaya Den

You can find Izakaya Den on South Pearl Street, next to Sushi Den. This refined and stylish gastropub has bamboo partitions scattered across the dining areas and soft lighting to set the mood. They specialize in small Japanese dishes with a hint of international flavors to make them stand out from the rest. Unlike its sister restaurant, Izakaya Den doesn’t offer takeout, so dining in is the best way to experience quality services. The tuna firecracker roll, salmon tartar with American caviar hand roll, unagi nigiri sushi, and red dragon roll are their most popular menu items. Don’t forget to sample their sake or Japanese whisky flight.

Sushi Sasa

2401 15th St #80, Denver, CO 80202
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Sushi Sasa Denver
Source: Sushi Sasa

Indulge in the best sushi in Denver by booking a reservation for Sushi Sasa, located on the corner of 15th Street and Platte Street. This refined restaurant incorporates a modern yet minimalist design, taking inspiration from traditional Japanese sushi houses. From hot tapas to nigiri, it’s an excellent option for relaxing after a long day. Each menu item tastes well with a Sasa Express Martini or Ki No Bi gin. I enjoyed their steamed pork buns, tuna tataki nigiri, veggie roll, vegetarian combo tempura, and Negi Toro roll with eel sauce. They also offer gluten-free sashimi and nigiri dishes for friends interested in trying similar to yours.

Uchi Denver

2500 Lawrence St, Denver, CO 80205
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Uchi Denver
Source: Uchi Denver

Don’t know where to get sushi in Denver that also offers happy hour specials? Then, Uchi Denver, located on Lawrence Street, should be at the top of your list when you consider dining in. Executive Chef Tyson Cole uses Pacific Rim cooking techniques and global ingredients to create quality sushi dishes in a contemporary and relaxing space. Uchi Denver has daily happy hour from 4 PM to 6:30 PM and offers drinks to-go, including Ume Punch and Hot Sake. I recommend their avocado sushi, negitoro maki, kabocha tempura, or suzuki yaki. They also offer a vegetarian menu for those who don’t like seafood.

Hapa Sushi Grill and Sake Bar

Multiple locations
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Hapa Sushi Grill and Sake Bar Denver
Source: Hapa Sushi Grill and Sake Bar

Taking its name from the Hawaiian term for combining American and Asian cultures, Hapa Sushi Grill and Sake Bar is another go-to sushi destination with a relaxing atmosphere. You can find it on Blake Street, East 2nd Avenue, and Greenwood Plaza Boulevard. You can also order food for pickup or delivery. Hapa’s dinner options have a modern twist bursting with bold flavors. In my opinion, they offer the best kanpachi sashimi, caterpillar roll, anakyu maki, and vegetable dragon roll. Try their chicken katsu or Kalua pork after starting with Wagyu bao or Hapa Hawaiian sliders if you prefer something with meat.

Bamboo Sushi 

2715 17th St, Denver, CO 80211
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Bamboo Sushi Denver
Source: Bamboo Sushi 

Located on 17th Street, minutes away from Hirshorn Park, Bamboo Sushi is the perfect place to try nigiri, sushi rolls, and Japanese fare. This peaceful yet modern restaurant uses sustainable ingredients from its global fisheries to ensure quality before preparing its best sushi in Denver. During my visit, I sampled many of their flavorful cocktail and sake menu items. If you want to dine in or order takeout, I recommend their savory chirashi bowl, crispy sushi rice with spicy albacore, NW Philly Roll, or red crab sashimi. Their sushi tastes best with their Shogun Shogun or Cowboy of Hokkaido cocktail and miso soup.

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Sushi Hai

3600 W 32nd Ave Ste D, Denver, CO 80211
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Sushi Hai Denver
Source: Sushi Hai

Sushi Hai is another sushi restaurant that gives visitors classic dishes with a modern twist. Located on the corner of 32nd Avenue and Lowell Boulevard, this restaurant offers reasonably priced specials for anyone who wants to dine in a comfortable and homey environment. They also let you order online if you prefer eating on the go. I recommend starting with their calamari or gyoza and sampling their HaiLands Roll, kappa maki, tempura sweet potato roll, or maguro tataki sashimi. You should also consider ordering their tempura onion rings, bacon mac & cheese, or wasabi on the side, and finish your night out with sorbet or ice cream.

Blue Sushi Sake Grill

1616 16th St Mall, Denver, CO 80202
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Blue Sushi Sake Grill Denver
Source: Blue Sushi Sake Grill

Blue Sushi Sake Grill is in downtown Denver on 16th Street Mall, minutes away from Union Station Fountains and Downtown Children’s Playground. This sushi restaurant has a hip vibe, giving it the perfect backdrop for enjoying your favorite sushi and happy hour cocktails with your closest friends after touring Denver’s downtown attractions. Be sure to come during Sake Tuesday to get half-off cold sake bottles all day. My favorite dishes I recommend are their Ebi nigiri, classic raw spider maki, yellowtail serrano sashimi, Cloud Nine 2.0 maki. They also hold an all-day happy hour every Sunday and offer a kid’s bento box for children ages 12 and under.

Osaka Sushi

3940 E Exposition Ave, Denver, CO 80209
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Osaka Sushi Denver
Source: Osaka Sushi

Osaka Sushi is in Belcaro Shopping Center, located off the corner of East Exposition Avenue and South Colorado Boulevard. It’s a great sushi restaurant with a casual vibe and a wide selection of sushi favorites and daily specials. They also have a full bar where you can enjoy quality wine, beer, and sake. Whether you’re in the mood for lunch or dinner with friends or family, there’s something for everyone to love. I recommend sampling their Rainbow, Fire Caterpillar, Exposition, Sensual, or Ultimate Osaka Sushi Roll. If you prefer noodles, try their tempura udon or cold soba. They also offer vegetarian tempura and sushi.


2907 Huron St #103, Denver, CO 80202
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Tokio Denver
Source: Tokio

You can find Tokio downtown on Huron Street, near Coors Field, making it the perfect place to enjoy the best sushi in Denver before watching a Rockies game. Owner and chef Miki Hashimoto crafts quality sushi and Tsuyahime rice dishes that give the city’s food scene more variety During my visit, I started with their takoyaki and shumai, which is the perfect shareable treat when dining with your family. Still, I recommend their salmon skin roll, Suzuki Carpaccio sashimi plate, Futomaki specialty roll, or chef’s choice sashimi. They also have a few traditional seafood dishes and rice bowls with pork or chicken.


2615 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205
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Sushi-Rama Denver
Source: Sushi-Rama

Located in Denver’s RiNo district, on Larimer Street, Sushi-Rama is the best place where you can experience the most interactive sushi dinner in the city. This casual and colorful restaurant serves Chef Osaka’s sushi on a conveyor belt, prompting hungry sushi enthusiasts to grab their favorites. They also have takeout, delivery, and limited outdoor dining. In my opinion, you should try their bincho nigiri, spicy yellowtail roll, tamago nigiri, or surf & turf roll. Sushi-Rama also has a fantastic assortment of wine, beer, cocktails, and sake to complement your meal. Be sure to stop by during their weekend happy hour from 3 PM to 6 PM to get house wine, sake, and cocktail discounts!

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Kobe An LoHi

3400 Osage St, Denver, CO 80211
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Kobe An LoHi Denver
Source: Kobe An LoHi

Open from 5 PM to 10 PM every Monday through Saturday, Kobe An LoHi is an excellent dinner option if you’re walking through the Lower Highland neighborhood. You can find it on the corner of Osage Street and West 34th Avenue. It has a tranquil vibe, emphasized by its wooden decor and patio. Chef Marco uses the finest ingredients for his signature sushi and shabu-shabu. In my opinion, their best sushi options are their large spicy tekka roll, Masago nigiri, American Kobe surf & turf, and Rocky Mountain Roll. Feel free to ask your server about their recommended sake options to make your night memorable.

Banzai Sushi

6655 Leetsdale Dr, Denver, CO 80224

Banzai Sushi Denver
Source: Banzai Sushi

Do you prefer eating sushi in a cozy and casual setting? Banzai Sushi, located on Leetsdale Drive, serves many dishes in a restaurant with Japanese-inspired decor. Many of their sushi menu options are reasonably priced, making this restaurant an ideal stop if you and your friends happen to be in the Washington Virginia Vale neighborhood. I enjoyed their inside-out snow crab hand roll, Ebi sashimi, Conundrum crunchy roll, and Nabeyaki udon. If you stop by earlier in the day for lunch, you can order a customizable bento box that satisfies your sushi preferences. They also have a wide assortment of Japanese appetizers and meat entrees.

Go Fish Sushi Denver

1 Broadway b108, Denver, CO 80203
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Go Fish Sushi Denver
Source: Go Fish Sushi Denver

The last place I recommend checking out for the best sushi in Denver is Go Fish Sushi Denver, located on North Broadway. Since 2007, this restaurant has served tasty sushi to residents and tourists alike, immersing themselves in the environment with its rustic wooden walls and sushi display at the counter. They also have an extensive list of cocktails and sake. In my opinion, their best dishes are Sashimi Deluxe, teriyaki steak, chirashi, and Thai seafood curry. I recommend their Saketini, Kuroi Funé, Fire ‘n’ Ice, or Cucumber Fizz cocktails. If you prefer something other than sushi, try their ramen, udon, or soba. 

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  1. I think you missed the best sushi spot in all of Colorado. It’s called Makizushico, don’t let the strip mall location dissuade you.

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